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Best Mosquito Killer Machine In India 2021 Prices & Reviews

Quick question: What does dengue, Zikaand Encephalitis viruses – aside from their deadliness – have in common? Well, mosquitos, of course! Doing more harm to us than just leaving itchy red bumps on our skin. They are annoying, they carry diseases, and they suck your blood, like literally. So yeah, they’re bad. But don’t worry – best mosquito killer machine brands in India to the rescue. But what model to buy? What’s the perfect one for you? After all, there’s plenty to choose from. Well, read on with our best mosquito killer machine in India 2021 to find out.

Sure, chemical products are great at thwarting these annoying flying pests. However, they can also be harmful to us, humans, especially for newborns and older individuals. What we need is a safer, better alternative to killing those bugs, something that’s not going to expose us to harmful chemicals. Well, that’s exactly where our best insect killer machine in India model comes in.

Mostly electrical, and equipped with the latest in “bug-killing” technologies, come and take a quick, well-reviewed look and buy top mosquito killer machine in India – 2021 edition today.

Top 5 Best Mosquito Killer Machine In India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Product #1

#1 Hygiene 30wZ

Ultra UV Tube Insect Killer Machine, Bug Catcher, Bug-Zapper, Repellent, Fly Swatter

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor needs, the high-powered 30-watt Hygiene mosquito killer features a unique sleek design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Fuelled by a dual-LED tube light that attracts insects plus a grill that’s electrified, the device can zap mosquitos across 2000 square feet when in operation. In fact, it can even go further. Totally quiet and no-fumes guaranteed, the machine is power efficient and is quite easy to setup. In fact, it’s so safe even a kid could easily set it up and use it. It’s that easy.

Featuring a sleek, CNC sculpted Metal build with imported components, the device is totally weatherproof and comes with a one-year off-site warranty, though it doesn’t extend to the tubes. Fully eco-friendly, the machine is easy to clean, with a false removable tray underneath. And for the safety-conscious, there is also detachable mesh screen to keep your kids and pets safe.

Hygiene 30wZ Ultra UV Tube Insect Killer Machine, Bug Catcher, Bug-Zapper, Repellent, Fly Swatter - Review Sparrow

Simply put, if you are looking for a powerful yet sleek best mosquito killer machine in India 2021 that can work both indoors and outdoors, the Hygiene 30 watt, despite it’s a hefty price, is a wonderful option to consider.


  • 30 watt electric grill setup
  •  1-year warranty
  •  All metal, CNC Body shell
  •  Made in India


  • High powered 30-watt insect zapping grid setup
  • Long-lasting LED tubes
  • All metallic CNC engineered build with imported parts
  • Higher coverage (over 2000 Sq Ft)
  • 1-year off-site warranty


  • Slightly pricy
  • bulky

Product #2

#2 Boverty™

Eco-Friendly Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Machine

With a high price tag that’s sure to appeal to the budget crowd, the LED-based Mosquito killer from Boverty, despite its quirky appearance, is one of the most efficient bug killers you’ll find here today. Featuring a tough polycarbonate build that’s both sturdy & functional, the killer is designed to attract and trap insects and flies with a fan and kill them by suffocating – yup, no high voltage shenanigans. It’s light, quiet & portable. And with its stylish design can make for a great kids room addition, especially since it emits no fumes & no odors.

Available in two different colors, the Boverty mosquito killer further comes with a USB based power input, meaning that its both power efficient and can also be used whenever you want. Thanks to a detachable bottom tray, cleaning it is quite easy. And since its water dust &weatherproof as well, it can be easily used both indoors and outdoors with equal efficacy.

Boverty™ Eco-Friendly Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Machine - Review Sparrow

Be its price, style, or the sturdy build; if you are looking for a bug killer for your little one’s bedroom, you can’t go wrong with these.


  • Six LED light array with human smell trapper
  • Quiet operation
  • Heavy duty 3-watt motor fan
  • Co2 emitting setup
  • Easy detachable tray


  • Stylish, cute design with great color options
  • Light yet sturdy plastic build
  • Quiet operation and ultra-safe to use (no shock)
  • Weather, water and dustproof
  • Extremely affordable


  • No real warranty options
  • Non-metallic build

Product #3

#3 Hunter

Mosquito Repellant Machine (Multicolor, Plastic)

Another great affordable option, the Hunter mosquito repellent machine, may not be a great looker. But what it lacks in beauty. It makes up for its performance & affordability. Available in two different color options, mosquito killer comes with a polycarbonate build featuring the same tried & tested light + Fan bug trapping capability the same us Boverty. Designed mainly for indoor use, the device is splash-proof and comes with a 6.5 vault two-pin power input (no USB here, boo). The detachable tray is easy to clean. And to better facilitate installation, it also comes with s metallic hook on top.

Noise, shock, and odor-free, the Hunter Mosquito killer is perfect for dorm rooms and bedrooms. And weighing at around 560 grams, it’s also easily portable, easy to install, and care for. Made entirely in India, the 1-year warranty, for its price, is understandably good, though it’s quite limited. Plus, it’s worth mentioning that it can also work easily across both inverter & UPS lines.

Hunter Mosquito Repellant Machine (Multicolor, Plastic) - Review Sparrow

An affordable champion, the Hunter Mosquito killer, may have a face only its mother could love. But when it comes to sheer performance and reliability, it’s undoubtedly one of the better ones out there.


  • High speed, noise-less 6.5 watt fan
  • Inverter and UPS support
  • Blue/white, yellow/white color options
  • Larger detachable tray
  • No smoke, no shock, no refilling and no odor


  • Strong, shatter-proof polycarbonate build
  • High-speed fan
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Inverter and UPS support
  • Highly affordable


  • No USB support
  • The design could have been better for the price

Product #4

#4 Checkmate

Electronic Led Mosquito Killer (Multi-Color)

Don’t be fooled by its diminutive size and kiddy design, the mosquito killer from the house of Checkmate is one of the reliable bug killers buy out there, especially for a budget centric option. Powered by a two-pin (again, No USB) power-efficient setup, the mosquito killer comes with the usual fan & light bug trapping setup. But where it fails in spirit, it excels in execution. Fully noise-free, odorless, and shock-free, the LED Mosquito catcher comes with a wider detachable tray than most of the competition. And the same goes for its heavy-duty fan too. And hey, did we mention it’s also water and weatherproof as well?

Available in a single white+green color, the device comes with no discernible warranty. But that’s to be expected given its price. Thankfully, though, the “plasticky” polycarbonate shell feels sturdy enough to handle everyday wear and tear without much bother. And lastly, it’s also worth mentioning that it’s mainly made for indoor/closed space users.

Checkmate Electronic Led Mosquito Killer (Multi-Color) - Review Sparrow

Sure, it might look like something out of a Saturday morning cartoon. But in a way, that IS one of its major charms. And of course, with a powerful fan and a bigger bug capturing storage, it’s one of the best mosquito killer machines for home in India right now, especially considering its price.


  •  12-watt high speed motor fan
  •  Covers well over 100 Square Feet
  •  Washable collection tray
  •  Green certified
  •  Noise-less operation


  • Extremely durable polycarbonate body
  • Heavy-duty fan and LED
  • Bigger detachable bug trapping tray
  • Noise-free design
  • Highly affordable pricing


  • No USB support
  • The seller doesn’t mention about the warranty

Product #5


Eco-Friendly Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Machine

Tired of seeing kiddy mosquito killers? Want something that’s a bit more mean looking? The Ultratail Mosquito killer has your back! With a design inspired by the more cyberpunk era, this unique looking best mosquito killer machine in 2021 has a lot going for it. Be its sleek polycarbonate body, powerful fan, heavy-duty LED Lights, or a massive collection tray. Powered by a 3 watt USB Plug (yay!), the device is light, quiet and is fairly portable. While the suction itself is quite powerful, it strictly is an indoor product, with maker saying it works best when used in rooms that are dark and uninhabited for the moment.

Sporting an external LED array, the device has a unique look going for it. And at 19 Cm in height, it can also work as an excellent night lamp. Mainly using dehydration or suffocation to kill the trapped bugs, the machine emits no odor, is completely noise and shock-free, perfect for everyday use.

ULTRATAIL™ Eco-Friendly Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Machine - - Review Sparrow

Punching well above its style, the Ultratail best mosquito killer machine in India 2021 definitely does strike all the right notes when it comes to being a budget bug killer. And for the price it comes in, it certainly makes for a great steal.


  •  365 Nm light wave LED setup
  •  Supports 3 Amp USB plug
  •  High-speed 5-watt vortex fan
  •  Premium design and construction
  •  Detachable tray (washable)


  • Cool, futuristic design with a sturdy build
  • 3 watt USB power supply
  • Larger collection try
  • Exceptionally powerful suction
  • Affordable


  • Only two color options are available

Best Mosquito Killer Machine In India 2021 – What To Look For?

Before we dip our toes into the more nitty-gritty of our best mosquito killer machine review in India, it’s essential to know what they are all about, how do they generally function, and, more importantly, what to look out for when buying them.

To that end, here’s a brief best mosquito killing machine in India buying guide to better help you get zapping:

Type to choose

From electric zappers, sprayers, foggers to repellents, the niche for mosquito killer machines is quite extensive, with a model available for every need. But today we are going to be focusing more on the UV- LED-based kind. Safer, better, and completely chemical/repellent free, they are stylish, noise-free, and of course, cheaper as well, just as we like it.

User friendliness

When mosquitos biting you left & right, the last thing you need is a best mosquito killer machine in India 2021 that need a masters degree to use. To make killing pests easy, go for a model with easy controls, fast install, and quick operation.

On average, we’d recommend going for Plug and forget it options. but since modern mosquito killers now offer even more perks, like auto shut-off, sentinel modes, and fast kill, etc… that isnt really possible no more.

So, the only thing you can do is to find a model that makes using them at least easier, especially with user manuals.


This one is important. The efficacy of a mosquito killer will vary depending on where it is going to be used. For smaller rooms, this may not be an issue. But for larger spaces like halls, lawns, or courts, you might have to pick a model (or models) that are powerful enough to cover the whole space.


Another important factor to look out for, the more portable a mosquito killer machine is, the more places it can be used on. Whether you love camping or want a more personal mosquito-killing solution, look for a model that’s light, easy to carry, and can also be battery operated.

Healthy or not

Unlike chemical or shock based bug killers, LED or UV based best mosquito killer machine in India 2021 models are fully safe to use. They produce no fumes, no heat, and have no odor whatsoever. But hey, it still pays to be cautious.

Look for a mosquito killer that’s green approved. And if possible, go through customer reviews to see if they also pose any health risks.

Noise level

Being machines that are mostly used at night, it’s important they ought to be silent and annoyance free. While a powerful model is always great, you wouldn’t want any noise interruptions while you hit the bed. So the best mosquito killer machine for home in India should, therefore, needs to be ultra-quiet.


As human beings, it’s our responsibility to take care of our fragile environment. And make no mistake, chemical bug killers are bad news to the planet. Therefore, always try and invest in a model that’s eco-friendly, long-lasting, and offers much lower power consumption.


Obviously, this is the last thing that will come between you and your choice. Sure, the best mosquito killer machine price in India matters. However, it definitely shouldn’t compromise your decision to pick the right perks & qualities. Try & go for a model that offers a nice balance between the features and qualities you want and what you are willing to afford.

Frequently Asked Questions – Buy Top Mosquito Killer Machine In India

1) How Mosquitos find their victim?

All mosquitos don’t bite; only the female ones do. Being natural bloodsuckers, they usually get attracted to their human victims based on a variety of criteria. here’s a closer look at some of them:
✅ Co2 emission
✅ Body pathogens
✅ Cloths and their colors (they love red!)
✅ Alcohol
✅ Sweat and dirt

2) How Do Mosquito Killers Work?

While most of the bug killer’s work by attracting and electrocuting mosquitos or poisoning them by fumes, the LED-Based one works by attracting and trapping them in a box with a fan where they will die, either by suffocation or by dehydration. Some models may also have an electrical grid.

3) Okay, but where to put them?

While they are meant to work in any part of the room, the corners are a great place to put them into action, as they are a favorite place for those nasty buggers to hide, at any case, the space needs to be dark & should be away from any sort of outside influences, like pets, lights, children, etc.…

4) Can they be used outdoors?

Yes, of course! That said, though, their killing efficiency, based on the model, might take a beating depending where you are going to use it. Therefore, always try and opt for the best mosquito killer machine in India 2021 that is weatherproof, has a wider coverage, and flexible powering options, if you are planning to use it outdoors in the sun rain, and the snow.

5) Why are they better?

First of all, they are efficient and super safe, unlike their spray or repellent based cousins. Secondly, they are easy to use – just set up, switch on, and forget. They absolutely have no side effects, no emissions. And most importantly, they can also last you for a full lifetime.

6) Do they smell, and if they do, how can I clean them?

The short answer is no. as long as you clean them regularly & maintain them, you shouldn’t have any issues with any odours.

As far as cleaning these goes, just a wipe with a wet washcloth is enough to help sanitize them. Just make sure to unplug them first.


With the summer finally upon us, the market is literally flooded with these best mosquito killer machine in India 2021 models. And why wouldn’t they? With the kind of diseases around, they are a no-brainer, and yes, its top product that every single household should invest in.

It was not easy, mind you. But keeping in mind the everyday needs, the best specifications and prices, we sincerely hope that these five best insect killer machine in India models will fit your nightly needs.

With that, we now pass the torch to you. Go over our best mosquito killer machine in India 2021 reviews, see what strikes you the best, and if the price and features are right, just go for it.

You’ll not be disappointed!

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