Best Mosquito Nets In India

Best Mosquito Nets In India 2021 Prices & Reviews

I would say the most annoying creature in this world is mosquito. With the inadequate drainage facilities, especially after the rains – the roads and roadside become the breeding space for the harmful mosquitoes.

There are specific mosquitoes that cause dreadful cause to human beings like Dengue, Malaria, yellow fever, etc. Protecting us from those mosquito bites is essential. In the worst case, we can safeguard us from such species when we are at home.

And, mosquitoes are the primary reasons for most of the people’s sleepless nights. Some susceptible people can’t even get sleep with its noise. It irritates much since it disturbs the silence of your nights to sleep.

Best Mosquito Nets in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

The mosquito killers and repellants are widely used, but those do more harm than good. Mosquito repellents are not often the best solution to get rid of those harmful mosquitoes. So, mosquito nets are easy to use, safe, and cost-effective.

But, mosquito nets greatly save you by keeping mosquitoes, and other insects, away from you. Safeguard your kids from being sick with high-quality mosquito nets for beds.

To help you out about buying the best mosquito nets for bed in India, herewith, I am reviewing the best mosquito nets in India.

Best Mosquito Nets Review In India

Sure, you will find it easy to purchase the best Mosquito nets in India. This must be your little, but the worth investment of this year to keep you and your family away from the awful diseases. Indeed, these kinds of household accessories must last for a longer time. So, it’s time to buy reliable ones from the best mosquito brands in India.

Product #1

#1 Classic

Foldable Mosquito Net For King Size Double Bed

If you are looking for a good-looking and dependable mosquito net for you double bed (king-size or super king-size), then buy this one.

There is no special tool or equipment required to assemble since it is a self-supporting mosquito net. Even you don’t need nailing on the walls to hang the mosquito net. You can pop-up the nets instantly and fold it within 30 seconds.

The net wires are made up of steel that is corrosion resistant. You will get the net in a neatly packed storage bag at no additional cost. It also contains patches to cover if any holes in the future.

Indeed, for easy entry and exit, it provides zipper gates on two sides with the inner and outer runner. Ultimately, the best mosquito net in India that is easy to assemble, use, fold, and carry anywhere you travel.


  • Net size: 200*200*145 cm
  • Corrosion-resistant wires
  • Suitable for both king size & super king-size beds
  • Easily foldable


  • Easy to clean and wash
  • No nails on the walls required
  • Comes with storage bag
  • Patches available to fix the holes, if any in future


  • Steel wires might hurt if damaged

Product #2

#2 Healthy

Sleeping Foldable Double Bed Mosquito Net

If you are looking for a mosquito net for your kid’s bed, then this double bed mosquito net from Healthy Sleeping would be the ideal choice. It comes in light pink with floral designs. So, your kids might love it.

This mosquito net is made up of polyester. It comes in different colors and sizes. You can easily accommodate it to king size, queen size, and super king-size double beds. Like any other mosquito net in India, it is easy to assemble in 30 seconds and fold within 30 seconds.

Simply you can use it on bed, floors or even outdoors. It is also a self-supporting mosquito net to pop-up instantly.

Being made up of 100% polyester premium quality fabric, it is highly durable, and you will get nice sleep quickly. And, it uses high carbon steels covered by PVC tubes; it stays strong for an extended time.

Most importantly, the net is built for maximum ventilation, enabling deep and comfortable sleep. You can easily hand wash and clean with no discoloration or shrinking. You will get a storage bag to carry the mosquito net wherever you go.


  • Dimension: 182.88 * 182.88 * 124.96 cm
  • Material: Polyester & steel sires
  • Portable with spring steel technology
  • Self-supporting net to use even in lawn areas
  • Easy to assemble, fold and carry


  • No shrinking after wash
  • Zipper for the easy entry & exit
  • Gives you maximum ventilation
  • Highly durable
  • Storage bag is available


  • Doesn’t come with any additional patches to fix the future accidental holes

Product #3

#3 Healthgenie

Foldable Mosquito Net for Double Bed

Like the above model of mosquito net, it is made up of polyester material. And, it’s fine mesh ensures complete protection against flies and mosquitoes. Its highly dense opaque mesh, nothing but small holes not allowing mosquitoes but ensuring good ventilation.

This is the more stylish and spacious net that ensures your sound and deep sleep. Healthgenie’s mosquito net comes with awesome embroidery on both sides of it. When the embroidery shines in dim night lights, the net looks attractive too.

It has 2 zipper gates for you to get in and out easily. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry when you are traveling to any place. Easy to accommodate for variable bed sizes, set-up, and uninstall within a few seconds.

When it is not in use, the folded diameter of the net comes to 65 cm. It occupies less space and hence, easy to accompany your trips.

This particular mosquito brand in India has got good reviews from its customers. Everything, the quality of the fabric, strings, quality of the zips, storage bags, etc. is comparatively superior to other mosquito nets.


  • Dimension: 200 * 200 * 145 cm
  • Made of polyester fabric and fine mesh
  • Opaque mesh with attractive embroidery
  • 2 sided zipper for hassle-free in & out


  • Light-weight
  • Free airflow prevents suffocation
  • Comes with easy to carry storage bag


  • No cons to mention

Product #4

#4 Galoppia

Foldable Single Bed Mosquito Net

With respect to the change in customer trends and climatic condition that prevails in India, this mosquito net is designed. It is made up of polyester material and has big pores for better air circulation. You will never get a feel that you are lying with a protection wall around.

It never frustrates you in assembling the mosquito net every night. This Galoppia foldable mosquito net in India is available in different sizes for both single and double beds.

It provides a plain mesh design in white color with embroidery to make gorgeous. It has a self-support design and also easy to fold and store it in a compact bag when not in use.

This type of mosquito net is built on spring steel technology for hassle-free usage. If you are looking for a cheap but reliable mosquito net for beds in India, then don’t hesitate to purchase it.


  • Uses spring steel technology
  • Self-supporting model
  • Fine mesh for proper airflow


  • Easy to handle, fold and carry
  • Comes in mild white color
  • Made of good polyester fabric
  • Provides patches for later holes fixes


  • Only single side entry or exit

Product #5

#5 Athenacreations

Double Bed Foldable Mosquito Net

The good choice of mosquito net that has dimensions of 200*200*145 cm. It is made up of premium and robust fabric material. Of course, it has 2 zipper gates for easy movement (1 side entry for single bed net). The most spacious mosquito net that can accommodate 2 adults and a kid in a double bed.

Like other mosquito nets for beds, it comes easy to pop-up since it is also a self-supporting one. Mesh size is optimally designed for maximum air circulation. It just has tiny holes to keep the mosquitoes away from you.

Its PVC coated rods are corrosion resistant, and by the way, the net is washable. Available in different colors and custom designs. No additional mosquito repellents are required as it provides maximum protection. You can even use it on the garden floor or terrace. Keep your loved ones safe and disease-free.


  • Made of terylene material
  • Optimum air circulation
  • Strong fabric mesh
  • Carrion resistant PVC rods


  • Easy washable
  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • Best for beds, terrace, lawn area, etc.
  • Self-supporting


  •  There are zip complaints at times

Buying Top Mosquito Net In India – 2021

When choosing the best mosquito net for India, here are some of the specific features and aspects you should consider. Based on these, you can compare and make your choice.

Size of the mosquito net

These mosquito nets for beds in India always come in different sizes. The size of the mosquito net is the most important thing you should check before making a purchase. Especially if it is for kids, make sure to buy a larger one since children tend to move around while sleeping.

If you have more space between them and the mosquito net, they don’t get close contact with the nets. So, the mosquitoes can’t bite even they move a lot. Depending on your bed size, and the number of individuals to accommodate, you should choose the size.


Indeed, mosquito nets are good. But to be lightweight, some of the brands manufacture it so thin. On the other hand, a few brands make it more thick and strong. In case of buying cheap mosquito nets in India that are thin, it may get damaged soon within a few washes.

Some of the mosquito net brands in India offer some patches to fix the holes. But, the low-quality nets become torn, you can repair it. So, make sure to choose the best mosquito net that is made up of good fabric, and the wires are heavy.

Hole size

The pores or whole size of your mosquito net is most crucial. The holes must be too small, so even the tiny insects and mosquitoes can’t enter. At the same time, your specific mosquito net should ensure good air circulation for comfortable sleep.

Easy to use

The mosquito bet you choose must be easy to assemble since you can’t search for nails and hammers wherever you use it. It must be a self-supporting one for easy pop-ups. Let it be portable, easy to fold and store it in a bag.

Indoor or outdoor

Even the mosquito nets for beds can be used indoor or outdoor. While going out for camps or you want to lie down on your lawn area, you are supposed to protect you from the garden insects and mosquitoes.

So, ensure you are buying a mosquito net that is convenient to use both indoor and outdoor with extended protection.

FAQ Buying Best Mosquito Nets for Bed in India

1) Using mosquito nets can prevent other insects too?

Yes, mosquito nets can stop bugs, flies, and any other tiny insects that try to come close to you and harm. Tuck the net groundsheets below the bed mattresses even to protect you from crawling insects like spiders.

2) How long can a mosquito net be used, generally?

You can use it for 3 years if it is properly maintained. Check for the best mosquito net price in India, its warranty, and buy the durable one.

3) Are they suitable for all bed sizes?

Mostly, the mosquito nets listed here are available in different sizes. Some of the nets are specific for a single bed and some for a double bed, king-sized- beds, or super king-sized or queen-sized. So, choose your desired size while making the orders.

4) Are these mosquito nets safe for babies?

Certainly, there is no harm using the mosquito nets for your babies. Choose the foldable ones so it won’t entangle with your baby.

Important Note: We firmly insist not to place any electrical items or lighting materials like candles nearby since the mosquito net is made up of fabric. Those are highly inflammable.

Conclusion on the Best Mosquito Net Brands In India

Mosquito nets are highly safe to use than mosquito repellents like sprays, lotions, and coils. They don’t have any direct effect or side effects on your physical health. Even the World Health Organization highly recommends using mosquito net as the best way to protect the ones from mosquito and other insects.

Buy a mosquito net that has a thick mesh that can block any insects entering and provides you better air ventilation. The one that is easy to use, fold, and carry anywhere you go for a camp or vacation trips.

Handwash it gently and maintain it properly for its long-lasting life. Use the top quality mosquito nets in India and stay away from the dangerous mosquitoes and other insects.

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