Best Motorcycle Helmets In India

Best Motorcycle Helmets In India 2021 – Prices & Reviews

Built to take you from cruising down the open road to gunning it down the beaten track. The protective best motorcycle helmets in India 2021 can literally be the difference between life & death on our crazy roads. Needless to say, a good headgear is a must for every motorcycle riding enthusiast, as it can not only protect you from getting hurt but is also required by law to sport in many countries including India. To better help you out, here’s everything you need to know about five of the best motorcycle helmet India models. A top buying guide to help you better make absolute sense of all the choices.

Look, we get it – riding is fun. But you know what isn’t fun? Getting hurt – which is what will inevitably happen if you drive a motorbike without proper. Best motorcycle helmets in India, in fact, over 65% of all bike fatalities in India could’ve been avoided had the victim had ever worn any protective headgear.

Long story short? A helmet is now not a choice instead it’s a necessity – especially if you plan to make it back home in one piece

To protect your sweet noggin today, here’s everything you need to know about 5 of the best motorcycle Road Helmets in India to buy this summer season – as recommended by experts, doctors & daily commuters.

So, what are we waiting for?

Here we go;

Top Five Motorcycle Helmets In India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Product  #1 - Best For Professional Riders


STS_PRL_BLK_XL Professional Full Face Helmet

One of the most popular Best Motorcycle Helmets Brands In India, The Studds have, over the years, designed & produced some of the best motorcycle helmets in India right now – and guess what? The Studds STS too is no exception! Armed a by sombre/utilitarian design, the helmet is crafted from injected polycarbonate, which not only makes it pretty durable but also lightweight too.

On the inside, comfort is fuelled by a multi-layer, removable paddings. It’s soft; it’s cushy, and even have sweat resistance built-in, along with an anti-allergenic coating for good measure.

Studds STS_PRL_BLK_XL Professional Full Face Helmet-Review Sparrow

Secured by a strong, adjustable nylon straps & locks, we felt the helmet to be pretty nice fitting, that too sans any wobble or extra tightness. The visor on the front is, well… average. It has UV protection built into it though. The dual dynamic vents on the rear and front take care of the unit’s cooling, which we found to be pretty good.
And oh, before we forget, we also do wanna appreciate Studds for including a red reflector on the rear for better night ride safety.

It’s a nice touch, really!


  • Tough, injection-molded outer shell with scratch resistance
  • Ultra-clear, polycarbonate visor
  • Soft, firm, velveteen inner lining for great comfort
  • Dynamic Airflow vents
  • Dual rear reflector for extra safety


  • Scratch-resistant, silicon-coated visor
  • Anti-allergenic interior
  • Unpainted, textured outer shell
  • Easy Micro-locks
  • Wide Visor shade choices


  • Sterile, unimpressive design
  • Bulky

Customer opinion

Kiran Sena: “I had loved Studds since forever, and this one too doesn’t disappoint. Cozy, light and durable. the matte finish is cool.”

Product  #2 - Best For Comfort

Steelbird SBA-1

Classic 7WINGS Full Face Helmet

Boasting an Italian design, the Popular SteelBird SBA – 1 features a retractable clear “visor” that our testers fell in love with. It’s large, it’s sharp, and had UV guard built-in. Another perk, the polycarbonate shell is designed to be shockproof, which, when coupled with the ample EPS padding inside gives the rider a great experience.

Personally, we found the gear to be sheer pleasure to the sport, thanks to the extra cooling provided by the spacious ventilation. Unfortunately, the helmet is only available in a single size rated at 600-MM.

Steelbird SBA-1 Classic 7WINGS Full Face Helmet with Plain Visor-Review Sparrow

Placed right below the visors, the rate of ventilation can be easily adjusted by a quick switch. And if that isn’t impressive enough, the chinstraps & micrometric locks also offer pretty impressive adjusting qualities, which translates to a nicer wearing experience. Heck, for its size, we were quite surprised by how stable this best motorcycle helmet India was,


  • High impact, polycarbonate shell
  • Classy Italian design
  • Webbed, soft lining & padding
  • Improved air cooling
  • ISI rated


  • Scratchproof
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Lightweight
  • Far Spacious interior
  • Tough lock


  • No tinted option
  • Available only in a single size

Customer opinion

Mahendran RK: “Amazing product – super fits, not heavy, classy looking and super clean visors. A proud possession.”

Product  #3 - Most Versatile

Vega Off Road

D/V Black Helmet-M

Over the years, Vega has designed and offered many, many excellent best motorcycle helmets India solutions. And with their newest offering, the Vega Off-road, they’ve done it again! Created to appeal to the sportier crowd, this true-blue off-roading helmet features an ultra-tough, shockproof ABS build that makes them both light and crazy durable.

In fact, the unit’s outer shell is custom developed to neutralize sudden impacts, making it ideal for sports like motor-cross, dirt racing and likewise others. What’s more, the helmet even has room for accommodating goggles and prescription glasses – nice!

Off Road D&V Black Helmet-Review Sparrow

Secured with a fast, metallic buckle, the helmet is available in 4 different sizes, all toting pretty versatile designs & decals. Finally, the super-soft, inner lining is designed to keep riders comfortable over extended trips, with the advanced ventilation and sweat resistance pads wicking away moisture even under extreme heat.


  • Track ready, high-grade thermoplastic construction
  • Sporty, sleek design
  • Detachable visor with goggles support
  • Triple air vent channels
  • Plenty of amazing color options


  • Drop protection
  • Removable inner padding
  • ISI certified
  • Metallic quick release buckle
  • Lightweight


  • The glossy variants scratch easily
  • Front weighted

Customer opinion

Ramesh Kumar: “Nicely designed, Perfect fit! I bought the XL-sized one. Fully satisfied with this original product – Worth the price!”

Product  #4 - Best For Young Riders

Steelbird Air SBA-2

Full Face Helmet

Boasting a futuristic design that won’t look out of place in a set of blade runner, the Steelbird designed SBA-2 best motorcycle helmets in India 2021 is plenty smaller & lighter than many of their competitors – ideal for everyday use. Sporting the largest visor, we have seen in today’s best motorcycle helmets review in India.

The helmet is plenty breezy thanks to the air booster setup the makers have fitted in. On the insides, we are treated with comfy, webbed padding that’s been coated with anti-allergen. In fact, both the paddings as well as the linings are completely water washable for better hygiene,

Steelbird Air SBA-2 Full Face Helmet-Review Sparrow

Armed with a multi-layered setup for impact protection, the helmet further features an air intake on the chin area for max riding comfort. And if that isn’t impressive enough, the unit offers 10 days returnable warranty as well.


  • Ultra-modern, compact design
  • Large visor setup
  • Triple channel air ventilation
  • Breathable padding
  • ISI rated


  • Lightweight
  • Superior visibility
  • High impact outer casing
  • Micro-metric lock
  • Washable


  • Limited protection
  • The visor is a fingerprint magnet

Customer opinion

Nadal Kain: “It’s Just awesome. Comfortable and stylish too. You can go for it without a doubt as I did. So amazing.

Best Motorcycle Helmets In India 2021 – The Best Buying Guide You Need

For all the good they do, finding the perfect, best motorcycle helmets in India can still be a tricky affair. There are so many choices, both in terms of models, brands, perks & of course, pricing,etc. And believe us; if not careful, it’s easy to go wrong here, and even easier to blow your wallet in a unit that’ll do you as good as an eggshell.

To cut through all the h-Jargon, here’re a few top factors to look out for when buying your new best motorcycle Helmets in India units.


1) The helmet type

It doesn’t matter how expensive or new they are, the type of helmet you pick up can greatly affect the levels of guard you’ll gain from it.

On average, if you’d want something light, comfy & freeing, half or open face helmets are the way to go. Plus, they are far more cool too. But if absolute safety is the goal, closed or hybrid/modular units will do you good.

For sportier dudes, there’re also off-road & Dual sport best motorcycle helmets India models to choose from if they want

2) Comfort & fitting

Obviously, best motorcycle helmets in India 2021 should not only protect your head from exploding but also fits comfortably – if it doesn’t, it probably isn’t the right one for you. It should be snug, comfy and overall, best fitting.

The better the fit, the safer you are. Look for a helmet that’s fairly light, snug on the neck &scalp but not too much it causes any discomfort. It should be cool; knitted ones are better. And if possible, opt-in for a custom lining.

3) Overall protection

Put simply, the whole point of a helmet is to protect your head from being road-kill. And to that end, it should be ready to weather the elements, noise, pollutions and of course, accidents on an everyday basis.

Look for helmets that are MIPS ready, as they can better help offset the blow impact more efficiently than a hard shell could. As far as the shell itself is concerned, polycarbonate or carbon fiber composites are the way to go.

Additionally, it also must have ample padding, especially “multi-layered” support. Sure, if more safety is required, opt for units that have MEDS, as this can help you better prevent neck/spinal injuries.

4) Certifications

Like everything, some best motorcycle helmets for home in India are better at their job – safeguarding your noggins, than others. And of course, certifications can be a nice way to help asses easily how each fair in that regard.

At a minimum, the helmet must get approved by the local regulations. In India, that’s the ISI & BIS approvals. In Europe, that’s the ECE – just a fun fact. However, if you want top safety, go for international approvals like DOT or SNELL, with the latter being the gold standard for the classiest, best motorcycle helmets in India 2021.

5) The price – how much to spend?

As far as the best motorcycle helmets price in India goes, you can find models ranging from as low as 700 rupees to 3000 or more. That said, don’t forget that costlier doesn’t always mean better, nor does cheap mean worse.

As a baseline, you’d want to invest in models that are fairly priced. In fact, budget units are recommended best as when they do break, as they’re meant to, you’re not going to face a loss as big as you could’ve had with a costly one.

Our advice? Go for a helmet under the 1000 to 2000 margin. It’s high enough to get you all the major bells and whistles but still fairly low enough to not trigger you an anxiety attack whenever you drop it.

Top Five Best Motorcycle Helmets In India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Fun fact: Did you know that most mainstream helmets are crafted from the same material that’s used to make water buckets? Weird, isn’t it!

Thankfully, offering more safety than a souped-up bucket, here 5 of the best motorcycle helmets in India 2021 to buy today.

Read on…

Best Motorcycle Helmets Review In India – Frequently Asked Questions

Helmets save lives – yet many in India are still aren’t wearing them, citing their doubts, queries, and worries as excuses

Aiming to put an end to this, well finally… ignorance here is a quick FAQ to help you better, the user, make an informed choice.

Well, jump in

✅ How effective are the best motorcycle helmets in India?

On average, it’s been estimated that a best, well-crafted headgear can reduce the chance of motorcycle fatalities by 37% and reduce your risk of sustaining a head/brain injury by approximately 67% or more.

So yeah, Don’t be an idiot – wear a helmet, please!

✅ Helmet size – how to choose?

The easiest way, of course, is “personally” trying them out first before buying them. But if that’s not possible, as usually is the case with online offerings, be sure to pick a unit that offers adjustable straps, locks & rings for a precise fit.

If made available, you can also check & match your head size against a helmet-sizing chart for a better final fit.

✅ How long do these helmets last?

Most of the best motorcycle Helmets in India 2021 are typically designed to last for up to 5-10 years or more. That said, being how harsh our Indian roads can be, expect to have your headgears swapped every 6-8 months to damage.

Again, and we can’t stress this enough – never wear a cracked helmet, even if the damage may seem negligible

✅ Are DOT helmets better than ISI ones?

Yes, they sure are. While ISI follows the local, older stress guideline for approval, the DOT is internationally awarded following what could be described as the most rigorous and efficient quality check on the planet, period.

So yeah, DOT is better – obviously!

Buy Top Motorcycle Helmets In India – Ultimate Verdict

In a perfect world, you could have ridden your motorcycle sans these cumbersome, heavy & annoying gears. But alas, our world isn’t perfect. And make no mistake, if you love your life as well as you should, the best motorcycle helmets in India 2021 are the ideal tools to better guard your noggin against going, well… Splat! On our harsh Indian streets.

When buying the best motorcycle helmet India, the key is to nail a model that’s reliable, comfy & safe to your specific needs; it should be adaptable, offering better visibility, with the least possible annoyances & quirks. On that front, we’re quite confident that the best motorcycle helmets India we’ve reviewed here represents the best case for all those qualities, all wrapped in a neat, gorgeously designed package.

So the big question awaits: which of the above Helmet do you think will better suit you, and your needs& riding habits more?

To find out the answer, Consider all your options, their reviews, pros, cons, and just pick the one that you think is best for you. If you still have any questions, doubts or worries feel free to throw us a comment below & we’ll get back to you ASAP
Until then,


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