Best Open Face Helmets In India

Best Open Face Helmets In India 2021 Price & Reviews

Let’s face it, even with the best car in the world; there is something about the freedom in riding a motorcycle that we can’t find elsewhere, be it the wind rushing past our ear, the soothing “humdrum” of the engine, or the sheer thrill it offers. And hey, with the best open face helmets in India 2021, the fun can now get even better knowing you’ll be protected from the harsh, crowded Indian streets while on the go! A “must-have” accessory for every motor-heads, read on for a complete buying guide, and comprehensive reviews on five of the best open helmets for home in India models of today.

With the roads getting ever more crowded and the number of fatal motorcycle accidents rising every single year, the need for a best open face India helmet is not just an afterthought anymore; rather, it’s a necessity. In fact, the government itself has recently enforced it even more strictly, raising the penalty from 100 to 1000 rupees.

Decoding the need for motorcycle riding safety, here’s everything you need to know about five of the best open face helmets in India today to buy – including their total reviews, pros, cons, features and a whole lot more

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Best Open Face Helmet In India – Reviews & Buying Guide

As hard to believe, it’s been estimated that at least4 people die every hour on the roads in India because of not wearing helmets.

Come, its time to protect you from being in another victim with 5 of the best open face helmets in India 2021.

Here we go;

Product #1

#1 Studds Marshall

SUS_MOFH_BLKL Open Face Helmet (Black, Female)

Considered by many to be the “de-facto” best open face India helmet today, the Studds Marshall SUS features a sleek, futuristic design that’s molded out of a tough, thermoplastic material which is drop & shockproof. The optically clear, polycarbonate visor further comes with a silicone coating that protects it’s from scratches and scuffs; in fact, the glossiness also ensures that its impervious to rainwater, keeping perfect visibility under rains. Fully adjustable, the thick, chinstrap armed with a quick release knob, is easy to use as well

Studds Marshall SUS_MOFH_BLKL Open Face Helmet-Review Sparrow

With an inbuilt, custom EPS lining, the helmet is very comfortable. And being also removable, they’re easy to clean as well. UV protected, the helmet is available in a ton of unicolor shades. And lastly, the maker’s dynamic air ventilation allows for much-increased airflow/comfort to the driver.

The verdict: A stylish, sleek and tough, the studds marshall has it all, the features, the style, safety, ease of use, etc… perfect for the younger crowd – no wonder why it’s on the Amazon bestseller list. Its that good!


  • Ultra-stylish, futuristic design
  • Soft, EPS inner lining
  • Easy, tough quick-release chin straps
  • Washable interior paddings
  • Bright, clear visor


  • Multi-visor system
  • UV protected color scheme
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Dynamic air ventilation
  • Shockproof


  • A bit costly
  • Heavy

Customer opinion

Roopesh Sinha: Good design, sturdy, and great build make it a safe choice! I loved it so much. I ordered two more. So good!

Product #2

#2 Autofy O2 

Front Open Helmet(Black and Grey, Male)

Inspired by the old Café racer helmets, the Autofy O2 May have a retro, vintage design, but when it comes to quality, it’s as modern as it gets. Molded from a tough, polycarbonate outer shell, the helmet is fairly lightweight. However, the ISI certified casing and the soft EPS Polypropylene interiors ensure that it has ample shock resistance, enough to tackle even a direct blow to the body. Visor less in design, the helmet further comes with rear ports that help with air circulation, keeping the driver cool even under prolonged use.

Autofy O2 Front Open Helmet-Review Sparrow

Improving comfort, the helmet has a unique ratchet system that helps to keep the headgear in place on jumpier roads. And if that isn’t impressive enough, the helmet also comes with a chin lock for better safety. Wrapping it up, the Matte paint is also scratchproof to boot.

The verdict: Armed with a retro design, the AutoFy-O2 may have a cheap price tag, but that doesn’t mean its any less good. in fact, it is one of the best open face helmets in India 2021 to buy today, period!


  • Highly Durable, polycarbonate build
  • Scratch-resistant paint job
  • Comfortable, soft interior EPS padding
  • Sturdy chinstrap lock
  • Rear vent setup for more airflow


  • Polypropylene lining
  • ISI certified
  • Light
  • Tough exterior shell
  • Affordable


  • No visor-shield available
  • Limits sound

Customer opinion

Anita Joseph: “The helmet is perfectly priced for its quality. It looks good & feels comfy for long-duration wear.”

Product #3

#3 Vega Cruiser 

CR-W/P-W-M Open Face Helmet (White, Male)

Made by one of the biggest best open helmets brands in India, the Vega Cruiser Helmet is perfect for you if you are looking for a lightweight headgear that’s well enough premium but doesn’t cost an arm & a leg. Available in 2 sizes, the helmet comes with a hard plastic shell that’s both shatter and shockproof. Kicking comfort up a notch, the interiors are lined with a thick, soft EPS padding, which, when gets paired with its aerated chin vents, makes for a very comfy experience. For added goodness, there is also a sun-visor for easy daytime riding.

Vega Cruiser CR-WP-W-M Open Face Helmet-Review Sparrow

Boating a two-toned finish, the heavy-duty helmet’s chin strap comes with a handy lock that maximizes its wearable stability. And it’s so good that even if you were in an accident, the helmet would keep secure. Finally, the textured matte finish is also scratch-resistant, keeping its style for longer.

The verdict:  Made by a very reputed brand, the Vega Cruiser offers everything you’d expect and more: it’s cool, it’s safe, it’s stylish, etc… – A premium product at a not so premium best open face helmets price in India.


  • Stylish, two-toned textured design
  • Pretty lightweight
  • Scratch and shatterproof casing
  • Soft interiors
  • Handy chinstrap and lock


  • Premium looks
  • UV guard peak system
  • Top-notch fit
  • Adjustable chinstrap
  • Affordable


  • No glass visor support
  • A bit sweaty

Customer opinion

Rajesh KR: “The helmet is well-made & came quickly. The color stays clean without any sun decay, and the helmet is soft to wear”

Best open helmets brands in India: Editors Choice

Product #4

#4 Steelbird SB-33 7

Wings Gust Dashing Open Face Helmet (Large 600 MM, Black with Plain Visor)

Boasting a classy Italian design, the biggest highlight of the SteelBird SB-33 7 open face helmet is, of course, is the build quality. Molded from a heavy-duty ABS plastic composite, the outer casing is shock and shatterproof; in fact, the company claims it can even withstand a 500-kilo blow. The interior is soft, being made from an EPS/polypropylene combo. And the makers have also included an anti-odor coating into it for better everyday use. Plus, as a bonus, these best open face helmets in India 2021 – thanks to their multi-pore vents and aerated cushions – can further keep you cool through the day.

Steelbird SB-33 7Wings Gust Dashing Open Face Helmet -Review Sparrow

Kept secure by a thick chinstrap, the plain glass visor is super clear and has an anti-glare coating for better outdoor usage. In fact, the only gripe we found with the helmet was that it felt a bit too tight at first. That said, it did fit us a lot better after a week or so later with regular usage.

The verdict: Easily the most toughest of the bunch, the SteelBird is all about functionality over form. That said, the style too isn’t bad. Overall, a nice addition to your riding gear that’s worth checking out.


  • High impact, ABS Composite shell
  • Soft EPS Fabric interior
  • Anti-odour coating with ample airflow
  • Custom neck protector
  • Quick-release micrometric chin buckle


  • Stylish, Italian design
  • Extra clear, polycarbonate visor
  • Durable chin strap
  • ISI certification included
  • Great color choices


  • No smaller size
  • The visor gets scratched easily

Customer opinion

Akash Varma: “Genuine Product. Comfortable to wear. Superb finishing of helmet from Steelbird. Worth for Money paid”

Product #5

#5 Royal Enfield 

Matt Black Open Face with Visor Helmet

Priced at around 2K, this particularly best open face helmets in India 2021 is quite special because guess what? Its made by Royal Enfield themselves. Molded out of a top-notch, ABS material, the helmet, with its classic RE design and modern flair, is truly a sight to behold. Fully aerodynamic, the helmet further comes with a bigger glass visor offering UV guard & scratch protection for superior visibility Screaming premium, the interior is well padded with mesh and knit fabric layer. Under that, we have a “polyester” layer for better hit-protection.

Royal Enfield Matt Black Open Face with Visor Helmet-Review Sparrow

Keeping everything secured, the chinstraps – crafted from nylon – is extremely powerful. It’s tear-resistant, heatproof, and coupled with the custom micro metric locks, it’s now safer than ever before. And hey, if all these aren’t great enough for you, the helmets are also ISI & DOT certified

The verdict: Sure, it’s a bit expensive. But for the money, you are getting a lot: an extremely classy design, great comfort, UV shield, etc… – and hey, it’s Royal Enfield we’re talking about here, after all.


  • Classic, vintage-inspired RE hybrid design
  • Poly-coated Glass visor
  • Inner Polystyrene lining for added safety
  • Adjustable chin straps
  • Scratchproof


  • Great build quality
  • ISI certified
  • Increased air vent circulation
  • UV guarded clear visor
  • M-metric locks


  • Limited sizing options
  • A bit too pricey

Customer opinion

Goel Sinha: “It’s a perfect fit. a bit heavy, but apart from that, matte finish look and comfort wise very good”

Best Open Face Helmets In India 2021 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

One of the biggest reasons why people are reluctant to wear helmets is that it can feel quite restricting and heavy, with most of the models weighing around a kilogram or more and adopting a wraparound design.

And of course, this is where the best open face helmets India comes – featuring a lighter, airier design that’s a pure pleasure to the sport.

To help you with the choices, we’ve compiled a brief look of all the top factors to look out for when buying these best open face helmets in India 2021.


Size, fit and comfort

As far as best open face helmets in India 2021 go, there’s no one size fits all. So, we recommend you always try out helmets personally to find the best one. The perfect one should have a snug/tighter fit. But not so much its ache-inducing. It shouldn’t be too loose either, as it can dangerously jostle around when riding.

As a general rule, look for a helmet that firmly touches your head but doesn’t put much pressure over it.


Made from a verity of tough materials, the least expensive of the lot will be the polycarbonate one. It’s light, it flexes & there are more designs to pick from. The popular EPS fabric ones, on the other hand, offer increased safety & comfort but in a denser, heavier package.

If you don’t mind the cost, you can also find helmets made from carbon fiber and fiberglass composites. These are far, far stronger, are better lighter and can handle even the heaviest blows.

So yeah, choose what you feel is best for you.

Safety certifications

From ISI, BIS, to international DOT certifications, whenever you go hunting for the best open face helmets in India, its essential for you to look out for these quality marks/symbols to ensure that the helmet you are buying can actually save you in case of an accident.

The more certifications, the better safe it is. You can easily find them emblazed on the interiors or the outer sides.

Looks nad aesthetics

While this may not as important as the other factors here, we’d still advise you to spring for a stylish looking helmet that matches your riding wardrobe and bike, as this can encourage you to wear them more.

Designed by some of the best open helmets brands in India like Vega, Wrangler & SteelBird, there are plenty of amazing styles to choose from – colorful, detailed, muted, matte, the list goes on…


As far as their prices go, the higher the price tag, the more stylish and feature-packed these best open face helmets in India 2021 going to be. That said, do remember that every top helmet is meant to be replaced after every crash. Therefore, it’s always best to go for a model that offers the best, decent bang for the buck.

Then again, it’s ok to splurge a little. After all, it’s our lives on the line here. Why screw it up for a cheaper price tag?

Best Open Face Helmets Review In India – Frequently Asked Questions

With open face helmets being a rather latest trend, we understand that people may have some worries and questions about them, especially regarding their potency and effectiveness.

Well, to save you the trouble, here are some of the top questions about these helmets and their answers:

1) Are these best open face helmets in India 2021 really safer?

Yes, they are. Designed as a full-head protection system, an open face helmet, in fact, is even safer than fully closed helmets, as they are lighter, don’t restrict sounds & can help see you better as well.

As far as safety goes, these helmets are literally up there with the best

Great, huh?!

2) What is their ideal weight?

Though it’s mostly subjective, the most comfortable ones usually weigh around 1400 to 1800 grams. That said, you can also find carbon fiber or composite made helmets (pricier ones) that weigh far, far less.

3) How long can I use them for?

Depending on the condition, you can use a helmet for up to 5 years, with some makers advising a new one every 3-4 years.

4) Does dropping a helmet can permanently ruin it?

Yes, that’s right. Designed as “buffer” to protect your head from hits by absorbing the blow on to itself, it’s best to consider it as a fragile product as dropping it quite frequently can affect its potency.

In case of an accident or a crack, replace the helmet to prevent any further risk.

5) Are DOT helmets still illegal here in India?

Despite being an international standard, DOT certified helmets are still illegal in India as they aren’t certified ISI products.

That said, many petitions have already been signed to make DOT legal as they are usually safer than ISI helmets.

Buy Top Open Face Helmets In India – 2021

As fellow riders, we know how annoying full-size helmets can be. They’re hot, uncomfortable, heavy, bulky, etc… what we, my friend, need is something that’s lighter, safer, and easier to wear – some things like the best open face helmets in India 2021 that we have reviewed today

Allowing you to feel the wind in your face, helping to see better, lighter, airier, and just as safer as any other full faced ones, we sincerely hope that these 5 best open face helmets in India models can meet all your riding needs. Yup, it’s a gear that every good rider should have on his kitty.

Best Open Face Helmets In India – Conclusion

With that, we leave the keys to you. Go through the review again, consider all the options, their features, and pick the best open face India helmets that match your riding needs, wants, and joys.

Hi, as fellow bike riders, we’d love to hear from you. So feel free to throw us a comment down below & we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Well, until next time,

Ride on…

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