Best Off Road Helmets In India

Best Off Road Helmets In India 2020 – Prices & Reviews

Hey, do you love doing stunts on your dirt bike? Prefer spending your weekends cruising over dunes, rocks, & racetracks? Well, you, my friend, need a helmet – not just any helmets, but a proper, certified best Off Road India helmet! Uniquely designed to address the harsh needs of a dirt biking thrill seeker and hid safety, read on to know more about five of the classiest, top best Off Road Helmets in India 2020 to buy this season + super handy buying guide to help you break down all the many choices we’re offering today.

Characterized by their unique extended peaks, crazy, sporty designs, large visors and room for goggles, and our favorite, the pointy chins, these gears are meant to do one thing, and one thing only: keep that thrill-seeking brain of your alive!

In other words, if you want to live and wish to tell your grandkids how great you were on the tracks, these helmets are a must-have, period!

Blending fun safety and thrill, here’s everything you need to know about 5 of the best Off Road Helmets in India to buy this summer season – as recommended by experts, doctors & off-roading riders.

So without any further ado

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Top Five Best Off Road Helmets In India – Reviews & Buying Guide

According to a recent study, over 60% of all serious, especially fatal injuries in dirt riding, stems from the lack of a good helmet.

Meant to keep you from becoming just another number on the wall, here are 5 of the best Off Road Helmets in India 2020 to buy today

Read on;

Product  #1 - Best For Off Roading

Off Road

D/V Black Helmet

Vega brands flagship best Off Road India helmet offering, the Off-Road D/V earned its top spot on this Best Off Road Helmets Review In India list. The reasons: first, its top-rated construction – made out of graded ABS plastic, the helmet is light, offers a brilliant, unpainted matte design, and has an Aerodynamic build.

The second reason? Well, that has to be its comfort. Armed with soft, airy padding with ample ventilation to boot, thanks to the dual rear exhausts, the helmet is truly a treat to wear, even for longer sessions. And hey, did we mention that it also offers a brilliant quick-release lock setup? It’s good!

Off Road D/V Black Helmet-Review Sparrow

Dominating the front, we have a tinted, clear visor for better outdoor usage, which also conveniently offer handy goggle support. Besides that, the lining of the helmet is also detachable & machine washable for better hygiene.

Verdict: An Amazon bestseller with over 5000 happy customers, much doesn’t need to be addressed about this helmet other than the fact that this is simply one of the best Off Road Helmets for home in India right now – period!


  • A sporty yet utilitarian design
  • High-grade ABS build with drop and impact protection
  • Inbuilt visor with goggle support
  • Removable soft, interior padding and lining
  • Pretty lightweight


  • Available in a range of stylish colors
  • Washable padding
  • Scratch-resistant outer shell
  • Well ventilated
  • Extended sun “peak” for eye safety


  • The glossy variants scratch easily
  • Front weighted

Customer opinion

Prem Kumar: “Nicely packed, Perfect fit! I chose the medium-sized one. Extremely satisfied with this genuine product. Worth the money!”

Product  #2 - Best For Serious Rider

Steelbird SB-42 Airborne

Glossy Black with Red with Plain Visor with P.Cap,600 mm

Boasting an Italian design and High impact, ABS shell, the SB-42 best Off Road Helmets in India 2020 is one of the most beloved helmets ever built, both on & off the track – here’s why. Armed by a sturdier micrometric lock, the helmet feels premium, from the cushioned, inner padding, airflow webbing to the large visor on the front with optional “tinting,” everything about this headgear screams perfection.

And in true steel bird fashion, the unit further features, long adjustable nylon straps for that extra comfy fitting goodness. Besides all these, you can also find a well built, extended “peak” for better eye safety.

Steelbird SB-42 Airborne Glossy Black with Red with Plain Visor-Review Sparrow

So what else this off-roading helmet offers? Well, its ISI rated, the paint is UV coated, and even the linings are removable and washable. In fact, the only thing that made us gripe here was the restricted sizing, which is capped at 600 mm.

Verdict: Priced just above two grand, the helmet clearly caters to a more premium bunch. It brings cool design, great build quality, nice extras, comfort, etc… overall, a great option for those who want, well… more!


  • Italian designed, stylish looks
  • Super hard, ABS build with drop & scratch guard
  • Large visor for better visibility
  • Micrometric lock
  • Enhanced airflow channels


  • Inbuilt Dual-visor support
  • Removable lining
  • Adjustable “peak” cap for eye safety
  • 10 days returnable
  • ISI rated


  • Pricey
  • Limited sizing choices

Customer opinion

Raman Kartha: “I got this as my first helmet, and it’s so good. Perfect fit and size. Loved the visor, especially, lightweight too.”

Product  #3 - Most Affordable

Gliders. Motocross Helmet MC2

(Matt Black with Tinted Visor, 600 mm)

Clearly aiming at a younger crowd, the glider’s Motorcross helmet, with its slight very distinctive build, might not set your heart on fire with its looks. But when it comes to protection, it’s as good as any out there. Made with an injected thermoplastic material, the helmet is very lightweight.

And when paired with the ample padding inside, the helmet is a pleasure to the sport, even for long stretches. Adding to the fun, we have a clear, shatterproof visor. And right below that, we’re greeted with air intake for better cooling.

Gliders. Motocross Helmet MC2-Review Sparrow

In our testing, we found the helmet to be a nice fit, partly thanks to the micrometric lock & adjustable chin band. And if all these aren’t still enough for the rider in you, there is also an extended peak on top for eye protection.

Verdict: A barebone motocross helmet that gets the job done, this glider is the perfect minimalist’s dream. It isn’t bulky, its light, has top padding, great fitting, and best of all, an affordable price to match – a bargain if you ask us.


  • A unique, sleek/rounded design
  • Super tough, thermoplastic construction
  • Large, clear visor
  • Bigger, extended sun peak
  • Dynamic air vents


  • Aerodynamic design
  • Lightweight
  • Scratch-resistant case and visor
  • Sweat-resistant layer
  • Tough lock


  • Too bland?
  • Available in only one size

Customer opinion

Nithin Kj: Bought it after my friend advised it, & gotta say, I wasn’t disappointed! Nice fit, comfy, and I dig the design.”

Product  #4 - Best On Comfort

Studds Motocross Plain

Full Face Helmet with Plain Visor (Black,L,580mm)

Racing into the 4th place, we have the studds motocross helmet – the brands’ first attempt at tackling this grueling genre. Armed with a fashionable “glossy” black paint job, the helmet features a visor that’s clear & wide; it’s scratch resistant. It has UV protection built-in – so far, so good.

Coming to the inside, comfort is handled by Regulated density EPS concussion padding lined with specially treated anti-allergic velveteen. It’s softer, its cushy, and thanks to the EPS lining, it is also supple enough to mild the blows.

Studds Motocross Plain SUS_MVPFFH_BLKL Full Face Helmet with Plain Visor -Review Sparrow

Available in three colors, including a cherry red one, the gear – in our testing – performed adequately as far as fitting goes. It’s not too tight. But it was secure enough to avoid wobbling when riding down the road.

Verdict: Is the Studds motocross perfect? No, not by a longshot. But for the price you are paying, you’re getting some nice stuff here: a premium design, large visor, solid fitting, and pretty spectacular protection, etc…

Have a look – you’ll love it.


  • Thermoplastic injected outer casing
  • Comfy EPS paddings
  • Easy to use, quick-release strap
  • ISI rated
  • Mirror finish visor


  • Softer velveteen pads
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Optically true glass visor
  • Branding
  • Adjustable straps


  • A bit on the heavier side
  • The ventilation could’ve been done better

Customer opinion

Vivek Maledath: “The quality is excellent & the cushion provides heaven like fit. trust me; you’re sure to love this helmet – promise!”

Product  #5 - Most Stylish

Steelbird SBA-1 R2K

Full Face Graphics Helmet

Okay, this particular helmet from Steelbird might not exactly be the best Off Road Helmets in India kind of model. But hey, it still was well worth a shout – let us explain. Fully detailed in vibrant, sporty stickers, the helmet is crafted out of high impact ABS material. Which is then further reinforced from within using a thick EPS layer, making it both strong & comfy.

On the front side, we have the tinted/clear visor that’s shatter & scratch proof. In fact, the makers have also coated this with a thick silicon layer that makes water & scratch resistant. Keeping everything cool, we’ve two sets of dynamic vents on the front & back – just like on off road helmets.

Steelbird SBA-1 R2K Full Face Graphics Helmet in Matt Finish with Smoke Visor -Review Sparrow

Secured by a 10-day returnable warranty, the helmets micro-lock allows for easy one-hand operations. And kicking things up a notch, the lining of the helmet is also removable, allowing easy washing & care.

Verdict: Better apt for newbies & occasional enthusiasts. The SBA-1 R2K might not fit the ‘motocross-ing’ criteria to T. Still, as an option that’ll let you hit the tracks nevertheless, this “not an off-road” helmet is still worth a look.


  • Stylish, sporty design with multiple decal styles to choose from
  • Clear, tinted visor for extra visibility
  • Thicker, EPS thermo padding for impact protection
  • Custom air vents for extra cooling
  • ISI certification


  • Tough ABS shell
  • Inbuilt scratch, crack protection
  • Micrometric locks
  • Tinted
  • 10 days returnable warranty


  • The visor shade differs from depictions
  • Long break-in period

Customer opinion

Akash MP: “Got this amazing helmet. Bang for the bucks totally – Par with those other brands, which comes in higher price tag.”

Best Off Road Helmets In India 2020 – The Buying Guide

Designed to be used in a sport where accidents are everyday annoyances, these helmets can literally be the difference between you sipping a pina-colada on a glass fitted with an umbrella and not through a straw attached your bed.

So, to ensure max quality, here’re some of the top factors to look out for when buying your new best Off Road Helmets in India units.


1) Durability & safety

Easily the most important factor to look out for when buying your newest best Off Road Helmets for home in India, the helmet should be tough enough to take a hit, survive, and do it again on an everyday basis.

To that end, we advise going for a headgear built with polycarbonate, ABS, or better yet, fiberglass composites or carbon material. It should be well padded. And If possible, go for units with MIPS/M.E.D.S inside, as this can ensure your safety even under heavy duress.

Lastly, see if the helmet also has rotational energy guard, as this can help you protect against neck injuries, which are well common amongst dirt-riders.

Put simply: don’t compromise on safety – the chances are that if you do, you may come to regret it sooner rather than later.

2) Comfort & fitting

Look for a fairly light helmet, snug on the neck and scalp, but not too much it causes discomfort or pain. It should be cool; webbed ones are better. And if possible, opt-in for a removable lining for better hygiene.

Thankfully, best Off Road Helmets in India 2020 are usually well-fitting, thanks to their adjustable straps & and well-padded interiors. That said, some helmets are better in this regard than others, especially under a budget. So, to tackle the same, make it a point to try out the helmets first before buying them personally.

3) Certifications

for the best Off Road Helmets in India 2020 to be reliable, it at least needs to have an ISI rated certifications. But if you’re planning to compete, a best off road India helmet with DOT or better yet, SNELL rating will surely be a better choice.

The more certified, the better. You can usually find them usually emblazed either on the rear or on the insides of these off-roading gears

Beware of fakes, though. with many cheap imitations of Best Off Road Helmets Brands In India floating across online, make sure to buy only from reputed sources, and that too after proper vetting is done & made sure of

4) Extra perks & features

Breakaway visors, goggle support, and removable linings are some of the most common extra features you can expect from a helmet of this caliber. But if you are willing to pay more, you can also get other perks such as multi-colored visors, UV protection, custom-sized interiors, and better dynamic air vents & more.

Yes, more features are cool. But don’t go overboard either. Stick with what you need, things you’ll actually use on an everyday basis.

5) The pricing factor

As far as these off-road gears are concerned, its always better to go for the best budget off-road helmet India than premium-priced models, as when the time comes for them to break – as they are supposed to – the less you’re wallet have to suffer.

Approach the buy button with a budget in mind. In any case, the best Off Road Helmets price in India usually tend to be pretty pricey. So, expect to spend around 1000 to 3000 rupees or more for a decent, reliable option.

Best Off Road Helmets Review In India – Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most experimented helmet niche ever, with thousands of models, perks, designs etc…, the world of best off road India helmets are “evolving” every day. And of course, with progress comes doubts – lots of them!

Therefore, In today’s FAQ, we are trying to alleviate some of those queries with answers, so you, the customer, can make an informed choice.

✅ Can I use these for commuting too?

Yes, you can. But in our opinion, it’s better to limit these to the track alone, as the big size, heaviness, and flashiness may not suit your daily lives.

✅ Okay, but how can I find the best fitting one?

The easiest way, of course, is personally trying them out first before buying them. But if that’s not possible, as is often the case with online offerings, be sure to pick a unit that offers adjustable straps, locks & rings for a better fit.

If available, you can also check and match your head dimension against a helmet-sizing chart for better sizing estimation.

✅ How long do these helmets last?

Most of the best Off Road Helmets in India 2020 are typically designed to last for up to 5-10 years or more. That being said, being how harsh off riding tends to be, expect to have your headgears swapped every few months to damage.

And before you ask, no – it’s not wise to use a cracked helmet, even if it’s a minor one

Don’t do it

✅ My helmets dirty – how can in clean it?

Thankfully, most modern best Off-Road Helmets in India tend to come with removable linings, which are also machine washable.

For those models without this feature, don’t worry. You just need to wipe it down with soap and water & it’ll be good as new. But be sure to consult their user manual first for more info, as some models may require specialized handling.

Buy Top Off Road Helmets In India – Final Verdict

Ask any popular off road rider & they’ll tell you that if there is one gear they can’t live without. That’d be their trusty best Off Road Helmets in India 2020 models. In fact, these helmets are the sole reason why some are even still alive.

So the choice awaits! And it’s up to you to make. Reread the review, compare the features, what you’re getting for the price, pros, cons, etc… and pick a model that you, my friend, think is fully perfect for your needs & safety.

Adored by experts & newbies alike, choosing these helmets were a no brainer for us. As they exhibited everything, one should expect from an ideal, top of the line, best Off-Road Helmets in India modern solution. They are stylish, they are cool, and above all, they can save lives – we can guarantee that, no matter which one you pick.

Well then, until next time

Happy riding!

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