Best Bike Helmets In India

Best Bike Helmets In India 2021 – Prices & Reviews

Hey, let’s face it. The modern-day, popular best bike helmets in India aren’t exactly the same polystyrene bucket of the past anymore. They’ve become something more specialized as daily riding may change massively from what you might require to tackle the grounds near your place. Well, were here to help, as advised by experts, read on for a complete look at 5 of the best bike helmets in India 2021 models + a buying guide to better help you nail the perfect helmet for you today.

Aerodynamic, lightweight, and perhaps most importantly, incredibly protective, the modern-day helmets are a “must-have” for every Biker. Besides, the ministry has also recently raised the penalty for not wearing one – Yup, another top reason to get’m!

The perfect riding companion, here are five of the best bike helmets India models to buy this summer season, based on their reviews, pros, cons and features – yup, as recommended by experts, OEM’s, and Amazon reviewers.

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Best Bike Helmets In India– Reviews & Buying Guide

Hey, since you are this far into our best bike helmets review in India, we reckon you don’t need any more convincing to wear one for your noggin protection. So yeah, what are we still doing here twiddling our thumbs?

Come; let’s get into the good bits;

Product  #1

Steelbird SBA-1 R2K

LIVE Full Face Helmet

As far as helmets go, steel bird branding is amongst the best in India, with over 50 years of experience behind them, their latest offering, the SBA-1 R2K comes with a high-grade, ABS material outer casing that’s shock &shatterproof. On the inside, we’re treated with a soft array of EPS, velveteen padding that, in our testing, proved to be very comfortable.

Steelbird SBA-1 R2K LIVE Full Face Helmet-Review Sparrow

In fact, the padding is so snug and comfy + the added neck cushion, SteelBird offers us more than enough to make us forget how heavy the whole thing was at 1.46 kilograms. Coming to the visor, we have a rather large, tinted polyglass on the front for Sun protection.

Available in 2 sizes & 5 color tones, the helmet is kept secured with a micro-metric buckle mechanism that’s euro standard. And lastly, for cooling needs, these best bike helmets in India 2021 comes packed with their “Air Booster” vents.

Verdict: A Steller offering that ticks all the right boxes, the SteelBird SBA-1 R2K is perfect for those who are looking for a neat, sporty headgear that’s also easier on the wallet. Do have a closer look at it – its pretty good.


  • Fully closed, sturdy ABS plastic construction
  • Stylish, sporty design
  • Large, tinted visor on the front
  • In-built “air booster” tech for better ventilation
  • 10 days returnable


  • Shatter, scratch-proof shell
  • Available in two different sizes (Medium, Large)
  • Great color choices
  • Wonderful brand reliability
  • Inbuilt neck pads


  • Heavy
  • The back gets warm after prolonged use

Customer opinion

Ajay Krishna: “Superb product, value for money, and good quality.So lightweight & nimble – Perfect for daily usage and long drives.”

Product  #2

Vega Crux

Flip-up Helmet

One of the most popular, best bike helmets brands in India, The Vega is well known for their aptitude to bring truly good headgears at cheap prices – and hey, guess what? The Vega Crux too is no exception. Featuring an open-faced design, the “Crux” is the ultimate commuter helmet, featuring a sleek, light ABS outer shell and a soft, inner lining for comfort.

Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet-Review Sparrow

In fact, it can also double up as a full-face helmet, thanks to the inbuilt, retractable chin-guard. Non-tinted, the clear polycarbonate visor offers adequate wind & sun protection. Besides, there are also ample airflow vents to help keep the rider cool.

As far as its wearable comfort goes, this well secured, ISI and BIS rated helmets did feel a bit too, tight at first. But after a week or so, it gets loosen & gives as a comfier fitting. Finally, you can buy them in 2 sizes, all with a matte finish.

Verdict: An amazon best seller with 8110 user ratings, the Vega Crus, offers a lot for the affordable price it charges: its versatile, sleek, offers top comfort, a secure fit, etc… put simply, you can’t go wrong with this one.


  • Classy, matte design with leather finish
  • Sturdy ABS outer casing with increased impact protection
  • Retractable full-faced chin-guard
  • Clear. Scratch-resistant visor for superior visibility
  • Soft, snug interior


  • Lightweight
  • Available in two sizes
  • Drop-proof
  • Ample air ventilation setups
  • Micro-metric lock


  • Long break-in period
  • Non-removable, knitted interior

Customer opinion

Alokesh Rana: “I recently got in an accident, and if it weren’t for this helmet, I wouldn’t have survived. Thanks, Vega, you did good!”

Product  #3

Sepia Muscle Rider

Open Face Helmet

Designed for the open road, the “Sepia” Muscle Helmet is perfect for you if you want a top-performing open-faced headgear that’s truly comfy. Armed with ample EPS padding for class-leading comfort, the helmets glossy outer shell id made out of thick ABS plastic, giving it a lightweight yet reliable safety quotient. It’s ISI rated (obviously)

Sepia Muscle Rider Open Face Helmet-Review Sparrow

And though a bit too glossy, we found that it doesn’t really attract fingerprints or stains as much. The straps crafted from nylon does a good job at keeping everything secure. In fact, the micrometric lock featured here is so well designed; it’s easily operable by a single hand as well.

A favorite amongst Royal Enfield riders, these best bike helmets in India 2021 further comes with an inbuilt visor. Fully scratch-resistant, it’s very clear and even has an anti-fog coating on them, making it ideal for rainy morning drives.

Verdict: Available at one of the cheapest, best bike helmets price in India, the open Sapia Collection of helmets are perfect for you if you’re looking for open face helmets that are comfy, safe and stylish. Check it out – you’ll love it.


  • Retro-inspired modern glossy design
  • Tough ABS outer shell for superior impact protection
  • Soft, snug interior padding
  • Anti-fog, scratch-resistant visor
  • ISI certified


  • Pretty lightweight
  • Comes in five different shades
  • Micro-metric locks
  • Knitted fabric padding
  • Cheap


  • Reduces hearing
  • The paint job attracts scratches easily

Customer opinion

Alita KP: The size is perfect, the comfort is great, and the chinstrap is robust. For such a price, you can’t get anything better!

Product  #4

Off Road D/V

Secret Dull Green Black Helmet-L

Love motor crossing? Need a headgear to brave the treks and dirt? If yeah, look no further than the Vega designed best bike helmets in India models. Boasting an ultra-sporty look, this polycarbonate made helmet is designed to offer superior impact protection in the event of a crash or a drop.

Off Road D/V Secret Dull Green Black Helmet-Review Sparrow

As far as comfort goes, “Vega” has outdone themselves here, offering a softer, snug padding with aeration for better cooling. Goggle supported, the visor is detachable and features a scratch-resistant coating for better durability. And if all that isn’t impressive enough, the unit is lightweight as well, being capped at only 1.63kg.

ISI certified and fully aerodynamic; the helmet further comes with an extended peak for sun protection. And you can also find vents on the front, sides & rear for maximum cooling and airflow while riding.

Verdict: Aimed at adrenaline junkies, the Vega helmet offers a nice balance between a commuter’s delight & a racing gear. Sure, it’s a bit costly. But if you’re looking for the best protection on the track, go no further.


  • Modern, sporty design
  • Tough ABS casing
  • Available in three sizes (medium, large &extra-large)
  • Detachable visor with goggle support
  • ISI certified


  • Aerodynamic, secure design
  • Lightweight
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Highly vented
  • 10-days returnable warranty


  • Larger size
  • No tinted visor option available

Customer opinion

Anguveerann: “For a sports buff like me, this is the ideal helmet. It’s so light, and comfort is good too. After all, its Vega – I expect nothing less”

Product  #5

Steelbird SBA-1 7Wings

HF Dashing Full Face Helmet

Arguably, one of the most smartest, feature-packed best bike helmets for home in India, the SteelBird SBA-1 from their popular 7Wings range is aimed more at the more techy riders, featuring a whole host of E-features.

Steelbird SBA-1 7Wings HF Dashing Full Face Helmet-Review Sparrow

As a helmet, we get the usual ABS Plastic build. Its shatter, crack & shockproof, and even has an aerodynamic design with custom decals and large air vents on the front for maximum cooling. In our testing, we found the helmet to be pretty comfy to sport.

The EPS paddings are super soft. It’s quite snug. And since it also houses a thermo-foam layer for extra impact protection, you can definitely wear it knowing you’ll not only be kept comfier but also very well protected for years to come.

To use the helmets smart features, you’re phone needs to be connected with the helmet using an Aux cable. After connecting, use the inbuilt button to play/pause Youtube videos, connect/disconnect calls and can also control the volume. And hey, the best part? No battery’s required!

Verdict: For a price that’s well under 2.5K, you are getting a lot here: the design, while utilitarian, is pretty nice. The comfort is good, and safety even more so. So yes, as far as smart, feature-filled helmets go, this one of the best, period!


  • Ergonomic, classic design with a classic matte texture
  • Dual-layered foam for max comfort
  • Smart features for a better, modern experience
  • Smoked visor setup
  • Available in two different sizes


  • Lightweight form factor
  • 10 days returnable warranty
  • Hands-free calling support
  • Well durable
  • Great color choices


  • No wireless option
  • May look too bland for some

Customer opinion

Ashwin Kumar: “I bought it a week ago, and I loved it since. It made my life easier, and the price is pretty good too. Total value for money”

Best Bike Helmets in India 2021 – The Complete Buying Guide

Whether you’re a daily commuter, a sporty cyclist or is somebody who loves to rev their motorcycles on the weekends, it’s not going to do you any good just to sprint out the door and get the first good looking helmet you see

To ensure higher quality, some major factors need to be addressed when buying these best bike helmets in India 2021 models.

Factors like these:

1) Comfort and fit

For a helmet to be comfortable, the unit should be lightweight, snug & must be tight enough to offer a secure fit, but not too much that it causes pain or stress. In fact, always make it a point to personally try them out in person before buying them, as it can give you a better idea of what to expect when wearing them.

The better the fit, the more comfortable you’ll be. The comfier you are, the better safer….ah, you get the gist, right? As a rule of thumb, go for models that are well adjustable, have long nylon straps & buckles that are retractable.

2) The build quality

Known for its lightweight yet sturdy nature, best bike helmets in India come with polycarbonate frames. That said, you also have other premium options like carbon fiber & composite if you prefer quality over cost.

As far as the inner lining goes, look for a model that comes with EPS, soft paddings that are moisture-resistant &dirt proof. If possible, also splurge for a model with “MIPS” inside, as it delivers better comfort & safety.

3) Air Flow quotient

The better ventilated and cooler the best bike helmets in India 2021 are, the more comfortable it is going to be to the sport. To help ensure that, only opt for helmets that have two or more vents built into them

Obviously, aero models are better, as they have tons of hair ports to let the rider keep their cool, especially under the sun. But if they aren’t your jam, try going for models with knitted/webbed layers.

4) Safety certifications

For the best bike helmet India to be road legal, it either must come with an ISI or BIS rated certifications, which most best bike helmets brands in India do offer. That said if you do prefer a bit more reliability, its worth looking into the more premium and harder to get, DOT or a SNELL international models.

Simply put: the better certified, the more reliable it is. You can usually find them printed on the rear or over the interior lining.

5) Aesthetics

“Helmets not only need to protect your head: they need to be stylish, well designed and comfortable as well,” says Albert Cabbad of R&A bikes. In other words, the better cooler your helmets look, you’re more likely to wear them.

Thankfully, we are not short of options. Crafted by some of the biggest best bike helmets brands in India like Wrangler, Vega, RE, GHH, etc… you can now find some truly stunning and much imaginative designs out there.

Colorful, detailed, muted, matte, the list goes on…

Best Bike Helmets Review In India – Frequently Asked Questions

As Indians, we love to ask questions. Heck, it’s in our genes. And if anything, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of doubts, opinions, and worries about these best bike helmets in India too. After all, it’s not every day we buy helmets, now is it?

Like seriously, when was the last time you’ve been to a helmet store?

Cutting through the myths & jargons, here are some of the major questions about these helmets and their precise answers:


1) Why should I wear these helmets?

Amongst all the vehicles, two-wheelers have the highest fatality rate. Couple that with the sorry state of our roads & the crowds, wearing a helmet is not just an option anymore; instead, it’s a necessity, especially if you want to ride home alive.

Besides, wearing a helmet can save you a lot of money too, as the government recently upped the penalty from 100 to 1000

Yup, Just wear one -for the sake of your wallet, at least.

2) Okay, but how long can I use them for?

Well, it depends. Based on the build and materials, you can use most of the modern, best bike helmets in India for up to 5 years or more. That said, opting for a new one every three years is the general norm.

3) My helmet smells – what should I do?

In general, most of the best bike helmet India models tend to come with removable inner linings/paddings for better hygiene. So yeah, just wash them with a bit of mild soap & water, and they’ll be good as new.

Pro tip: If you are worried about germs & sweaty smells, just opt for a model with anti-allergenic or sweat-proof coating – pricey, but worth it!

4) Is cheap helmets as safe as pricier ones?

No matter how expensive or cheap a helmet is, for them to be sold in India, they need to pass a rigorous array of testing’s that measure their durability, cozy level, drop protection, and of course, head shielding.

In other words, As long as you don’t go too cheap, I reckon you’ll have no safety issues with any best helmets sold in India today.

Buy Top Bike Helmets In India – Final Verdict

India alone estimates, on average, 4+ lives an hour are being lost to the perils of our streets. So yeah, we really can’t emphasize how important wearing the best bike helmets in India 2021 can be.

Made by some of the most well-known best bike helmets brands in India, these headgears represents the best the niche has to offer, with all of them having been rigorously full-tested by our experts to ensure absolute reliability. Trust us, no matter which model you’ll end up picking from our list today, you’re sure to be pleased.

With that, the choice now fully falls to you. Go through the review again, consider all the specifications, their features & pick the best bike helmets in India 2021 that better suit your riding needs, wants, and joy.

Well, here’s to a safer tomorrow.

Ride on…

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