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Best Mini Fridge In India 2021 Prices & Reviews

Indeed, refrigerators become one of the essential elements of our kitchen these days. No matter how cold or hot the weather is. Still, to be more optimistic, mini-fridges has gained more popularity than the regular ones. If you are the one planning to buy, look at this best mini fridge in India 2021. We have reviewed the top 5 models by popular brands in the market. Sure, this would help you.

People who need this best Mini fridge in India

Indeed, the general purpose of using a refrigerator is to store the foodstuffs to maintain its freshness. It also helps to prevent your food products from harmful In such a case, why should you think about buying the best mini refrigerator today? Sure, you might be one among the below.

– Shop owner who wants to store your drinks, chocolates, etc. at your storefront

 – You have a smaller kitchen space at your home

 – Living alone and there is no much need for a fridge

– You often feel hungry at your workplace, but you can’t leave from your desk being busy

– You don’t have the habit of walking to the kitchen for water during nights

– Being a sportsman, you wanted to store the health drinks in your games room

– You wanted to supply your Gym bodybuilders with fresh drinks and protein mixes instantly.

These are the cases; the mini refrigerators come into rescue. But don’t ever think that as the size is smaller, you have to compromise on every other. You will find the entire features and options you had in your regular fridges at your home.

These are also less costly too. so if you are low on cash and is willing to compromise a bit with storage and versatility for the same, these can be a great solution to keep your beers cold at a more fairly reasonable price.

So what are we still waiting for? to better help you keep your foods cool and your life cooler,here are the five best mini fridges in India reviewed.

Go with your suitable one.

Best Mini Fridge In India – Reviews & Buying Guide

In this article, you will get more clarity about how to buy your suitable mini fridge for your need and which one meets your budget too. So, let’s roll out to review the cheap and best mini fridge models in India 2021.

Buy Top Mini Fridge In India – 2021

Product #1

#1 Koryo by Big Bazaar 45L

Direct Cool Single Door Mini Refrigerator

In general, it is a direct-cool single door mini fridge to use at your home, bedroom, mini-bars, hotels, gym, etc.

It ensures the stabilizer free operation to withstand the fluctuations in the voltage supply. It comes with an anti-bacterial door lining to better prevent the stored stuffs from the external bodies.

Koryo by Big Bazaar 45L Direct Cool Single Door Mini Refrigerator-Review Sparrow

The shelves are precisely designed to store containers of different sizes optimally. These shelves, egg trays, and drip trays are made up of toughened glass. Hence, this Korya model mini fridge is known for its cost-effectiveness and durability too.

The overall capacity of this small refrigerator is 45L with a fresh food capacity of 40L, and the freezer capacity – 5L. This 4-star rating mini refrigerator consumes just 750 Kilowatt-hours of energy annually.

By the way, its dimension suits best in its place anywhere you keep. It comes with neat and clean backside design, lock & keys to control children and strangers opening it often. And, its VCM finish door looks good rich and gives an alluring look to your place.


  • The energy-efficient model with a 4-star rating
  • 45L entire capacity with 5L freezer capacity
  • Single door, direct-cool & free-standing fridge
  • Shelves made of tightened glass
  • Offers anti-bacterial door line gasket


  • Comes in Shiny silver color that everyone likes
  • Easy to wash shelves and partitions
  • R600a Eco0friendly refrigerator
  • Locking features & Clean back design
  • Doesn’t require a stabilizer
  • One year product warranty & 5-year compressor warranty

Product #2

#2 Haier 52L 3-Star

Directo Cool Single Door Mini Fridge

The best and low price mini fridge you can buy online in India. You can enjoy the similar features of your big-sized Haier refrigerators. This mini fridge gains more popularity for its features and its inexpensiveness.

Summer starts now. You often would like to have cold drinks or a cool lassi after a meal. When a small-sized refrigerator can lend you what you are looking for, then why you should invest thousands in something beyond your usage.

Haier 52L 3-Star Directo Cool single Door Mini Fridge-Review Sparrow

The Haier mini fridge comes with adequate dimensions, space, and partitions to better store your food items. You can buy a portable mini fridge at a competitive price. Like other models, it is a direct-cool single model that requires manual defrosting.

It has wired shelves that stand stubborn to carry your containers and handle it with more space.


  • 3-star rating for energy efficiency
  • Capacity 52L mini refrigerator
  • Net dimensions: 48*49*45 cm
  • 6 Liter freezer capacity


  • Glossy look silver-colored finishing
  • Wired shelves
  • Free-standing model

Product #3

#3 Mitashi 52L 2 Star

Direct Cool Single Door Small Refrigerator

This mini compact fridge from Mitashi is of high-quality and comes up with so many amazing features. It offers ample storage capacity of 52 liters to keep small cans, bottles, egg trays, etc.

It gives elegant appearance with all its parts like condensers built-in. Like Koryo, this Mitashi model works effectively, even with no stabilizer.

Mitashi 52L 2 Star Direct Cool single door small Refrigerator-Review Sparrow

Ideal for bedrooms, guest rooms, hotels, for storing water, beverages, etc. Though it is a 2-star energy-efficient refrigerator, it consumes less power annually. By the way, it requires manual defrost like every other mini fridge models in India.

This Mitashi 52L direct cool single door small refrigerator comes with a separate ice tray. And, you can adjust the leg to seat it flat on the ground.

The elegant silver and grey color front door and the panel give an excellent look to the place it fills. However, it doesn’t take much of your kitchen space. It also offers a different capacity of shelves and partitions to align your things for easy handling better.


  • 52L capacity Direct-cool refrigerator
  • R600a eco-friendly model
  • Manual defrost option
  • 2-star rating energy efficiency


  • Wired shelves for easy handling
  • Hassle-free cleaning & maintenance
  • Made of steel material
  • Free-standing model

Product #4

#4 Kitchoff Rectangular Cool Aluminum

Solid & Standard Single Door Small Fridge

This solid mini refrigerator from Kitchoff would be the best choice for bachelors, paying guests, office, and hotel rooms. It is known for its solid and durable make. It perfectly fits under your working table.

The great advantage of buying this mini fridge in India online is, it comes ready to use. No complex installations required. Hence, it is easy to move, clean underneath, and portable to different areas. Its net capacity is 50 liter with no separate freezer inside it. But, it gives an anti-bacterial layer gaster to protect the storage against the germs.

Kitchoff Rectangular Cool aluminum Solid & Standard Single Door Small Fridge-Review Sparrow

As it has no lighting facility inside the fridge, you may find it hard to fetch the products when it is dark. So, it may not be a good one for bedrooms. But, the ideal choice for office cafeterias or workplaces.


  • 50 Liter capacity single door mini fridge
  • Aluminum body with a solid door
  • Product dimension: 501*465*430 mm
  • The product weighs around 14 kg
  • Anti-bacterial germ protection gasket


  • Best choice for black lovers
  • Energy efficient
  • Environment-friendly model
  • Highly durable and solid infrastructure

Product #5

#5 LG 45L Direct-cool

Single Door Mini Fridge in India

Just have it in your place and start using it on the same day since it does not require any installation or demo. This LG direct-cool single door mini fridge capacity is 45 liter. Like every other mini fridge, this also cools slower than larger refrigerators.

But being a masterpiece product from the popular brand proves its efficiency in its functionality, lifetime, and features. Also, there is concern about the color and appearance of this LG small refrigerator.

LG 45L Direct-cool single door Mini fridge in India-Review Sparrow

With powerful and cooling ice trays, this fridge compact and separate freezer compartment allow you to organize your things based on its needs. Large door baskets help you in storing bigger bottles efficiently.

And we all know that all the LG refrigerators and other products are as per the energy efficiency standards. This mini refrigerator ensures stabilizer free operations. And, the fixed gasket around the door forms the barrier between the cool air inside and the warm outside.


  • Strictly follows energy-efficient standards
  • Door-lock control options available
  • Made of steel material and hence, highly durable
  • Gasket to maintain the cooling inside and reduces power dissipation


  • Stylish design and favorite colors
  • Toughened glass shelves with separate freezer
  • Door baskets to store bottles & cans
  • Free-standing mini fridge
  • Doesn’t require voltage stabilizers

Buy Your Best Small Refrigerator In India + Bigger Savings!

Just above, we have reviewed small refrigerators from the best Mini Fridge brands in India. Almost all the brands are popular and deal with plenty of other homes, kitchen, and electronic appliances. Almost the products we reviewed here are around 4o to 60-liter capacity. To save your big money enjoying the same features and functionality of the larger ones, buying a compact mini fridge are diligent.

Make use of this best small fridge review in India to compare your favorite choices and make a clever decision. Still, I am happy to help you with a small fridge buying guide below. Take a minute to skim through it before making a purchase.

How to select the Best Small Fridge In India {More Features Included}?

While buying a mini fridge, you must consider some of the essential features and options. It helps you to know what kind of model suits your needs. So, you can decide your space to place your small refrigerator. And, you can guess the volume of food to store inside, based on the capacity. Here are those things to look into before buying your choice of the best mini fridge in India.

Size of the Mini Fridge

Opt for the bigger mini fridges. We know that larger refrigerators consume more energy that gives a drastic rise in our electricity bills. Moreover, these mini fridges get cooler slow compared to the regular ones.
In such a case, a bigger mini fridge is capable of retaining the cooling for a longer time and ensuring superior performance with steady temperatures.

Door model

Probably if you more often use the freezer compartment, then have 2 door models that have separate doors for general cooling area and freezer. Otherwise, you can simply go for a single-door model that has a separate freezer compartment within it.

Adaptable shelves

This is my favorite thing I look into while purchasing a fridge. All the time, we don’t keep the same containers into it. It varies. If the shelves are adaptable, you can adjust the shelve spaces as you need.


The level of sound from the mini fridges you keep in bedrooms or guest rooms should not disturb the sleeping hours. Make sure, the design of the fridge is good with all its noisy components are built-in.

Energy efficiency

Any mini fridge in India you are about to buy must meet the energy efficiency standards. Make sure it works on a compressor or absorption powered formula to ensure minimal energy consumption.

Additional features

Get the maximum out of the little money you spend. Check for its other features like manual defrost, stabilizer requirement, standalone, adjustable stands, door-lock facilities, gasket, etc.


As a sizable investment, go with good brands in India as much as possible, as it often ensures a better quality, care, perks, etc…As far as quality goes, Samsung, Sony & whirlpool are always better. But if on a budget, the Haier & Godrej too in our opinion are pretty good


It is most important to look into the warranty terms of the mini refrigerator you buy. Make a note of the compressor warranty and mini fridge warranty individually. Check the manual guide or demo before start using it for long-lasting performance.


So, let this summer makes you cool at the same time protects you from costlier energy bills. Anything you buy, proper maintenance is required. When you are moving out for a longer period, make sure to defrost the fried 24 hours before.

Every product listed here is curated after in-depth research analyzing the customer reviews, product stability, and cost-effectiveness. Most of the mini fridges have door-lock facilities, so your child is safe as he/she fails to open it. Based on your application, and the usage level, choose your suitable from the above.

As always, if you have any questions or doubts about these best mini fridge in india 2021 models, feel free to throw us a comment below & we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Well, until the next time we see you

Happy cooling!

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