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Best Dog Beds In India 2021 Prices & Reviews

True Angels in disguise – if you have a dog, you know he deserves the ultimate comfort in everything, sleep included. But alas, buying the best dog beds in India 2021 can be a hard challenge, just because there are so, so many things to consider: like health, comfort, durability, germ resistance, washable, etc… And guess what?

The things are only going to get even more confusing if you happen to have an older, weaker cute puppy to care for. Well, not anymore! Fuelled by our handy best dog beds review in India, we’ll help you find the best bedding option for your furry friend faster than you can say fetch!

Remember, when it comes to dog beds, no one size fits all – Great Danes And Pomeranians have (obviously) different needs, as do the same for puppies and older but gold timers. Yeah, just like picking a human mattress, there’s a lot to chew here, like your dog’s age, size, health, etc. to help find what makes him/her more comfortable.

As Dr Lisa Lippman, the lead veterinarian from FPH puts it “Dogs can sleep for up to 80 percent of the day, so choosing where they spend all that time is no small decision.”

As always, we asked the experts. And based on their wise words, here are 5 best dog beds in India 2021 review + a Handy buying guide to help you better find the ideal, most comfortable bedding solutions for your little pooches,

Well then, let’s get barking!

Best Dog Beds In India – Reviews & Buying Guide (Top 5 Models To Get)

Product #1

#1 Jerry’s Pet Products

Super Soft Dual Round Dog/Cat Bed – Small (Red-Black)

Designed mainly for smaller dogs like Pomeranians, terriers, and Chihuahua, the dual round best dog bed in India from Jerry’s pet products is unique, stylish. It offers a dual-layer design that’s bound to keep your fur baby happy. Armed with a plushier, softer cushion, and a highly durable material/fabrics, the bed looks premium enough with its two-toned color accents. At the same time, the comfort gets handled by its microfiber infused foam-based lower layer. It’s warm, it is fluffy, and with a thicker guard railing, it’s also quite safer too. Machine washable, including the fabric cushions, the bed is dirt and odor proof. Plus, the makers have also included an anti-microbial coating to protect your pets from allergies.

Armed with a respectable 10-day warranty, the bed is available in small, medium and large sizes, all within a range of stylish, vibrant color options. Finally, for added ease, the makers have also included an anti-skid bottom to boot.

Jerry's Pet Products Super Soft Dual Round Dog Cat Bed - Small (Red-Black)-Review Sparrow

An affordable dog bedding that punches above its price tag – from its colorful design, ample cushioning to hygiene, there is a lot to love about this cutesy little dog bed. And for that same reason, it’s well worth checking out.


  • Sturdy fabric builds with ample cushioning for max comfort.
  • Machine washable cushions
  • Anti-odour, dirt and waterproof build
  • Anti-skid bottom for maximum safety and ease of use
  • 10-days replacement warranty


  • Vibrantly stylish
  • Soft foam inner cushioning
  • Anti-microbial
  • Skin-friendly fabrics
  • Portable


  • The extra cushion is too big
  • No XL option

Product #2

#2 PETITUDE Reversible

Dual Color Ultra Soft Ethnic Velvet Bed For Dog And Cat

Utilizing a heavy-duty yet ultra soft-velvet cushioning as well as a strong grey bolster/headrest for added goodness, the Pettitude reversible dog bed is perfect for all those big guys out there, available also in an XXL size. As far as looks go, it’s quite premium enough. And available in a range of colors including vibrant gold one, it’s also one of the most stylish ones out there. Proudly made in India, the bed is water and weather (rain & heat) resistant, with an added anti-germ, odor-free coating for good measure. It also has an anti-skid base.

Fully machine washable, the bed, unfortunately, has no warranty or replacement support. But that’s to be expected given its price, which is squarely on the more budget side of things.

PETITUDE Reversible Dual Color Ultra Soft Ethnic Velvet Bed for Dog and Cat, Grey XXL-Review Sparrow

Often rated above 4 stars in Amazon, the Pettitude – as far as dog beds go – is a pretty standard affair, with a neat design, and a neater set of qualities. Overall, you can’t go wrong with these, especially under a budget.


  • Super-soft velvet material for reliable, plushy comfort
  • Durable build quality with an easy clean fabric
  • Odorless, dirt-free, water-resistance and weatherproof
  • Tough, anti-skid bottom for added safety
  • Premium, classy design


  • Robust build quality
  • Hypoallergenic, skin-safe materials
  • Multi-size options
  • Headrest cum bolster cushions
  • Tough, anti-skid base


  • Not exactly portable
  • No warranty or replacement support

Product #3

#3 Fluffy’s Luxurious

Both Side Soft Dog/Cat Bed, Red/Blue (XL)

Featuring an awesome, bagel-like design that helps to envelop your pets in absolute comfort, the Fluffy’s luxury dog bed is waterproof, fur resistant and has a stunning color scheme that screams premium – it’s good! Filled with a fleecy, polyester filling the bedding is plenty plush. And making it even nicer, the bedding further features a bolster that doubles up as a good neck rest.

Along with 5 exciting color options, the bed is available in 4 different sizes, with the XL being the largest. The only major downside? It’s a serious fur magnet, like very!

Fluffy's Luxurious Both Side Soft Dog and Cat Bed, Red Blue (XL)-Review Sparrow

Totally weather-resistant, the fluffy bed has anti-skid support for better pet protection. And with the material being fairly breathable, your dogs will also be able to keep cool in the summer. Finally, rounding things up, the bed is also hand & machine washable.

Put simply, for the sheer price it comes in; there isn’t much to complain here. The design looks good. Comfort is awesome, and the build itself is plenty sturdy. Overall, a nice addition that’s worth the asking price.


  • Highly durable design with extra-plush cushioning
  • High bolster sides for better protection
  • Soft, plush yet supportive poly-fill/fleece filling
  • Easy to clean (machine washable)
  • Anti-skid support


  • Stylish color schemes
  • Waterproof
  • Odorless and dust-proof
  • Multi-size options
  • High bolsters


  • Traps fur too easily
  • Heavy

Product #4

#4 AmazonBasics

Round Bolster Pet Dog Bed – 20 x 6 Inches, Brown

With over 2500+ ratings and regular 5-star hits, this is one of the most popular best dog beds in India 2021, period. So what’s makes it so awesome? For starters, it looks outstanding with its grey two-toned design that just feels premium. Secondly, it’s also highly comfortable, featuring a plush top flannel layer for extra softness while the polyester bottom delivers max support. Designed for smaller dogs and cats, this dog bed also has a slightly raised edge for added structure and comfort, also serving as a nice headrest for your pooches.

Available in both rounded and octagon shapes, the mattress is light and machine washable. However, the company does recommend going for a milder detergent if you’re going to do so. Lastly, it also has a limited 1-year warranty.

AmazonBasics Round Bolster Pet Dog Bed - 20 x 6 Inches, Brown-Review Sparrow

Un understated yet supremely cosy dog bed; the AmazonBasics Bolster is stylish, reliable and cheap – all qualities that do matter to us. And yes, for the best dog beds price in India it comes in, it’s a no-brainer.


  • Stylish two-toned, premium look and feel
  • Soft fleece top and polyester bottom for maximum comfort
  • Higher, softer bolster/headrest setup
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Machine washable


  • Supremely comfortable
  • Extra stylish
  • Amazing warranty
  • Rounded sides for added comfort
  • Lightweight


  • Limited sizing options
  • Not exactly water resistant

Product #5

#5 Pet Royale

Reversible Velvet Bed For Big Dogs (Grey)

It’s huge. It’s premium, and yes, it’s also extremely comfortable – the pet royale dog bedding, with its wider footprint & an extra cushion, is sure to be a hit with your bigger canine babies. Available in 7 color options, the bed is constructed out of a soft combination of velvet fabric filled with microfibers, giving it a soft yet supportive feel that your pets are bound to love. Featuring a soft detachable cotton cover that’s machine washable, this best dog beds in India 2021 further features an odorless, dirt-free coating, making it much, much easier to clean. The inner reversible cushion is also water and weather resistant.

Protected by an anti-skid design, the four-sided bolsters are sturdy & soft enough to act as both a headrest and protection. And lastly, boosting its versatility, the bed is also available in multiple sizes.

Pet Royale Reversible Velvet Bed for Big Dogs with Extra Detachable Cotton Seat Cover (Grey)-Review SparrowMade for the huge guys, the Pet Royale best dog Beds for home in India has it all: a premium design, weatherproofing, lots of cushions, reversibility & an anti-skid design. And for that same reason, it’s worth checking out.


  • Soft velvet cushions with microfiber support for maximum comfort
  • Detachable soft cotton cover for easy cleaning
  • Sturdy, anti-skid design
  • Available in multiple sizes (small, XL and XXL)
  • 10 days replacement warranty


  • Premium, stylish color choices
  • Extra cushion
  • Water & weatherproof build
  • Odorless
  • Machine washable


  • Not exactly portable
  • pricey

Best Dog Beds In India 2021 – The Perfect Buying Guide

Designed to keep our fur babies warm, cosy and comfy, a dog bed may seem like an easy buy. However, that isn’t the case. From your dog-sizes to their health, age, weight & more, a lot of things can affect their bedding choice

And of course, it can get quite confusing.

Therefore, in order to better save you from just floundering about & wasting a ton of money, we’ve prepared a quick buying guide detailing the major qualities to look out for when buying a good, proper dogs bedding:

Here they are;

1) The size of the bed

Be it for a tiny terrier or a Great Dane itself, the sizing of a dog bedding can always have a huge impact on how comfortable it is. Depending on the size of your pet, look for a model that’s thick and wide enough to support their bulk fully.
As a general rule, the bed should at least be as wide & long as your dog is from snout to rump. That said, a bit of extra room is always a nice bonus to have.

2) The material

As far as materials go, there’s always bedding for every dog. Whether it’s a softer, orthopedic bed for an aging Labrador or a tougher, strong bed for the chewing shepherds, you can always find a model to suit your dog’s best needs.

A truly personal choice, the material, nevertheless, should be soft, non-allergenic and must be non-sagging to help it last longer.

Other than that, the decision is totally up to you, and your dog’s likings.

3) Cleaning and hygiene

No matter how careful we are, a dog’s bedding will always be going to get dirty sooner or later, especially if your pooch is a crazy one like ours. Thankfully, most of the best dog beds in India 2021 are machine washable. With most of them, depending on their price, often comes touting built-in germ and dirt resistance.

At the very least, choose to always go for a dog bed model with machine-washable outer layers or comforters.

4) Style and looks

If your dog is anything like ours, you know how important looks can be for a dog’s accessory, especially for something on which they are going to spend a lot of time.
Now available in a range of exciting colors, look for a model that matches your home’s décor, your dog’s fur colors and importantly, their personality.

Muted colors are always better. But of course, it always recommended steering clear from the white ones for the obvious reasons.

Then again, you do you

5) Extra features

When it comes to the best dog bed in India add-ones, a headrest is one of the most popular ones out there. But a warning: depending on your dog’s temper, he or she will either adore them or absolutely hate them. Therefore, we always recommend opting only for extras that you know your dogs are going to love and be useful for them.

Some of the other extras include: water and dustproof covers, chew toy extensions, warming setups, water-cooling, etc…

6) The price

With models extending from budget to premium, the amount of price you should spend depends on what you are looking for. The more the features, the more expensive it’s going to be. At any case, cough up anywhere from a few hundred rupees to a thousand or even a whole lot more.

Remember, it’s ok to splurge a little. With most of them meant to last a long while, the premium is going to be worth it in the end

Then again, we’ll leave this one to your judgment.

Best Dog Beds Review In India – The Frequently Asked Questions

1) What sort of beds is best for older dogs?

Depending on the age, health, and comfort, the beds for older dogs come mainly in three different types;

Orthopedic beds – designed to offer ample orthopedic support, these beds are great for senior dogs with arthritis or other muscle or bone-related issues.

Warming beds – from electric to microwave & body heat-based, these beds are meant to give the older dogs a warmer, softer place to cuddle

Elevated beds – designed with breathable fabrics to beat the heat away, the elevated beds are perfect for dogs with heat-related problems.

2) How safe are these beds?

Designed with years of R&D behind them, all the dog beds we have mentioned above are fully safe for every breed of dogs. Dust and germ proof, they are hypoallergenic, frictionless and are skin-friendly as well.

Your dogs will love it period!

3) What are these dog beds filled with?

Geared to offer a soft, warm surface to sleep on, these dog beds are usually filled with materials such as fleece, flannel, denim, faux suede, or microfiber. In fact, some of them may have polyester filling or even foam padding.

The better the padding, the more expensive it is going to be.

4) Are dog beds easy to clean?

Generally, machine washable, most of the best dog beds in India 2021 tend to comes with a removable outer cover to help with cleaning. Plus, they’re also premium models with water, dust, and germ resistance built-in.

5) Do they all come with a warranty?

Some, yes. Depending on their price, some best dog beds brands in India offers warranty while others simply do not.

Buy Top Dog Beds In India – 2021

Let’s face it: with all the tail wagging, long walks, barking, playing & more, a dog’s life can get pretty tiresome. And of course, at the end of a long day, our furry bundle of joys do really need a comfortable place to rest their weary noggins in – something like these cosy, comfy beds from some of the best dog beds brands in India

As responsible pet owners ourselves, we sincerely hope that these 5 best dog beds in India 2021, we have listed above can satisfy all your dog’s slumbering & cuddling needs. Picked by our much-talented pet experts, they all are healthy, cosy, tough & can surely help serve as your dog’s next top place to nap & cuddle.

Final Words

After all, it’s the least we can do to help better appreciate the sheer amount of love & happiness these gentle beings bring to our life.

As usual, we’d love to hear from you, your ideas, tips & thoughts. So feel free to drop us a comment down below & We’ll get back to you soon.

Until then, Ciao

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