Best Half Face Helmets In India

Best Half Face Helmets In India 2021 Prices & Reviews

There is no doubt about it; when it comes to cruising the open roads with maximum visibilities and spectacular style, there is nothing that can ever beat the goodness of the best half face helmets in India. They are light, they are safe, and in these hot, balmy summer seasons, they do make a lot more sense than fully closed sweat-inducing full-faced helmets solutions. On-time for the Daytona week, in today’s review sparrow special, we are having a better, closer look at these riding safety marvels, decoding 5 of the best half face helmets in India 2021 models for your riding pleasure

We admit it: These aren’t as safe as full-faced helmets. But that’s said, it’s easy to understand the appeal of half-faced helmets. After all, they are almost like wearing a comfy, beanie – but with added safety, of course. In fact, they are a no brainer now. With the government getting stricter with the need for wearing helmets, these are an easy way to obey the rule while still keeping your comfort.

Truly a riders delight here’s everything you need to know about the top, most recommended 5 best half face helmets in India 2021 – discussing their reviews, pros, cons, prices, features, etc.

The Best Half Face Helmets In India – Reviews & Buying Guide

According to a recent study, over 90% of bike fatalities could’ve been avoided had the victim had worn a helmet.

Designed to protect you from the harsh India roads, here’re 5 of the best half face helmets in India 2021 you can buy today;


Product #1

#1 Vega Atom

Dull Black Helmet-Male

A low profile, minimal offering from the house of Vega, the “Atom” ranges of best half face helmets in India 2021 models offer the best of both worlds: the freedom of a half face helmet + the sheer safety of a fully-fledged, closed-shell helmet. Crafted from a graded ABS material, the helmet, which boasts with a shockproof design, comes pre-fitted with a scratchproof, UV-resistant visor. And kicking things up a notch, the plush, concussion/impact-proof interior padding (non-removable) comes with an anti-allergenic, smell-proof coating.

Vega Atom Dull Black Helmet-Review Sparrow

Facilitating smoother operation, these best half face helmets in India 2021 is well secured with a tough chinstrap & can be handled with a single hand, thanks to the quick-release tech. Finally, the ISI certified hardened unit further comes equipped with handy air vents on the sides, which helps the rider to keep cool under the sun.

Verdict: A testament to the “Vega” legacy, the design of the cleverly named ATOM feels premium, the comfort even more so. Overall, brilliant helmet from an even amazing branding – worth checking out!


  • Compact, sleek and trendy muted design
  • High grade, polycarbonate build for superior shock resistance
  • Soft, velveteen interior padding
  • ISI certified
  • Easy lock mechanism for faster handling


  • Lightweight
  • Scratch-resistant, ultra-clear visor
  • Great color choices
  • Adjustable
  • Reliable branding


  • Non-removable padding
  • Pricey

Customer opinion

Ragav Seth: “A fantastic helmet, the fit is good & I loved the color. In fact, I ordered two more. So worth it!”

Product #2

#2 Habsolite HB-MWR

Mini Wrinkle All Purpose Safety Helmet

ISI certified and boasting a very minimal, clean look, the “HabsoliteHB-MWR” is a spectacular helmet to check out if you want a cute, low profile best budget half face helmet in India.Made entirely out of hard ABS, the unit features a three-layer protection that makes it impervious to hits & blows. Coming to the comfort, the helmet’s non-removable interior is pretty soft. However, it’s quite snug too.

HabsoliteHB-MWR Mini Wrinkle All Purpose Safety Helmet-Review Sparrow

In our testing, we consistently noticed how firm it felt. The adjustable chinstraps are pretty adequate, and we had no gripe with the chip-locks either.

Available in multiple shades – all with a textured design – the helmet comes with an extended “peak” for sun protection. Sadly, there is no visor here. We would’ve loved to have seen one. But at this price, that’s expected. Wrapping up, we also get a neat, rubber trims for added safety.

Verdict: Priced very cheap, the Habsolitebest half face helmets in India, however, compromises very few. Sure, it’s not perfect. But if you’re looking for the best budget half face helmet in India, this is the one to get.


  • Tough, shock-proofed ABS construction
  • Textured design
  • Well adjustable chinstraps
  • Soft, inner padding
  • Easy chip lock setup for faster operation


  • Compact
  • Vast color options
  • Versatile, multi-purpose design
  • Unisex
  • 10 days returnable warranty


  • No visor available
  • The inner padding could’ve been a bit softer

Customer opinion

Rajesh Bhatt: “I used this helmet for a month now & it’s very awesome. You get what you paid for. Better than other overpriced ones”

Product #3

#3 GTB

Women’s Leather Open Face Helmet

Wildly rated as one of the best half face helmets for home in India, especially amongst the feminine crowd, the GTB best open face helmet features a unique, stylish leather construction that’s truly eye candy. Under the textured exterior, we got a tough, hardened ABS inner shell that’s shocking and cracked proofed.

GTB Women’s Leather Open Face Helmet-Review Sparrow

And just below that, the soft, non-removable foam padding handles the comfort factor, which in our testing, we found to be pretty better than a lot of other overpriced ones. Coming to the security, the whole thing is secured by a wide nylon chinstrap + easy chip lock.

Armed with chromium accents, the plastic-made visor used here is ultra-clear, scratch/shatterproof, and has UV resistance built into it – a welcome bonus considering its cheap price tag. Lastly, the makers have kept the weight to bare a minimum too, getting capped at a measly 399 grams.

Verdict: For the best half face helmets for home in India, GTB has nailed the looks department here. It’s sleek; it’s light. And it even has a nice visor for its price. Overall, a stellar choice that’s worth a closer look.


  • Retro, leather-inspired design
  • Sturdy and shockproof inner ABS shell construction
  • Adjustable chinstrap
  • Large, clear polycarbonate visor (non-tinted)
  • Easy chip-lock mechanism


  • Lightweight
  • Scratch-proofed visor
  • 10 days returnable warranty
  • Durable
  • Neat Ear wind-muffs


  • The chrome accents look a bit cringy
  • Limited color choice

Customer opinion

Ahalyamenon – “I loved it! I can’t believe how light it is. And don’t get me started on how good the design is. Excellent value, easily”

Product #4

#4 AutokraftZ GERMAN-STYL

Half Face Helmet

Simple, cheap, and functional – this unique German-style inspired half helmet from AutoKraftz features a unibody, injected molded design that’s crafted from highly tough ABS plastic composite. Available in three sizes, the one we had tested had a matte design. Though a glossy one is available too.

AutokraftZ GERMAN-STYL Half Face Helmet-Review Sparrow

Coming to the comfort, we found it to be a pleasure to the sport, even for longer sessions, thanks to the ample amount of soft, EPS padding the makers have built into it. Fairly lengthy with enough room for adjustment, the chinstraps made from Nylon too is pretty durable. Couple that with a red “Chip locking” setup, and you’ll have a solid secure fit all day long.

Protected with a 10-day returnable warranty, the edges of the helmet are protected with a rubber trimming. Wrapping up, the makers have opted for an extended peak design instead of a tinted visor for sun protection.

Verdict: Made for the everyday rider, the AutoKraftz top best budget half face helmet in India is all about the essentials: a classic design, solid build & great comfort. A real no-brainer for its price!


  • Understated, classic “matte” design
  • Tough, ABS casing
  • Cushioned inner lining for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable chinstrap
  • Easy to use the chip lock mechanism


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Scratchproof
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Rubber trim
  • Extended sun peak


  • Non-removable lining
  • No Visor

Customer opinion

Sooraj Krishna: “I got it a few hours ago and it’s exactly what and how I wanted. It couldn’t be anymore better. The fit is good”

Product #5

#5 Sage Square Scooty

Half Helmet for Men, Women

Hey, looking for a simple, low-profile helmet? Need a model with a bit of extra wind protection? If yes, the Sage best half face helmets in India models are the perfect, ideal ones for you. Injection-molded from high grade, shockproof ABS composite, these half face helmets interiors are lined with soft padding for superior blow protection; in fact, we reckon it’s the most comfortable one in this list.

Sage Square Scooty Half Helmet-Review Sparrow

Fitted with a wide sun visor made from polycarbonate, the outdoor visibility of this helmet is excellent. We had no problem even under heavy sunlight. If that isn’t impressive enough, the makers have also included a pair of inbuilt ear muffs for better wind protection

Well secured with a long, adjustable nylon chin strap, taking the helmet on and off is effortlessly easy thanks to quick, chip lock setup. And finally, you can also buy this helmet in a vast range of colors.

The verdict: available at one of the best half face helmets price in India, the Sage Half helmet is perfect for the everyday commuter. Its lightweight, its freeing & the earmuffs are a nice add on – so worth it.


  • Stylish design with a low-profile flair
  • Durable composite build
  • Soft and comfortable interior lining
  • Adjustable straps
  • Handy, built-in earmuffs


  • Highly durable casing
  • Lightweight
  • Available in multiple color shades
  • Unisex design
  • Large non-tinted visor


  • The weird, scratchy texture on the straps
  • The Visor is too scratch-prone

Customer opinion

Gopika Katja: “Overall good product. A fancy helmet, its lightweight and can protect your head easily. Perfect for old people and girls. Nice”

Best Half Face Helmets In India 2021 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Ah, half face helmets. As amazing as they are, they can be a fickle bunch to choose, thanks to the hundreds of best half face helmets in India 2021 available today, and the different brands, features & qualities they tend to pack.

And of course, it can get confusing too very quickly.

Well, to save you the trouble, here’re some of the top factors to look out for when buying the best half face India helmets for you

Read on…

1) Size and fit

Designed to protect only the top portion of your head, its very important for these best half face helmets in India 2021 to offer a nice, secure fit & feel to help avoid any jostling while riding on our bumpy roads,

Perfectly sized, with ample padding, look for helmets that are snug, softer, and has adjustable chinstraps. In fact, to ensure a great fit, just try them out in person first before buying them.

As a general rule, look for a helmet that firmly touches your head but doesn’t put much pressure over it.

2) The build material

Designed to absorb the blow rather than deflect it, the reliability of these top, best half face helmets in India 2021 typically hinges on the quality of the material out of which the helmets outer casings are made of.

Available in many materials, the most preferred of the bunch, of course, is the polycarbonate one. It’s light, it’s strong & being mostly cheap, can offer you a reliable yet affordable safety gear.

That said, if you only want the best & don’t mind the cost, cough up for a carbon fiber made unit, as they are superior in every way.

3) Visor quality

When it comes to the best half face helmets in India, every ounce of protection matters. And to that end, having a good visor, preferably a detachable one, can surely go a long way in ensuring a safer riding experience.

Whether or not it has to be tinted, well, that’ is subjective. That said, it’s best to go for a visor that’s clear, scratch-resistant, and, if possible. Also comes both anti-fogging & resistance for water built into it, as it can ensure a safer, much better ride in rainy and humid weather conditions, especially in India.

4) Noise Cancellation

With people shouting, horns blaring, temple sounds & wind rushing, Indian roads are notorious for their loudness. And if you’re not careful, its easy to get in to accidents with all that’s screeching around.

To beat the same, go for best half face helmets in india 2021 that offers some level of noise cancellation. That said, it shouldn’t be too powerful as to block the sounds fully, but just enough to mild the impact.

Put simply, go for a model that’s loud enough to allow the rider to easily hold a conversation but not enough to hear the horn a 200 metre away.

5) Best half face helmets brands in India

Among the many best half face helmet brands in India, the popular ones include Sage, Studds, GTB, Wrangler, Steelbirds, HCJ, etc.

Aside from these, units from Shoei, AutoKraftz, &Habsolitetoo are quite popular, especially with the younger crowds,

6) Certifications

Whether full face or half face, for a helmet to be valid in India, it needs to have ISI certifications or BIS markings. Thankfully, nearly every best half face helmets brands in India do usually offer it, with most having emblazed it on the rear side of their units or the interior top side.

If quality really, really matters to you, you can also opt for DOT or SNELL internationally certified best half face India helmets units. But beware, they are hard to find & often costs a whole lot more.

7) Price

As far as prices go, these Best half face helmets for in India models tend to be relatively cheaper than their full-faced cousins. Put simply, the more you can pay, the better benefits you’d get to enjoy.

That said, being tools meant to be replaced after every crash, its best to go for a unit that offers the most bang for the buck. In any case, you can get a decent half face helmet at 300 to 600 rupees or more.

Best Half Face Helmets Review In India– Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re a new rider looking for your first helmet or a full-blown biking maestro who just wants a backup pair, its easy to get lost in all the perks & designs these half-faced helmets brings to the table.

To help demystify the process, here’s a look at some of the most frequently asked queries about them & their answers

Here we go:

1) Half face helmets – how safe are they?

Make no mistake: these half face helmets are NOT as safe as their full-faced cousins as these expose your head more. That said, as long as you’re careful, we don’t reckon you’ll have any issues with these airy head guards.

That being said, the open face helmets do offer increased visibility & airflow, which can, in a way, make them just as safer.

2) How easy are they to clean?

Fuelled by an open design, they are fairly easy to clean. In fact, some of them even have removable paddings for easy hygiene.

3) How long can I use them for?

On average, these half-faced helmets are usable for up to 5+ years, with some makers advising a new one every 3-4 years.

4) Are DOT helmets still illegal here in India?

Despite offering far better quality, the DOT certified helmets are still illegal in India as they aren’t certified ISI products

5) Is it important for my co-rider to wear a helmet too?

Yes obviously! As per the new change in law, the co-rider too is required to wear a helmet not only for their safety but to avoid the penalty as well, which as we said earlier, has seen a severe increase recently.

Buy Top Half Face Helmets In India – Final verdict

From a rider standpoint, you can’t do better than these best half face helmets in India 2021 models. They are light, they are stylish, cool and most of all, they’ll let you better enjoy/revel in the joy of riding in the best way possible, letting the wind caress your chins as you streak by the signs.

Boasting some impressive resumes, these five best half face helmets we have reviewed here represent the best the niche has to offer. They are all high quality, safe, tough – as promoted by some of the best riders in the country, Safety experts & top amazon reviewers who know their game.

With that, we leave the keys to you. Go through the review again, consider all the options, their features, and pick the best half face India helmets that suit your biking needs ad habits.

Hi, as fellow bike riders, we’d love to hear from you. So feel free to throw us a comment down below & we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Well, until next time,


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