Best Atta Dough Makers In India

Best Atta Dough Makers In India 2021 Prices & Reviews

We all love chapatis, right? I know I do. But hey, how about making the dough for it? I reckon, not so much, huh? In fact, the whole thing is so hard, very messy, and its so time consuming, its often better to just skip it altogether & cook something else. Well, enter – the top best Atta dough makers in India. Designed redefine your dough making game forever, come. Let’s talk about 5 of the best Atta dough makers in India 2021 today that can help you to knead tastier& fluffier Atta dough’s in a matter of minutes – minus the hassle & the mess.

The newest appliance taking Indian kitchens by storm, the best Atta dough makers in India, comes in many shapes, sizes, and brands. But the concept remains the same – open it up, put the flour in, water it, ad seasoning, turn it on, and voila, your dough is ready! That said, some Atta dough makers are far better at this job than others; By this, You can make Rotis easily.

Recommended by experts & top chefs, here’s all you need to know about the best Atta dough makers in India 2021 – including the top models to buy, buying guide, reviews, pros, cons, customer opinions, etc…

Jump in!

Top Best Atta Dough Makers In India – Reviews & Buying Guide (2021)

Swiss army knife for the foodie in you, a best Atta dough makers in India can knead, chop, blend, and mix its way through your kitchen.

Yup, they’re a no-brainer, really!

To spin a Master Chef out of you, here are 5 of the best atta dough makers in India to buy this summer season.


Product  #1

Clearline Automatic

Electric Dough Kneader With Non-Stick Bowl

A popular all-electric dough maker from a reputed branding, there is a lot to love about thee Clearline range of best Atta dough makers in India 2021. For one thing, it’ swell-designed, offering a sleek, compact design that’s built with high-grade ABS plastic, making it shock, shatter & splash resistant to a great degree. Operating at 650 watts, this powerful dough maker comes with a non – stick bowl and steel blades, which all when combined promises to make 3.2kg of dough (its maximum capacity), in under 3 minutes.

Clearline Automatic Electric Dough Kneader With Non-Stick Bowl-Review Sparrow

Facilitating easier operation, the lockable outer lid comes with a double” lid” that allows pouring in ingredients while it’s in operation – it’s cleaner, spill-resistant & is transparent.

Protected with a 10-day replacement warranty, the machine, in our testing, was pretty surprisingly quiet – no vibrations or hits. And adding to the stability, a clear line has also included vacuum-based grips for extra safety.

Verdict: Smooth, sleek, and consistent – this clear line offering, is simply one of the best Atta dough makers in India right now, period! In fact, it’s so good; it’s even an amazon bestseller with 4 plus stars – need we say more?


  • Sleek, modern design with dual-tone aesthetic
  • Powerful 650-watt motor
  • Automatic 15-minute count down timer
  • Non-stick bowl
  • Convenient double lid design


  • Compact
  • Tough, rust-free blades
  • Huge capacity
  • Adjustable speeds
  • Branded

Customer opinion

Rahul KM: “Excellent product. I love that its noise-free. Fast in dough making – Tastes even better, in fact. Great!”

Product  #2

KENT – 16010

Atta and Bread Maker 550-Watt

A pricey, premium dough making solution, the 550 watt powered KENT Atta/bread maker is completely unique in the sense that its one of the very few automatic dough makers currently in the market right now – yup, just turn it on, add the ingredients& it’ll handle the rest, delivering wonderfully soft dough in a jiffy.

KENT Atta and Bread Maker 550-Watt-Review Sparrow

Featuring a closed-off design that’s built with a tough, stainless steel casing, the Kent range of bestAtta dough makers in India 2021 further comes with a large control paneling that’s easy, digital & straightforward. Heck, it even has custom pre-sets for different dough types for faster operation.

From kneading, fermenting to baking, the fully automatic design ensures a fully hands-free operation, maximizing quality. And if that isn’t impressive enough, KENT also has 1500 service care centers Pan India for better after-sale care,

Verdict: For the premium price it comes in, the KENT leaves no room for complaint. Its well-built, looks good, has plenty of “smart” features, and is more hygienic too -Well recommended, especially if you love a hassle-free life.


  • Fully automatic complete bread/dough making solution
  • Minimalistic, sleek body design
  • 19-pre-set menus for faster dough making
  • Powerful 550-watt motor
  • 1-year warranty


  • Spectacular build quality
  • Large capacity
  • Can also ferment and bake loaves of bread
  • Easy controls
  • Excellent after-sale care


  • Extremely costly
  • Cannot be cleaned easily

Customer opinion

Arun Kurup: “Basic bread was delicious, soft, and fluffy. I love the design, it’s so compact. Yes, perfect for a bachelor like me!”

Product  #3

Philips Daily Collection

HR7627/00 650-Watt Mini Food Processor

Okay, this top product from Philip isn’t exactly a dough maker; instead, it’s a high-grade foods processor, which – to our luck – comes with a competent dough kneading attachment. Well-crafted with a sturdy ABS frame, the Philips is powered by a 650-watt heavy-duty motor that comes equipped with a 2-speed system. It’s fast, it’s quiet, and with the ample torque it produces, these best Atta dough makers in India can easily knead 1.5 kg of atta dough (the transparent jars maximum capacity) under 3 minutes.

Philips Daily Collection HR7627-00 650-Watt Mini Food Processor-Review Sparrow

Aside from that, the device, armed with its powerful, sharp stainless steel blades, can chop veggies, crush ice, emulsify egg whites, ground coffee nuts, and even help pulverize grains and flours.

Fully detachable, the jars, lids blades, and nearly every accessory the Philips comes with are dish-washable. In fact, the device itself is splash resistant. And making things even better, the lid features a larger feeding tube as well.

Verdict: Sure, it may not explicitly be a dough maker. But in its defense, it does offer a lot of cool variations on the table: it can blend, crack, mix, chop and, of course, knead as well. Overall, a great dough (not!) maker that’s worth a look.


  • Utility driven, compact uni-body design
  • Heavy-duty 650 watt motor
  • Durable stainless steel blades with ample attachments
  • Built-in locking mechanism for safety
  • 2 year branded warranty


  • Modern, minimalistic build
  • Transparent bowl
  • Highly versatile operation qualities
  • Large feeding tube
  • Lightweight


  • Smaller jar capacity
  • Not exactly a complete dough maker

Customer opinion

Suresh K: “Good quality. Working great even after 5 years of purchase. Indeed, no doubt on Philips. Well recommended – go for it”

Product  #4

Amazon Brand – Solimo

Plastic Atta/Dough Maker

No matter how amazing an electric dough maker is, there is something about kneading a scrumptious globe of dough by hand – if you’re someone who feels like this, then go no further than the solimo dough maker for all your needs. Crafted by one of the most popular best Atta dough makers brands in India, this ABS-plastic made dough maker unit requires you to turn a handle to mix-up the dough inside.

Amazon Brand - Solimo Plastic Atta&Dough Maker-Review Sparrow

The blades are (again!) made from plastic. But in our testing, we found them to be quite durable. In fact, you further get three blade attachments that’ll let you do frothing & chopping as well. As far as cleaning goes, the whole thing is dishwasher friendly. And taking it up a notch, the device is transparent as well.

Designed to serve two people at a time, the Solimo dough maker is pretty portable, making it perfect for camping trips & travels. And to facilitate better utility, the lid further comes with a feed for ingredients that can be used while it’s in use.

Verdict: Made by one of the best atta dough makers brands in India, the “Solimo” isn’t perfect. But hey, what it does, it does neatly: kneading soft, fluffy dough. For that simplicity & the cheap price, it’s worth a look.


  • Durable ABS, Food-grade plastic build
  • 3 multipurpose blades
  • Manual operation (no electricity needed)
  • Dishwasher compatible
  • 10 days returnable warranty


  • Compact
  • Very lightweight
  • Transparent body design
  • Quick feeder tube
  • Durable


  • Small capacity
  • The grip is pretty barebones

Customer opinion

Muhassin: I liked it. It can save you 60 percent of the effort required in dough making. For a plastic product, it’s pretty good.”

Product  #5

Darkpyro Dough Maker

The last entry in our best Atta dough makers review in India, the Darkpyro dough maker features a food graded; ABS build, that’s, well… adequate. The blue color scheme looks cool. And the unbreakable hard shell resists scratches good too.

Darkpyro Dough Maker-Review Sparrow

Coming to the performance, the blade is sharp, and combined with the easy-turn handle, we reckon you’d have no trouble whipping up a tasty batch of fluffy dough in a hurry. Fully dish washable, the package contains three measuring cups, a large bowl, 1 vegetable chopping blade, a churner blade, and obviously, a highly durable dough-kneading blade as well.

Boasting one of the lowest best Atta dough makers price in India, this unit comes with a clean, transparent bowl, which enables you to see & check how the work is being done. Finally, it also comes with an excellent handle grip that helps in saving a lot of time.

Verdict: Strictly, a budget option, the Darkpyro may have a design only its mother could love. But when it comes to sheer performance, this cheaper dough make is as great & dependable as any other in this list.


  • Transparent, ABS plastic build
  • Great color scheme
  • Multipurpose blades included
  • Lightweight
  • 5-year seller warranty


  • Dish washable
  • Comes with three measuring cups
  • Can cut, churn & knead
  • Grippy handle
  • Highly portable


  • Low capacity
  • The design could’ve been better

Customer opinion

Rakesh Gupta: “I had bought it as a gift for my mom & she loved it. It’s so good & fast; we are making chapatis every day now. So tasty!”

Best Atta Dough Makers In India 2021 – The Buying Guide

A lifesaver in the kitchen, Atta dough makers, are fantastic – no question about it. But like I said earlier, some models are better than others: be it with the taste, the softness, the speed, features, or even the qualities.

To save you the bother, here’s a look at some of the top factors to consider when getting your own best Atta dough makers for home in India.

Read on;

1) Capacity

A crucial factor to consider, the ideal capacity of the best Atta dough maker in India mostly depends on how many mouths you intend to feed. To that end, a smaller family can easily get by with a maker with 500g capacity, whereas a larger family may need a model with a larger dough capacity of up to 1 kg or more.

The bigger the capacity, the pricier it’ll be. So, try & decode your dough making needs and choose a capacity that suits them the best.

2) The build quality

Remember, a dough maker is a long-term investment. And being so, it’s so important for them to be durable enough to handle the harshness of the Indian kitchens. The better the design & the materials, the longer they’ll last.

Obviously, metallic ones are better in this regard. But they can be heavy and harder to operate. Therefore, we advise you to go for a model that’s mostly plastic made. Not the cheap kind, of course. Preferably, PC ABS, Virgin, etc..

That said. When it comes to blades though, always go for rust-free S-steel ones, as plastic ones often bend or breaks over time.

Again, it’s your choice. Go with the one you feel it’s the best.

3) The speeds

Depending on the models and their price, you can find most dough makers being equipped with speeds such as low medium and high. The better the speed variations, the more versatile and better the dough making experience

On average, go for a maker with real-time speed adjusters, as these can give you better control over how the dough should turn out.

4) The hygiene factor

When it comes to cleaning, most of the best atta dough makers in India 2021 tend to come with detachable blades & bowls for faster washing. That said, it’s always better to opt for a model that dish washable, as it can make things easier.

Don’t forget, the cleaner the machine, the tastier the dough’s going to taste.

Pick accordingly.

5) The price

On an average, you can snag good, best Atta dough makers for home in India under anywhere from 700 to 4000 rupees or more. Of course, the prices can well increase with better designs, accessories, perks, etc…

Keeping that in mind, go shopping with a budget & try to work within it. Opt for the essentials first. And depending on your needs, go for higher dough makers with the desired benefits, extras and more.

Don’t forget: Expensive doesn’t always mean its better. And being cheaper doesn’t often make anything crappier either.

Just go with your gut on this one…

Best Atta Dough Makers Review In India – Frequently Asked Questions

For a device meant to make your life in the kitchen easier, the best Atta dough makers in India can be a real pain in the neck to choose, especially since there is a lot of questions regarding their designs, features, perks, etc…

Well, to help you cut through the jargon, here are some of the top frequently asked queries on these dough makers & their answers.

1) How fast can they work?

On average, preparing a 500g of Atta dough by your hands can take anywhere from 15 to 20-25 minutes or more. Whereas one of these best Atta dough makers in India 2021 can do the same in just a matter a few minutes

Besides, they are cleaner, more consistent, minimizes contaminations and heck, can even work as a blender or a chopper

Yup, they are a no-brainer, really!

2) Okay, but how do I clean them?

Depending on the model, you can use soapy water and a scrubber to clean them by hand. And if the machine is dish washable, the cleaning job is even easier – just detach the bowl, blades and the whiskers and throw in the wash

That said, to help prevent (they are mostly electric, after all) water damage, be sure to read up on the manual before sanitizing it

3) What are the top best Atta dough makers brands in India?

As of today, some of the biggest dough maker brands in India include, Preethi, Prestige, Bosch, Havells, Maharaja, etc…

Typically, these offer the best value. But if under a budget, you can also opt for other brands such as Kent, Vinr, DarkPyro, Mithra, etc…

4) Do brands offer warranty for these dough makers?

Offering anywhere from 1 year to 5 or more, you can find plenty of brands that provide excellent warranty policies.

That said, don’t forget to read the fine prints first.

Here we go…

Buy Top Atta Dough Makers In India – Final Verdict

For the most part, these great best Atta dough makers in India models can do more than just kneading your breakfast. With the right fittings and settings, they can be a blender, a veggie chopper or a mixer, etc… – Perfect for our city lifestyle.

With that, we’ve come to the end of our brilliant review on 5 of the best Atta dough makers in India 2021. It wasn’t easy – mind you. But chosen by experts from thousands of models and best brandings, these fabulous five represent the best the niche has to offer – delivering the best dough, making goodness forever to come.

The perfect addition to every Indian kitchen, the choice is now up to you: so consider the models, the reviews, pros, cons & the pick the right one for you

Hey, now that you’re hunger-free, we’d love to hear from you. So throw us a shout down below & we’ll get back to you soon.

Until then, Ciao

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