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Best Hand Blenders In India 2021 Prices & Reviews

Fancy yourself as a great cook? Love blending up smoothies, soups and juices? Hey, hate dealing with those oversized juicers and jars? If yeah, then what you need, my friend is one of those best handheld blenders in India!

One amongst the most useful kitchen tools ever invented, the hand blenders can be a god-given gift on the counters, allowing you to blend, mix and chop any vegetables or fruits sans any hassle or annoyance. Available in many sizes & models, come, let’s have a closer look at some of the best hand blenders in India 2021 to buy.

But wait, why get a handheld blender? Designed to be portable, quiet and power-efficient, a handheld blender is more, well… handier because it allows you to blend your foods right on the glass or pot itself – cool, huh! But alas, picking the best hand blenders in India 2021 isn’t itself any easy, as there’s a lot to consider. But hey, don’t worry, because that’s exactly where we, or better yet our best hand blenders review in India can come in handy for you.

The perfect kitchen lifesaver, come read more about some of the good hand blenders in India that you can buy today, breaking down their features, pros, cons, and perks to help better find the ONE for you.

Best hand blenders in India – reviews & buying Guide (2021)

Product #1

#1 Maharaja Whiteline

Turbomix 350-Watt Hand Blender

Breaking the notion that cordless hand blenders are usually weaker. The Whiteline turbo mix handheld blender from the house of Maharaja, one of the best hand blenders brand in India since 1976. It comes armed with a super powerful 350-watt motor and full stainless steel blades that can even chop its way through the ice.

The hand blender comes with a detachable plastic foot that allows for easier cleaning. Featuring a handy, stylish ergonomic design with a lightweight polycarbonate build. And it is also dishwasher compatible. Besides, we also have an anti-splash guard around the blades for maximum safety and convenience. Fuelled with a satisfyingly clicky power button, the device, unfortunately, have only a single speed setting.

Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix 350-Watt Hand Blender - Review Sparrow

However, the sheer torque it produces is more than enough to handle everyday tasks.

Secured with a two-year warranty, these best hand blenders in India 2021 comes bundled with a 600ML beaker for the measure. Featuring a “hook” set up for easy hanging & portability, the device weighs around 762 grams. Additionally, it’s also worth noting that the hand blender doesn’t come packed with any extra attachments. But hey, though that’s to be expected considering the price, it comes in.

Sure, the Maharaja Turbo mix isn’t perfect. And yes, it does miss a lot of things. But for the sheer performance, brand reliability & the bang for the buck it offers, it does deserve a closer look.


  •  A powerful, class-leading 350-watt motor
  •  Sharp, durable stainless steel blades
  •  Tough, polycarbonate build
  •  Detachable foot and blades for easy cleaning
  •  Splash-proof guard


  •  High torque motor
  •  Handy ergonomic design
  •  Tough, anti-chipping steel blades
  •  Two-year warranty
  •  Hanging loop


  •  No extra speed settings
  •  Lack of accessories

Product #2

#2 Braun Multiquick

5 Vario Hand Blender MQ 5035 WH Sauce – White

Dipping our toes into the much more premium best hand blenders in India 2021 category, let’s have a look at the German-engineered Multiquick Vario hand blenders from the house of Braun. Featuring a stylish, ergonomic design built with both steel and plastic, the Vario 5 is all about being premium.

Featuring a wide assortment of accessories, including a whisker, a dough maker as well as a 500 ML beaker, the powerful 750-watt motor, and the ultra-durable stainless steel blades can guarantee you hassle-free operation. And ensuring even more versatility, the device also has over 20+ speed settings, enabling it to blend, puree, mix, crush and knead its way through your kitchen with ease.

And if that isn’t impressive enough, the Vario 5 is also shake-free, thanks to its patented power bell metal shaft technology & graded DC motor.

Braun Multiquick 5 Vario Hand Blender MQ 5035 WH Sauce - White - Review Sparrow

A beast in every sense, the Braun Vario 5 further comes with a soft grip handle & a comfortable single–hand dial to help tame its power. And wrapping it up, the anti-splash design also helps to keep everything tidy.

Weighing around 1.37 kilograms, the Braun isn’t the lightest (or cheapest) hand blenders around. But if you are looking to declutterer your kitchen and don’t mind the extra bills, you can’t do better than this one.


  •  Extra powerful 750-watt DC motor with 13500 RPM
  •  Tough stainless steel blades
  •  Sturdy polycarbonate, rubber and steel build
  •  21-speed regulator
  •  Dishwasher compatible


  •  Noise-free operation
  •  Tougher, German build quality
  •  Extra accessories
  •  Anti-splash shaft design
  •  Comfy rubber grip


  •  Slightly on the heavier side
  •  No onsite warranty

Product #3

#3 Philips Daily Collection

HL1655/00 250-Watt Hand Blender (White)

With its plain design and haughty blue accents, the Philips HL1655 Hand blender may leave a lot to be desired with its looks. But hey, where it lacks in beauty, it makes up with its sheer performance. With a 230-watt high-speed motor purring under its hood, the HL 1655 can handle all your everyday blending needs with ease, including whisking eggs and batter, thanks to the additional attachment this Philips device conveniently comes with.

Corded in design, the 1.2-meter length wire makes it easy to move about in the kitchen while the no-frills design makes it super easier to clean. Lastly, it’s also worth noting that it’s limited to a single speed setting and have its continuous blending time capped at 20 minutes.

3 Philips Daily Collection HL1655-00 250-Watt Hand Blender (White) - Review Sparrow

Protected with a 2-year warranty, these best hand blenders in India 2021 only weighs around 0.8 kilograms and comes with single trigger operation, making it both portable as well as easier to use in the kitchen.

Designed to punch well above its price tag, the Philips HL1655 definitely strikes all the right notes to be the “perfect” budget blender. And to that end, we think its ab wonderful option to consider.


  •  Mighty powerful 230-watt DC motor
  •  Easy single trigger operation
  •  Tough polycarbonate construction
  •  Two detachable accessories (blender + Whisker)
  •  20-minute run time


  •  Noise-free, yet high-torque operation
  •  Lightweight
  •  Rough, stainless steel blades
  •  Easy clean design
  •  Two-year Seller warranty


  •  Uninspiring design
  •  Corded

Product #4

#4 Bosch Comfort

MSM14100 400-Watt Hand Blender (White)

Time and again, the Germans have shown that when it comes to making high-quality kitchen appliances, they can’t ever be beaten. And hey, easywith the Bosch Comfort Hand Blenders, they have proved it once again. Super stylish with a sturdy polycarbonate body, the Bosch feels spectacular on the hand.

It’s quite grippy, its light and the longer shaft, coupled with its non-splash design, makes it an absolute delight to use. With a powerful 400 watt motor and its super sharp 4 winged Quattro blades, the device can handle anything you can throw at it, be it blending, chopping, mixing or even ice crushing, etc. Hence, it is easily one of the best hand blenders for baby food in India right now.

Bosch Comfort MSM14100 400-Watt Hand Blender (White) - Review Sparrow

Making things easier, the blender further comes with a clear measuring jar, though that’s just about the last thing you’ll get along with it as there are no additional accessories available for it. Sadly, a single-speed setup, the detachable blades& shaft are dishwasher compatible. And with its weight capped at 768 grams, we don’t reckon you’ll have any trouble handling it either.

With a warranty for two years and a quality worth relying on, the Bosch Comfort isn’t trying to break new ground. Instead, they have kept it simple. And yeah, for the price it comes in, we’re not complaining.


  •  Ultra-powerful 400-watt heavy-duty motor
  •  Unique stainless steel made 4-winged Quattro Blades
  •  Durable ABS plastic build
  •  Detachable, dishwasher compatible blades and shaft
  •  Great brand value


  •  Noise-free operation
  •  Lightweight construction
  •  Two-year warranty
  •  Free clear measuring jar
  •  Free shipping


  •  No extra accessories
  •  No additional speed options

Product #5

#5 Inalsa Hand Blender

Robot INOX 1000 Powerful 3 in 1

| Chopper / Whisker | Silent 1000 Watt DC Motor | Variable Speed | 600 ml Multipurpose Jar |LED Light | 2 Yr. Warranty | (Silver/Black)

Featuring 1000 watt DC motor, the Inalsa, INOX 1000 is the most powerful Hand blender in this list – and yes, it’s worth the hype. With its stainless steel, anti-slip design and the grippy ergonomics, the INOX 1000 looks and feels undeniably premium.

Sure, it’s a bit heavy at 1.4 kg. But hey, it certainly isn’t unwieldy. Available in multiple variants, the top model comes additionally with a whisker, a 600ML Jar, and a dough kneader to boot. Designed to be splash resistant, the heavy-duty blades made from stainless steel can cut, chop and blend through anything, even frozen goods. What’s more?

Inalsa Hand Blender Robot INOX 1000 Powerful 3 in 1 - Review Sparrow

The dual variable speeds also make it plenty versatile, though we surely would’ve liked a bit more levels.
Available with a 2-year warranty, the device is, aside from the motor (obviously), is dishwasher compatible, with all accessories being easily detachable. Besides, it is also worth noting that the INOX 1000 offers the most amount of time where it can be used continuously, up to 30+ minutes.

For the hefty price it commands, the INOX 1000 certainly DO deliver, From the features to its perks, if you want the best hand blenders in India 2021 and the price isn’t an issue, you can’t do better than INOX 1000, period


  •  Extra powerful 1000-watt DC motor for great performance
  •  Rust free, super sharp stainless steel blades
  •  Great range of accessories
  •  Dual variable speeds for better utility
  •  Dishwasher compatible


  •  Stylish, premium design
  •  Noise-less
  •  Anti-splash setup for blades
  •  2-year warranty
  •  Easy to clean


  •  A bit on the heavier side
  •  Pricey

The Best Hand Blenders In India 2021 –Things To Look Out For

Here at our HQ, we believe that the ability to pick any product, be it these hand blenders or anything, is something that only comes with having the right information.

And to that end, we’ll be arming you with all the things you need to look out for when buying the best hand blenders to buy in India.

Here we go;

Traditional blender’s vs hand blenders

Make no mistake; the handheld blenders aren’t perfect. And when it comes to doing things like crushing ice or cutting frozen fruit, the traditional ones are still the best ones to go for, as it has more power.

The hand blenders, on the other hand, are supremely versatile. They are easy to clean, use and much easier to store. Therefore, the onus now falls to you. Consider your needs, your wants, and base your pick on it.

Cord or cordless

Available on both corded and cordless versions, it’s important to remember that the cordless ones usually tend to be less powerful and typically works best easily blendable things like soups or purees. The corded ones whereas are much more powerful with some models said even to crush ice.

So yeah, again the choice is up to you: Do you want the freedom cordless offers or the sheer power the corded ones deliver?

Pick wisely.

Power and performance

The power of the blender is something that needs to be considered first, depending on what you plan to use it for and how often.

The higher the wattage, the more powerful the motor gonna be, which especially can come in handy chopping up harder food items. But if you are just planning to whisk and juice your way through the kitchen, you don’t need that much power.

Ergonomics and design

As a tool that we’re gonna be using, its important for the hand blenders to have an appealing look & design. On an average, look for a model that’s sleek, modern, grippy & offers a good feel in hand.

As far as design goes, thre sky’s the limit here. you can find hand blenders literally in nearly every colors under the sun. personally, we’d go with a more matte, pastel shades as they’re easier to clean & maintain.

Speed options

While the traditional blenders have multiple speed levels to choose from, the hand blenders aren’t that fortunate, especially the cheaper ones, which often tend to have a single, limited one

Remember; the better the variable speed options, the more versatility a hand blender is going to offer. So, just don’t ever compromise on it, even if it means you’ve got to pay up an extra for it

The blade quality

The business end of the blender, the quality of the blades themselves must always be a cause for concern whenever you pick, well a blender.

Usually, stainless steel blades are a perfect choice, being rustproof, durable and cost-effective. There are also blades made from titanium or carbide, but they are often reserved for more premium models.

Again, we’ll leave the choice to you.

Accessories and attachments

Sure, a hand blender may be designed to do one thing; blend. However, some of the more newer models also come with special accessories that can turn them into mixers, food processors or choppers.

Yeah, they cost a bit more. But if you are looking to minimize the kitchen clutter, they are worth giving a shot.


Best hand blenders review in India – Frequently asked Questions

1) What are the benefits of hand blenders?

Highly versatile, lightweight and efficient, a hand blender can be used to whip up – with minimal mess – all kinds of tasty foods like, eggs, ice creams, cakes, and even hot beverages. You can also use it to make smoothies, fruit juices and prepare purees to make baby foods.

What is more? With additional attachments, they can also be easily used as a chopper, mixer or even as a crusher

Yeah, think of them as a Swiss-army knife for the kitchen dwellers.

2) Do they come with multiple speed options?

Yes, they do. However, the sheer number of speeds available may depend on the model of your choosing.

3) What is their average wattage, power-wise?

Typically, the average wattage within a good hand blender can range anywhere from 300 to 600 watts. However, it’s also not quite uncommon for it to be as low as 200 or as high as 800 – 900 watts.

4) Can they crush ice?

Depending on the model & how powerful it is, yes, you CAN crush through ice, though we don’t recommend higher loads.

5) How easy are they to clean?

It depends on the model you’ve chosen. Most of the hand blenders we have listed above can be thrown in the dishwasher while others may need a bit of hand scrubbing. That being said though, they are still generally quite easy to clean, especially when comparing to their bulkier cousins.

6) Typically, how much warranty they’ll offer?

Though it may vary a loy depending on the model, you can usually expect a manufacturing warranty for up to 5 years on premium models and 1–2 years on budget solutions.

That said, consult their user manuals for more infos, especially on the terms and Conditions required to avail them.

Buy top hand blenders in India – 2021 Conclusion

Designed to make your soup’s tastier, your shakes or smoothies frothy and mayonnaises more fluffier – all faster than you can whip up and cook a single pancake, the good handheld blenders in India are a no-brainer. After all, they’re easier to clean, takes up way less room, and dare I say, is even easier to work with than their traditional, bulkier cousins.

Well, Now that you know what to look for & all the details on 5 of the best hand blenders in India 2021? The ball now is in your court. Consider your needs, the perks you want, the prices & see what catches your eye.

Thankfully, whatever be the good hand blender in India you’ll end up picking, you’re sure to have a tasty time with it

We promise!

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