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Best Men Helmets In India 2021 Prices & Reviews

Let’s face it: Indian roads are hell. From the millions of potholes, narrow paths, and of course, the occasional stray cows & donkeys, it’s been estimated that at least 4 people die every single hour on our crappy roads. So you see, the best men helmets in India ones are not just option anymore but a necessity now, especially since our government has become even stricter (with high penalties) with imposing their use. A perfect addition to every motorheads kitty, read on for a complete, comprehensive buying guide and reviews on five of the best men helmets in India 2021 models to splurge on today.

As a motorcycle rider, a well-made best men helmets in India 2021 is easily the most integral accessory in your arsenal. In fact, over 90% of road fatalities could’ve been easily avoided if all the victims had worn a helmet. Thankfully, with some best men helmets brands in like Wrangler, SteelBirds, and Vega, etc…you don’t have to look any further when it comes to purchasing the top, best men helmets in India this season.

And yes, we are here to help you with it

Meant to protect your lives on the road, here’s everything you need to know about five of the best men helmets in India 2021 to buy today – discussing their full reviews, pros, cons, features and a whole lot more

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Best Men Helmets In India – Reviews & Buying Guide

What’s better than a nice weekend bike ride with the guys? A helmet protected weekend bike ride, of course!

Come, its time to protect that nice brain of yours with 5 of the best men helmets in India to purchase this summer season!

Here we go;

Product #1

#1 Steelbird SBA-1

Free Live Full Face Helmet (Large 600MM, White with Green)

A sporty style full-faced helmet that’s also perfect for the everyday commute, the SteelBird/SBA-1 helmet has got it all: a trendy design, tough ABS build, ISI approval and an easy, tinted visor to boot. Armed with a thick EPS (Thermo) layer for increased blow resistance, the helmet comes with extra vents, coupled with its knitted inner pads; it makes for a cooler wearing experience. In fact, the makers have also included a special neck and chin paddings for that extra “comfort” punch.


Steelbird SBA-1 Free Live Full Face Helmet

Secured by a 10-day returnable warranty, the helmets micro-lock allows for easier operations And kicking things up a notch, the lining of the helmet is also removable, allowing for easy washing & care

Verdict: As afar as features go, this steel bird is pretty virgin, but what it does, it does best: to protect your heads. And for that simplicity (and that price) alone, we reckon it’s well worth checking out.


  • Stylish, sporty design with multiple decal styles to choose from
  • Clear, tinted visor for extra visibility
  • Thicker, EPS thermo padding for impact protection
  • Custom air vents for extra cooling
  • ISI certification


  • Tough ABS shell
  • Inbuilt scratch, crack protection
  • Micrometric locks
  • 10 days returnable warranty
  • Neck pads


  • The visor shade differs from depictions
  • Long break-in period

Customer opinion

Abilash KP: Got this amazing helmet. Bang for bucks totally. Par with those other brands, which comes in a higher price tag.

Product #2

#2 Studds STS_PRL_BLK_XL

Professional Full Face Helmet

Sure, this may not be the most beautiful best men helmets in India 2021 today, but if function over form is what you’re hunting for, it’s doubtful that you can do any better than the Studds STS Full faced helmet. Featuring a highly durable, scratch-resistant Thermoplastic outer shell, the helmet is super tough. And thanks to the velveteen soft, EPS padding, its also extremely comfy to sport, even for longer rides. Cooling & air ventilation is phenomenal. And the same can be said for the clearer, scratch and scuff resistant visor as well.

Studds STS_PRL_BLK_XL Professional Full Face Helmet-Review Sparrow


In our testing, we found the chinstrap & locks to be pretty awesome, which made it a pleasure to operate. And finally, the makers have also has added a dual reflector on the rear for that extra bit of safety

Verdict: Simple, elegant, reliable – the Studds STS Helmet may not be a looker. But where it fails in beauty, it makes up for with top performance. Hey, if that’s not worth a look, we don’t know what is.


  • Tough, injection-molded outer shell with crack resistance
  • Superior, polycarbonate visor
  • Soft, firm, velveteen inner lining for top comfort
  • Dynamic Airflow vents
  • Dual reflector setup for extra safety


  • Scratch-resistant, silicon-coated visor
  • Anti-allergenic interior
  • Unpainted, textured outer shell
  • Easy Micro-locks
  • Wide Visor shade choices


  • Sterile, boring design
  • Bulky

Customer opinion

Kiran Sena: “I had always loved Studds, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Comfy, light, and tough. Its dusky finish is cool”

Product #3

#3 Steelbird SBA-2 7WINGS

Full Face Helmet In Matt Finish

Another steel bird, but now with a more futuristic, “daft-punk-isque” outlooks, the SteelBird SBA-2 best men helmets in India 2021 comes with a tough, thermoplastic exterior that’s shock & blow-proof. It’s sleek, its light, and is paired nicely with a huge visor that’s tinted to improve daytime visibility. In fact, it also has UV protection built into it. Armed with anti-allergenic soft velveteen lining, the helmet is a pleasure to the sport. And boosting overall comfort, the helmet includes a Dynamic Ventilation system, that helped us to feel plenty cool while riding under the sun.

Steelbird SBA-2 7WINGS Full Face Helmet-Review Sparrow

Available in multiple matte color options, the helmet’s chinstrap & lock, which is easily adjustable, was a breeze to operate. The problem we found with the helmet was that it was a bit too tight at first. That said, it DID get itself resolved after using it for a week, now offering a snug, softer experience.

Verdict: Easily the most stylish looking helmet in this list, this particular best men helmets India from steel bird is all about balance – the perfect mix of superior functionality & expert design. Sure, it a bit pricey, though.


  • Extremely modern, trendy sleek design
  • Tough thermoplastics outer shell for better impact protection
  • Large, UV Protected Visor setup
  • Soft velveteen padding for that extra bit of comfort
  • Easy chinstrap & lock mechanism


  • Durable, injection-molded shell
  • Tinted dual visors
  • Removable padding for easy cleaning
  • Great color options (all Matte)
  • Dynamic Airflow


  • A bit on the pricier side
  • No small size

Customer opinion

Akhil KR : The helmet looks cool and eye-catching. And the visor is pretty nice. Great value for money, overall. A big thumbs up!!!

Best Men Helmets review in India– Editors Choice

Product #4

#4 Vega Off Road

D/V Black Helmet(Male)

Looking for a true motorsport helmet? Something you can also wear every single day? Then, the Vega made Off Road D/V is the perfect one for you. Molded out of a tough, Polycarbonate composite, the helmet features a detachable visor, an aerodynamic design, and an easy lock and adjustable chin strap to boot – perfect for all the harsh needs of a motor-cross rider. For hygiene, the interior paddings are removable. And to help brave the sweat, the helmet further features two air-vents on the rear end that helps to regulate proper cooling for the rider.

Vega Off Road D V Black Helmet-M-Review Sparrow

Secured with a warranty against manufacturing defects, the helmets are available for purchase in a variety of shades, including a gorgeous red and black option. Finally, the whole thing is also lightweight at 1.2 Kg.

Verdict: Offering a superior build quality at a fairly cheap price, the Vega Off-road Helmet the ideal budget motor-cross helmet, period – now at easily the best men helmets price in India. Yup, a killer deal!


  • Track ready, high-grade thermoplastic construction
  • Sporty, sleek design
  • Detachable visor with goggles compatibility
  • Triple air vent channels
  • Plenty of amazing color options


  • Drop protection
  • Removable inner padding
  • ISI certified
  • Metallic quick release buckle
  • Lightweight


  • The glossy variants scratch easily
  • Front weighted

Customer opinion

Prem Kumar: Nicely packed, Perfect fit! I chose the medium-sized one. Extremely satisfied with this genuine product. Worth the money!

Product #5

#5 Vega Crux

Half Face Helmet (Black, Male)

Another Vega offering, but this time featuring a Half face design, the Vega Crux is one of the most popular top best budget mens helmet Indiatoday – and hey, it’s not without good reason! For starters, its extremely comfortable, thanks to the o[pen face design + the inner soft EPS lining & Ample padding. Air ventilation is handled by a dual vent setup on the forehead. And in our testing, we found it to be quite adequate. The aerodynamic design is nice, and there is minimal wind drag. Finally, keeping everything secure, the chinstraps are adjustable with quick-lock setups.

Vega Crux Half Face Helmet (Black, M)-Review Sparrow

With optional tinting available for the visor, the helmet is pretty lightweight, clocking in around 1.3 kg at best. And wrapping it all up, the Vega Crux further offers a “sporty” looking sun peaks for added eye protection

Verdict: Meant for the office goers, the “Vega Crux” is the best ultimate everyday helmet in the market right now. In fact, as far as pure utility goes, this IS easily the finest our best men helmets review in India can offer!


  • Trendy, utilitarian design
  • Clear glass visor with optional tinting
  • Inbuilt sun “peak” guard
  • Removable, soft & comfy padding
  • Ample air ventilation


  • Leather finish touch
  • Clear visor
  • Stylish Aerodynamic design
  • ISI certified
  • Adjustable chinstrap


  • Feels a bit too tight at first
  • Limited color choice

Customer opinion

Keshav Madhavan: “Bought it after seeing the great reviews, & gotta say, I wasn’t disappointed! Nice fit and I love the design.”

Best Men Helmets In India 2021 – The Complete Buying Guide

Don’t be fooled: buying a good best men helmets in India is no easy task. From their designs, sizes, toughness to their comfort, there are many factors to consider purchasing a bike itself.

And make no mistake: it can get too annoying way too fast.

To help you with this choice, we set out to compile a brief look at all the top factors that go into buying the best men helmets in India 2021.

Well, here’s what we found


The build material

Made from a verity of tough materials, the least expensive of the lot will be the polycarbonate one. It’s light, it’s hard & there are more designs& styles to choose from. The popular EPS fabric ones, on the other hand, offer increased security & comfort but in a much denser, heavier package.

If the price isn’t an issue, it’s worth going for helmets made from carbon fiber and fiberglass composites. These are very lightweight yet are super strong. And yes, they can handle even the heaviest hits with ease.

Yup, Lightweight Vs. better safety – The choice is up to you

Pick wisely.

Size fit and overall comfort

Whether you go full face, open face or a flip-type, there’s no “one size to fit them all” when it comes to the best men helmets for home in India. So, always make it a point to try them out in person before buying them. The best helmet should be light, cool& must offer a snug soft fit sans any pain.

That said, it shouldn’t be too loose either, as it may wobble fatally around when you’re riding your bike. As a good rule, opt for a helmet that firmly touches your head but doesn’t put too much pressure over it. Finally, always prefer to go for a model with adjustable chinstrap & lock, period.

Air Ventilation

Under the notorious indian summer heat, it doesn’t take much time for the best men helmets in India 2021 to become serious sweat puddles, especially if they aren’t ventilated properly.

Addressing the same, make sure to only opt for best men helmets gor home in india with ample air vents or ports, cooler paddings, preferably webbed or knitted and offers dynamic/real time air flow.

Don’t forget: heat = sweat. So, make an effort to spring for a helmet that has sweat repellent properties – thank us later.


As far as best men helmets in India 2021 goes, at least an “ISI” certification or a BIS is a must for the helmet to be fully legal. Besides that, it’s also worth looking for models with international certifications like DOT on them. Sure, the latter isn’t yet valid in India, but they do tend to offer far superior quality

The better certified, the more reliable it is. You can usually find them printed on the insides of the helmet or at the rear ends.

Looks and style

While this may not as important as the other ones here, we’d still advise you to splurge for a good-looking helmet as this can effectively tempt you to sport them more frequently & without fail.

Designed by some of the best men helmets brands in India like Vega, RE, Wrangler &SteelBird, you can find plenty of creative models out there, matte, colorful, 3D, textured, glossy, custom, etc…

Seriously, the sky’s the limit here…


Sure, a bigger price tag means more perks to enjoy. And we do recommend not to compromise quality for a cheaper price tag. That said though, is a product that is to be replaced after every crash, its best to go for a budget best men helmets in India 2021 that offers the best, decent bang for the buck – Trust us, it can save you a ton lot of money, especially in the long, long run.

Then again, if you do want to go premium, that’s fine too. We’re talking about your life’s safety, after all.

Best Gents Helmet Review In India– Frequently Asked Questions

As for how important as best men helmets in India 2021 are, we Indians (weirdly) are still reluctant to wear them. And of course, much of this is caused by our worries, questions, and false notions regarding them.

Aiming to change all that for the better, here are some of the major questions about these helmets and their answers:


1) Open face Vs. Closed – which is best for me?

Well, it depends. If you are someone who loves having the wind in his face and don’t want to feel too closed off, go for the open-faced models. On the other hand, if superior protection is your goal and doesn’t mind feeling a bit restricted, you can’t do better than the full-faced, closed of models

Put simply, it all comes down to what you’re personal preferences;

Choose sensibly.

2) How long can I use them?

Depending on its state, you can use a helmet for up to 5 years, with some makers advising a new one every 3-4 years.

3) Can wear a helmet cause neck problems?

No, absolutely not. In fact, wearing a helmet can save your neck from getting injured in case of an accident. It’s just a weird, urban myth.

And before you ask, wearing a helmet doesn’t cause hearing issues either.

4) What are some of the best men helmets brands in India?

Among the many helmet brands in India, some of the most popular ones include, Vega, THH, Studds, Wrangler, LH2, HCJ, Steelbirds, etc…

Aside from these, the helmets made by Royal Enfield, Aerostar, and Shoei, too has enjoyed a ton of success recently as well.

5) Do they offer a warranty?

Well, not exactly. Designed to essentially “break” in an accident, there isn’t much in terms of warranty with these helmets.

That said, some brands do offer warranties against manufacture- defects, with most being returnable for up to 10 days.

6) I cracked my helmet – is it okay to still keep using it?

No, absolutely not! even a tiny crack on the shell can greatly compromise the pure reliability of a helmet, especially in an accident as there is a chance that it could further crack or shatter and injure you more.

In other words, wearing a damaged helmet gear is even far more dangerous than not wearing one at all.

Please don’t do it – the risk is simply not worth it.

Buy Top Men Helmets In India – Final Verdict

In our dangerous roads, where accidents happen every second, a helmet may one day be the difference between you sitting on a couch & relaxing and not is in a hospital bed or even worse. It’s the truth – scary, huh?

Being literal lifesavers, best men helmets India is a serious investment. Here at ReviewSparrow, we understand this. And that’s why we have taken extra care to bring you only the best men helmets in India 2021 models to buy – that too as fully well recommended by some of the biggest biking experts in India, Safety experts and top amazon reviewers

With that, the “onus” now falls to you. Go through the review again, consider all the options, their features & pick the best men helmets in India that better suit your riding needs, wants, and joys.

Hi, as fellow riders, we’d love to hear from you. So feel free to shoot us a comment down below & we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Well, until next time,

Ride on…

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