Best Bicycle Helmets In India

Best Bicycle Helmets In India 2021 – Prices & Reviews

Whether you like biking to work, planning to ride up a trail, or just wanna ride your spanking new bicycle around the block, listen to the experts – if you’re getting on a bicycle, strap on a helmet first, please. Good looking, lightweight and of course, plenty safe, with the best Bicycle Helmets in India 2021, let’s take your riding game to the next level knowing you’ll be safe from our harsh streets on the go! Read on for a handy buying guide & closer, comprehensive look at five of the best Bicycle Helmets for home in India – discussing pros, cons, features, perks, etc…

Protecting your brain is a no-brainer – yup, the fancy rhyming aside, the best bicycle helmets in India can often be the difference between you happily sitting on your couch right now & not in a casket somewhere.

So yeah, they are important – like, seriously!

The perfect addition to every rider, we asked the experts, testers, makers and manufacturers. And based on their input and our personal opinions, here are 5 of the best Bicycle Helmets India to buy today.

Read on…

Best Bicycle Helmets In India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Hey, a recent study shows that the use of a helmet had a 66% to 88% reduction in the risk of a head injury amongst all age of bicyclists.

To help you avoid becoming a mashed potato today, here are 5 of the best bicycle helmets in India to buy this season.


Product #1

Schwinn Thrasher

Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet

With over 2200/4.5 stars on amazon, the “Schwinn thrasher” Best Bicycle helmets in India 2021 is the finest helmet you can buy right now – here’s why. Featuring a tough, polypropylene outer shell and a soft inner EPS padding, the helmet comes with a double fit adjustable design for better security. The moisture-wicking inner pads help to manage sweat better while their highlighted 21 integrated air vents setups help to keep the rider pleasantly cool and comfortable.

Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle Black&Grey Helmet-Review Sparrow

Available in black grey color shade, the “matte” tone design of the helmet is quite stunning, and it only gets better with the texture layers. To improve outdoor visibility, there’s an extended peak built into the front, which also sports their logo. Finally, the easy to adjust webbing ensures a snug fit all day long.

Verdict: Priced at around 3.5K the Schwin Thrasher is expensive. But hey, it is worth every penny you throw at it! A stunning design, great build and ample comfort – literally, you simply can’t do better than this.


  • Gorgeous matte/textured design with glossy inlays
  • 21-arrayed air vents for better cooling
  • Dual fit adjustable straps
  • Moisture-wicking inner pads for the sweat-free ride
  • Built-in sun peak for extra shade


  • Premium build quality
  • Compact
  • 360 – adjustable webbing
  • Lightweight
  • No-cost EMI available


  • No other color options
  • Pricey

Customer opinion

Francis J: “The helmet is comfy & the adjustments work well. The black color/design looks good as well. Worth the price, of course.”

Product #2

VICTGOAL Bicycle Helmet

 with Safety Led Back Light 

Hey, do you do a lot of outdoor riding? Especially under the sun? Wished there was a way to better protect your eyes this summer season? Well, the VictGoal helmets are the perfect/ideal ones for you. Crafted by one of the most popular, Best Bicycle Helmets Brands In India, this lightweight head guard comes with an integrated polarized, UV guarded Sunglasses for better outdoor utility. Crafted from high-density PC material, the helmet is paced with 28 air vents for increased airflow. And for impact safety, we get a “MIPS” fuelled soft inner EPS pads with knitted fabrics

VICTGOAL Bicycle Helmet-Review Sparrow

Available in a range of glossy colors, the helmet is pretty secure thanks to the dual, adjustable headbands. And for nightriders, the maker has included a reflector to the back of the unit for extra safety.

Verdict: A beautiful piece, the Victiogoal has got a lot going for it: the sunshade is wonderful, the fit is perfect & the cooling is great too. Overall, the best budget bicycle helmet India worth checking out.


  • Modern, cyberpunk design looks phenomenal
  • 28 air vents for max cooling
  • MIPS infused soft inner knitted padding
  • Detachable sunshade
  • Great fitting, adjustable head strap


  • Fairly lightweight
  • Removable rear bright light
  • Top color choices
  • Comes in a handy pouch
  • Size regulator


  • Catches dust and dirt easily
  • Long break-in

Customer opinion

Balram Patil: “Great product, nice design and safety features. Front glass is a bonus. The new backlight is cool too. Thumbs up!”

Product #3

Strauss Cycling Helmet

From a brand long been synonymous with the highest quality & top performance, this outstanding Strauss doesn’t disappoint either. Armed with a high-grade polycarbonate shell and a softer EP lining, the helmets feel well premium, and thanks to the chin based adjustable straps, it’s plenty comfy too. Boasting 18 air vents, the helmet, in our testing, kept pretty cool, even under the sun. Sweatproof, the aerodynamic design offers increased stability at higher speeds. Sure, the sunshade is a bit on the smaller side. But at this cheap range, we aren’t complaining.

Strauss Cycling Helmet-Review Sparrow

Dual-toned, there are five variants to choose from. And for commuters, the moisture/vapour pads do a great job at keeping the sweat away. Lastly, they have kept it light as well, capping at 350 grams

Verdict: made by a world-renowned brand, this helmet is all about the essentials: a top design, great build. Grade-security and a wonderful comfort – all wrapped in a fairly affordable price tag. Overall, a killer deal.


  • Sleek, aerodynamic design
  • Airflow array with 18 vents for maximum cooling
  • Adjustable fitting
  • Sturdier, more secure neck straps
  • Lightweight


  • Excellent looks
  • Soft, moisture resistant pads
  • Drop-proof
  • Great colour choices
  • Top branding


  • No dedicated MIPS support
  • Scratches easily

Customer opinion

Neetu Chandra: “A worthy helmet for riding. The adjustable strap system is quite innovative, and I loved the colors. Go for it; it is awesome.”

Product #4

Cockatoo CPH

Polypropylene Cycling Helmet

Made from tough polypropylene, a simple look at the Cockatoo cycling helmet alone can tell you how awesome it is, thanks to the textured sleek design, ample air vents and an outstanding lightweight factor. Crafted to suit both cycling & skating, the helmet comes with a soft, EPS inner padding that’s shockproof & comfy. In fact, they have also made it waterproof for that extra sweat-free goodness. Fuelled by a handy dial strip for easier adjustments, the helmet is very nice fitting. Made for the professionals, the helmet is up for grabs in a range of bright, vibrant shades, including the “matte” textured one we’ve reviewed here.

Cockatoo CPH Polypropylene Cycling Helmet-Review Sparrow

Boasting an extended visor for daytime rides, the helmet is secured with a 10-day replacement warranty. And as far as sizing is concerned, it’s available in a small, medium and larger size as well.

Verdict: Is the cockatoo helmet perfect? Well, absolutely not. But hey, for the price it comes in, there isn’t much to complain. Overall, nice best Bicycle Helmets for home in India – but strictly for budget hunters.


  • Modern, dual-toned design
  • Tough polypropylene outer shell and casing
  • 21-air vents for extra cooling
  • Moisture-wicking EPS padding for sweat-free rides
  • Adjustable head strap


  • Crack and shatterproof
  • Non-allergenic
  • Comes in an attractive box
  • Fairly lightweight
  • Built-in sun – visor setup


  • The paint job dims after a while
  • No warranty

Customer opinion

Pradeep Mehta: “Got this great helmet today. Bang for bucks totally. On Par with all other brands out there, if not better!”

Product #5

Nivia Helmet

Sleek, glossy and well protective, the NIVIA range of best bicycle helmets in India represents a fine balance between quality, safety & price – and we love it! Featuring 12 vents for superior airflow, the helmets outer shell is crafted out of ABS whereas the interior is well padded with expanded polystyrene. Its cool, it’s snug, and the comfort itself was pretty reliable, even for longer sessions. As far as fitting goes, a pair of adjustable chinstraps keeps the helmet secured. Besides that, the unit also comes in varied sizes, including a very smaller one for the kids.

Nivia Helmet-Review Sparrow

Protected by a Ten-day replacement warranty, the helmets “glossy” paint job is, unfortunately, not scratch resistant. However, being water-resistant, you can wash it up by hand with a bit of soap& water.

Verdict: A beginner’s delight, the NIvia helmet may not have all the bells & whistles that other models offer. But if you just want best budget bicycle helmet India that doesn’t actually suck, look no further than this one.


  • Classic, blue and silver striped design
  • Ample Air vents for cooling
  • Tough, highly adjustable chinstraps
  • Soft Polystyrene padding
  • Lightweight


  • Sleek, compact build
  • 10 days replacement warranty
  • Sunshade
  • Moisture resistant
  • Cheap


  • Inner padding retains dents for longer
  • Crappy paint job quality

Customer opinion

Keshavan Nair: “Trendy and good-looking, you get what you paid for. I bought it for my kids & it fits them great. Nice” 

Best Bicycle Helmets In India 2021 – A Brief Buying Guide

As good and safer as they are, the best Bicycle Helmets in India 2021 can still be an annoying puzzle to crack. There is so much to consider: from the size to the designs, weight, capabilities, fitting, etc…

To save you the trouble, here’re some of the top factors to consider when getting your next best bicycle helmets in India 2021.

Well, here we go…

Comfort & fit

No matter how expensive a helmet is, if the fit isn’t perfect, then there’s absolutely no point in wearing them at all. In fact, they’ll do you a lot more harm than good, as they can adversely affect your riding habits.

Try them on personally first” jimmy Philips – a lifelong cyclist and eight-time Ironman winner says “you want it to be snug and lighter, but not too uncomfortable. It shouldn’t be squeezing your skull.”

To ensure a proper fit, go for well adjustable models, have lengthy nylon straps and buckles that are retractable

Materials and Safety

Mostly made from polycarbonate or carbon fibre, look for top helmets with Multi-directional impact protection system or “MIPS” branding, as these helmets are much better in absorbing drops & impacts.

As far as the inner layers are concerned, gel-based paddings are the latest trends. It ought to be soft, plush & cool. Look for models that are “crumple-free”, as these often have a metallic frame for extra safety.

Lastly, try investing in models with light reflectors. Sure, they may look weird. But at night, they can be a real lifesaver.


The more “airier” and cooler the best bicycle helmets in India 2021 is, the better comfortable it is going to be to wear. On that front, the helmet should have ample amounts of vents to get the air in.

Obviously, aero models are better, as they have tons of hair ports to let the rider keep their cool, especially under the sun. But if they aren’t your jam, try going for models with knitted/webbed layers.

The weight dilemma

Being products, we tend to sport for hours on end; weight can be another very crucial factor to consider when choosing these best bicycle helmets in India 2021, as this can readily impact your riding comfort.

The lighter the helmet, the better. So, go for a model that puts less of a strain on your neck and head. And To that end, go for a helmet that is properly-balanced & centered.

Looks and aesthetics

While this may not as important as the other factors here, it’s still advisable for you to spring for a stylish looking helmet that matches your riding wardrobe and bicycle, as this can encourage you to wear them more.

Looks matters – or at least when it comes to getting you to wear better these life-saving helmets, that is.

The Price Factor

The more you’re willing to pay, the better, more feature-packed these best bicycle helmets in India 2021 are going to be. But being gears that are meant to be replaced after every accident, the wiser, better option is to go for a best budget bicycle helmet India that offers a decent bang for the buck.

That said, bicycles can be dangerous. And if you think a premium best Bicycle Helmets price in India model can protect your lives better, then its okay to go for it. After, we only get to live once – why risk it for a cheaper price tag?

Best Bicycle Helmets Review In India – Frequently Asked Questions

In a country where people are still griping about seatbelts, its almost a given that questions will also be raised with these Bicycle helmets – queries on their features, designs, qualities, prices, etc…

To help you get a jumpstart on things, here are some of the most frequently asked queries on these Bicycle helmets & their answers.

Here they are;

1) How safe are these helmets?

Designed as a way to protect your head from impact, these helmets may not be able to protect you from a head-on collision. But as far as minor falls and everyday bumps go, these are more than enough to keep you safe.

Yup, Think of them as an extra skull & you’ll get the idea.

2) How long can I use them for?

Well, it depends. Based on the branding & quality, you can use most of these helmets for up to 5 years or more. That said, most brands do advice springing for a new one every three years to help maximize your safety.

Put simply, the better you care for them, the longer these helmets will last.

Yup, that’s it.

3) Is MIPS really important?

Absolutely yes! Proven to add extra protection by limiting blow transfer, especially rotational energy, the Multi-directional impact protection system can help you prevent head injuries during slower, oblique crashes.

Besides that, a MIPS equipped helmet also offers improved drop & shatter protections, thus enhancing their longevity.

4) Hey, how to clean Bicycle helmets?

With most of the models, you can easily hand wash them with a bit of mild soap and water. But if the interior lining is removable, as is the case with some costly ones, you can effortlessly machine wash them.

That said, we’d advise you to double-check their user manuals first before putting them through the wringer.

5) Can wear a helmet cause neck problems?

No, absolutely not. In fact, wearing a helmet can actually protect your neck from suffering injuries in case of a fall.

Buy Top Bicycle Helmets In India – Final Verdict

To say Indian roads aren’t great for bicycling will probably be an understatement. With thousands of potholes, crappy motorists and the occasional stray cows & donkeys, it can be a death trap, literally! So, what you need, my friend is protection. Something light, something stylish. A guard to help shield your noggin from blows – yup, something like these best Bicycle helmets in India 2021!

Chosen by world-class riding experts, these five best bicycle helmets India models represent the best the niche has to offer, bringing top-of-the-line protections at more palatable prices.With that, we’re leaving the bell to you. Go through the review, consider the options, their perks & pick a best open face India helmet that’ll suit your cycling needs, habits& joys.

Well, until next time,

Ride on…

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