Best Flip Up Helmets In India

Best Flip Up Helmets In India 2021 – Prices & Reviews

Offering the best of both worlds, the uber-cool best flip up helmets in India delivers both the spectacular safety of a full-face helmet & the freedom a half-faced unit can only offer – all wrapped in a sleek, tough package. Yep, they’re a no-brainer meant to protect you, well brain. That said, considering all the best flip up helmets in India 2021 alone, picking the right helmet can be nothing short of a dark nightmare, especially if you’re a novice. Well, as always, we’re here to help. Read on for a comprehensive, best flip up helmets review in India where we break down 5 of the best modular headgears to buy this summer season.

So yeah, no wonder why these best flip up helmets in India are the latest trend these days, exploding in popularity!

A smarter choice for casual & serious riders, read on for a complete buying guide and reviews on five of the best flip up helmets India to buy today – as recommended by riding experts, OEM’s & Amazon customers.

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The Top five Best Flip Up Helmets In India – Reviews & Buying Guide

In India, many avoid helmets even though they know it isn’t safe for them just because of how very hot, sweaty & closed-off they can be

Designed exactly for them, here are 5 of the best flip up helmets in India 2021 to help better make your rides safer & comfier than ever before

Here they are;

Product  #1

Vega Crux DX

Full Face Helmet

A popular name in the Indian helmet arena, Vega has always been loved, especially among youngsters for their high quality yet cheap helmet offerings – and guess what? The Vega Crux too is no exception. Rendered in a matte, green camo shade, the helmet is well built with a polycarbonate/ABS outer shell and foam inner lining.


Compact & lightweight, the helmet is a pleasure to sport, even for longer hours. Available in two sizes, a medium and large, the headgear’s biggest highlight, of course, is the flip up chin guard and the visor. Just with the press of a button, you can turn this full-face helmet into half-face or even an open face helmet – that too without sacrificing on safety

ISI approved, the help of the odor-free interior’s the helmet to stay fresher for longer in between cleanings. And finally, the Removable and replaceable inner pads come in various thicknesses for a more custom fit.

Verdict: For the price you’re paying, there is no doubt that this is one of the best flip up helmets for home in India you can buy right now. The design is sleek; the build is even better. Overall, an amazing deal that’s worth a look.


  • Modern, sleek design with Matte texture
  • Tough, shatterproof build
  • Flip up visor & chin guard for max convenience
  • Removable lining
  • Customizable comfort levels


  • Lightweight
  • Improved ventilation
  • ISI certified
  • 10 days returnable warranty
  • Odor resistant


  • Long break-in
  • The decals peel off easily

Customer opinion

Aravind K: “The best helmet on Amazon. It’s so good, and I ordered two more for my friends. Vega has nailed it, again! So good”

Product  #2

Steelbird SB-41 Oska

Classic Flip Up Helmet

With the SB-42 range of best flip up helmets in India 2021, the SteelBird continues to draw inspiration from their utilitarian designs, albeit now with the latest perks. Armed the highlight flip up chin guard & visor, the helmet looks and feels premium with its Italian designed interior with a moisture-wicking lining. ISI certified, we found the helmet to be pretty comfortable to wear.

Steelbird SB-41 Oska Classic Flip Up Helmet-Review Sparrow

The ventilation is top-notch. And couple that with the extra neck pads, and it’s literally, is one of the best, most comfortable best flip up helmets in India right now. The outer shell is ABS made, and in steel birds fashion, it’s pretty strong.

Available in three sizes with five different colors to choose from, the helmet further comes packed with numerous safety mechanisms including a shock-absorbing foam layer, dual nylon, micrometric straps & a UV guarded sunshade, etc…

Verdict: Performance-driven, this sturdy helmet from Steel Bird is perfect for those who want a simple, less flashy helmet that they can rely on for years to come. For that simplicity (and the affordability) its worth a go.


  • Top of the line, durable ABS build quality
  • Comfy interiors
  • Large vents for maximum airflow
  • Extra neck padding
  • ISI certified


  • Pretty compact
  • Quick-release micro-metric buckle
  • Impact and drop proof
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Great color choices


  • Too minimalistic?
  • The interior catches dirt easily

Reena M: “I got it for my boyfriend & its so amazing. The Red one is so cool looking. He loved it, and so do I – big thumbs up from us.”

Product  #3

Studds Ninja Elite

Super Helmet Black(XL)

Be it for the matte paint job, the compact design or the tinted visor, the Ninja Elite range of best flip up helmets for home in India is all about being stealthy & safe – and we love it! Made from a polycarbonate composite, the shell is extremely durable, with improved drop protection, scratch and impact resistance – as expected from Studds.


Coming to the comfort, the soft velveteen paddings offer a snug, secure fit while the large vents ample cooling all day long. And hey, did we mention how it’s also Anti-allergenic?

Zeroing in on the highlight feature, the chin guard and the visor are flippable – just press the button & you can Adjust it; however, you want. Wrapping up, Spare visors available in clear, smoke tint, mirror and rainbow options.

Verdict: Named after the Japanese assassins, the glossy Studds Ninja Elite surely doesn’t disappoint! It looks fancy. The build is good, and the pricing is amazing. Overall, a truly killer deal that shouldn’t be missed.


  • Extremely tough to build quality
  • Comfortable inner paddings and linings
  • Quick-release lock
  • Easy to flip chin guard & visor
  • ISI certified


  • Scratch-resistant
  • 10 days returnable warranty
  • Visor-tint choices
  • Multiple size options
  • Branded


  • Limited color choice
  • Extremely long break-in period

Customer opinion

Raguvaran: “Superb quality, comfort, and style. Feeling very weightless wearing. Amazing for the price charged”

Product  #4

Steelbird SB-41 Oscar

Dashing Black with Plain Visor,600 mm

Another Steel-Bird offering but with a more vibrant aesthetics, the “Oscar” builds on its predecessor’s reputation for being a “tough cookie” with a now more improved polycarbonate outer shell with extra impact-proof paddings. Offering increased ventilation, including knitted lining velveteen, it’s an absolute treat to wear this helmet.

Steelbird SB-41 Oscar-Review Sparrow

And if that want impressive enough already, there is also dynamic air flows system that promises increased cooling to the rider while he is cruising down the street,
That said, the biggest party trick of this helmet has to be the expertly engineered and now updated “flippable” visor and chin guard. At the push of a button, you can now adjust them to your preferences, even with a single hand.

Verdict: Undeniably one of the best flip up helmets In India 2021, the “Oscar” range of helmets is all about the balance – bringing in the perfect blend of spectacular user functionality & outstanding looks.

Go for it – you won’t be disappointed!


  • Sporty, sleek design with matte aesthetic
  • Tougher build quality
  • Easy to use, flip up visor & chin-guard
  • Concussion proof EPS pads
  • ISI rated


  • Italian design
  • Anti-allergenic paddings
  • Dynamic airflow
  • UV proofed paint and decals
  • Quick-release strap


  • Scratch prone visor
  • Comes only in a single size

Customer opinion

Vijay D :“The helmet looks uber cool and classy. And the cooling is pretty nice. Great value for money, overall”

Best Flip Up Helmets In India 2021 – Please Read This Before Buying

Aside from the different form-factor, much hasn’t been changed from heir “fully closed” counterparts, meaning that with the best flip up helmets in India 2021 too, there is a lot that needs to be considered before buying

Well, to help you nail the perfect headgear today, we’ve put together a brief look at the top factors to look out for when purchasing the best flip up helmets for home in India – including their designs, qualities, perks, etc…


The comfort & fit

Fully faced or modular, if the fitting isn’t right, then it’s pointless to wear a helmet as it can do more harm than good in the long run. you want it to be snug, secure, but not too tight as it causes pain/discomfort.

If possible, try the helmet out in person before buying them. Look for models with knitted or webbed pads as it offers a better, cooler wearing experience. That said, it’s important to go for a sleek, lightweight one for obvious reasons.

As a general rule, look for best flip up helmets India that firmly touches your head but doesn’t put too much pressure over it.

The build quality

Being a product with moving parts, the durability is a major factor to consider when opting for these head-protecting gears. To ensure proper impact safety, look for a unit that’s made from polycarbonate or high-grade ABS. They are fairly lightweight, are pretty affordable & there are also more models to choose from.

That said, If the price isn’t an issue, it’s worth going for helmets made from carbon fiber or carbon composites. They’re very light yet are super strong. And yes, they can handle even the biggest hits with ease.

The certifications

Designed to protect your precious life, its integral for the best flip up helmets In India 2021 to deliver a certain level of quality & reliability. And to that end, certifications can go a long, long way in addressing the same.

Being in India, both ISI and BIS certifications are a must for every helmet. But if you want more assurance in terms of quality, you can also opt for helmets with DOT, SNELL or other internationally certified quality levels. Yes,  are a bit expensive & harder to get. But if you want superior, reliable quality, they’re worth the hassle.

In other words, the more certifications a helmet has, the better, more protective its going to be when the time finally comes.

The Aesthetical factor

Sure, looks are not going to save your noggin in an accident. But as visual creatures, we always recommend opting for a stylish, good-looking best flip up helmet India, as you’ll be more encouraged to wear them more often.

As for what design to the sport, well, we’ll leave that you. Pick a design that best matches your style and riding wardrobe.

Yup, go crazy.


Meant as a tool to protect your life, its always best to not take the best flip up helmets price in India for granted in any way possible. That said, try and spend wisely. Focus on the essentials, and buy according to your limits.

Thankfully, you can find some pretty decent models today under a fair budget, especially from some of the best flip up helmets brands in India like Wrangler, Studds, Vega, Supreme, THH, HCJ. SteelBird, etc…

At any case, expect to spend around 1000 to 3000 rupees for a great, reliably sturdy & best flip up helmets In India 2021.

For those who don’t know: the best flip up helmet India is exactly what it sounds like; a tough, protecting headgear that features a retractable or raising chin guard, windshield or both, delivering a more open riding experience. Put simply, it’s an excellent compromise between absolute protection & comfy, airy freedom.

Best Flip Up Helmets Review In India – Frequently Asked Questions

Lets look at the most frequently asked question about the best flip up helmets brands in India to know what information does buyers are interested to know about

✅ What are the benefits of flip up helmets?

Designed as a better alternative to the more closed-off headgears, flip up “modular” helmets are usually lighter, offer top visibility and, thanks to their open-face design, often offer extra ventilation for the rider.

In other words, these “Flip up” helmets offer improved protection to your head but without any claustrophobic sweaty effects.

✅ My helmet feels too tight – what should I do?

Unlike other riding gears like gloves & jackets, helmets need a certain amount of “break-in” time before they can fit you better. This happens because manufacturers voluntarily make the paddings/interiors tighter at first so that it can, over time, adapt better to the rider’s dimensions and offer a more precise, secure fitting.

So how long would this take? Well, on average, the fitting could take anywhere from a week to a full month to get reliably sorted.

✅ How can I clean them?

If your helmet comes with a removable liner. You can just throw it in the washer and be done with the cleaning it. However, if it’s non-removable though, we’d advise wiping it instead with a wet washcloth & a bit of soap.

✅ How long can I use them for?

Usually, the best flip up helmets in India are usable for up to 5+ years, with some makers advising a new one every 3-4 years.

✅ Is helmets are mandatory in India.

Yes, they (obviously) are! In fact, the government recently raised the non-wearing penalty from a hundred to a thousand rupees.

Don’t be an idiot – wear a helmet, please!

Buy Top Flip Up Helmets In India – What’s the Final Verdict?

Well, that’s it! Congrats on making it to the end of our best flip up helmets review in India. Here’s a lollipop. The kidding aside, these helmets are serious matters. Yup, for many of us, they may just turn out to be even lifesavers.

The comfort kings of the helmet world, the best flip up helmets in India 2021 need to be lightweight, airy, comfy and must offer irresistible looks. And to that end, we’re quite confident that these 5 best flip up helmets India can realize all your riding needs – as designed by the best & recommended by the experts.

With that, we are leaving the final decision to you. Go through the reviews, check all the options, consider their perks & pick the best flip Up helmet India that YOU think is perfect for all your biking needs & habits.

As always, if you have any doubts, opinions or ideas, feel free to throw us a commend down below, and we’ll get back to you ASAP

Well, until the next time

Au revoir

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