Best Racing Helmets In India 2021 – Prices & Reviews

Whether you are a racer or are aspiring to be one, the days of being too cool to wear your helmets are over forever. It’s mandatory in all Indian states, and it’s a non-negotiable choice if you want to participate in moto races regardless of league. Thankfully, there are plenty of best racing helmets in India models available today. However, that also means that it can be a real hassle to find the perfect headgear for you. 

Understanding this dilemma, we’ve prepared a neat listicle detailing the top 5 best racing helmets in India to save your lives on the track better. With thorough testing, find all info’s regarding their features, pros, cons, etc. 

Promising a safer track life, let’s get started; 

Best Racing Helmets In India – Reviews & Buying Guide 

Let’s face it. There is an overwhelming amount of data on and off the tracks that wearing the best racing helmet India can save your lives on the asphalt. These are custom helmets that are designed with the highest standards ever possible. They’re vastly superior to regular road headgears on almost all accounts, be it strength, durability, shock resistance, comfort, top features, drop guard, visibility, etc. 

Going fast on a motorcycle is crazy fun – I know. But it can also be extremely dangerous if you aren’t wearing the right headgear. So yeah, be smart, wear a helmet and live to race your heart out another day, and another. 

Best Racing Helmets Review In India – Top 5 Racing Headgears To Buy In 2021

Built like a tank, and made for the track, here are five of the best racing helmets in India to help your noggin safe while cruising; 

Product #1

Steelbird SBA-1 R2K

Full Face Graphics Helmet 

Available in several eye-candy colors, SBA-1 R2K best racing helmets in India from steel bird is a tiny bit on the expensive side – but for a good reason. The high impact ABS shell is extremely shock-resistant & features an aerodynamic design that’s sure to appeal to the racing heads. The interior is also well designed. The thick breathable padding is extremely comfortable. Even under longer driving sessions, we never felt warm, nor did we sweat too much. The extra neck padding gives good support and an extra level of safety. 

Steelbird SBA1 R2K Full Face Graphics Helmet

The built-in visor is tinted for sun protection. The hinge is solid, and we, in our testing, never faced any issue with its flexibility. The integrated chinstrap, which adjustable is quite good. It gives a nice fitting sans any wobble. 


  • Modern, aerodynamic, Italian-inspired design 
  • Highly durable ABS outer shell and impact-absorbing inner padding for all-around protection 
  • Soft, cooling and comfy padding 
  • Extra neck padding for that added protection 
  • Quick-release buckle 

The pros 

  • Comes in several great colors 
  • Smoked front visor 
  • Comfy, very snug fitting 
  • Matte finish 

The cons 

  • Too front weighted for our liking 
  • Pricey  

Product #2

Off Road D/V Sketch

Dull Black Silver Helmet 

Built for the great outdoor tracks, this sporty looking best racing helmet India offers an ISI certified protection at fair pricing. The super tough abs fabricated shell, with its aerodynamic build, is definitely going to last you for years. We loved the matte coating, which they say has a neat scratch resistance built into it.  

Off Road Sketch Dull Black Silver Helmet

In fact, in all the time we tested it (rigorously, mind you); we never were able to put even a dent on it. Comfort-wise, the inside is well padded. The webbed material highly ensures proper aeration at all times. It is also detachable and can be washed. So yeah, bad odor is a non-issue with this helmet. 

The traction plates, coupled with the adjustable strap, means that you can enjoy a snug, comfortable fit at all times. Furthermore, for eye protection, there is a tinted sporty visor & a sunshade along with goggle support. 


  • Sturdy ABS frame For superior impact protection 
  • Removable, comfy inner lining + triple air vents combo keeps the wearer super happy at all times 
  • Matte shaded scratch-resistant coating 
  • Smoked visor 
  • Highly adjustable strap 

The pros 

  • True sporty look and feel 
  • Goggle support 
  • Enhanced airflow and cooling 
  • ISI certified 

The cons 

  • Not the most lightest best racing helmets in India around 
  • Can get loud inside 
Product #3

Vega Crux DX

Flip-Up Helmet 

Made by Vega, one of the most popular best racing helmets in India makers, the Crux DX features a unique flip-up design that’s best for both daily commuting and hardcore racing. With a shell fabricated from tough ABS, this ISI helmet further features ample cloth, foam padding inside to give your head total protection from all sides.  

Vega Crux DX FlipUp Helmet

The raised scratch and UV resistant visor deliver outstanding visibility while reducing drag, even when the chin guard is up. We loved how well the noise has been reduced inside. Do note that the helmet may feel a bit cramped at first. After a week or two, it’ll better fit you – it did for us. 

As for the flip-up mechanism, just click on the red button below & you can raise the chin guard to the forehead level & lock it there. It’s quite stable, indeed. The chinstrap is adjustable and helps to get a snug fit effortlessly. 


  • Impact-resistant, long-lasting ABS shell construction 
  • Extremely comfortable, well-aerated interior padding and hit absorbing foam and cloth lining 
  • Unique flip-up chin guard mechanism 
  • Highly adjustable chin strap for that perfect fit and feel 
  • Large Tinted visor 

The pros 

  • A sleek, understated design 
  • Scratch and UV resistant visor setup 
  • ISI approved 
  • 10-days returnable 

The cons 

  • The helmet can be a bit too bulky for some 
  • Long break-in period 

Product #4

Steelbird SB-50 Adonis Zap

Classic Full Face Helmet 

This all-black best racing helmet India from Steelbird really has a mean look to it, especially with the large visor that dominates the front. Built from high-grade ABS composite, the helmet can effortlessly endure even the toughest impacts with ease. The lightweight design makes wearing it a breeze & for comfort, the interior has a ton of padding.  

Steelbird SB-50 Adonis Zap

Personally, we enjoyed how sleek & aerodynamic the design was. There was a minimal drag, and the air vents on the front and back kept everything relatively cool & sweat-free. 

The matte leather finish touch feels good in the hand and helps keep the dust away. That said, it is a bit too scratch-prone. The strong buckle and strap everything snug and well fit. The helmet is also available in Red. 


  • Aerodynamic, highly durable, and ultra-modern 
  • Superior webbed padding inside for maximum cooling, comfort and impact absorption 
  • Leather-inspired “matte” finish 
  • Dual air vents for cooler, sweat free riding 
  • Quick-release buckle 

The pros 

  • Fairly lightweight 
  • Large aeronautic style clear visor 
  • ISI certified 
  • Modern looks 

The cons 

  • Only available in a single, large size 
  • Scratch prone 

Product #5

Gliders Fusion

Full Face ABS Shell Helmet

The final entry on our best racing helmets review In India, the Gliders Fushion headgear features an understated yet sporty design that apt for the track and the highways. The tougher ABS polycarbonate shell offers excellent impact protection, and we loved how comfy it was on the inside thanks to the cool, softer paddings inside.  

Gliders. Fusion Full Face ABS Shell Helmet

The air vents on the front, top, and rear give ample ventilation to the driver. And yes, the interior padding is both removable and washable, thus limiting the risk of odor build-up. In fact, it also has an anti-bacterial coating inside to prevent germs from affecting your health.  

The large, clear visor on the front is quite good. It has scratch & anti-fog resistance, so visibility is very on par with the best. For racers who need a wobble-free fit, the strong, adjustable chinstrap delivers the perfect fit you need.  


  • Ultra-tough, ABS plastic shell 
  • Anti-bacterial, removable inner padding + ton of air-vents for superior comfort to the rider at all times 
  • Larger visor for better vision outdoors 
  • Adjustable chin strap 
  • Anti-fog ventilation system 

The pros 

  • Fairly lightweight and sleek 
  • Scratch-resistant 
  • ISI rated 
  • Noiseless 

The cons 

  • Not as aesthetically pleasing as other helmets in this list 
  • No tinted choice 

Best Racing Helmets In India – The Buying Guide 

A tool that may save your lives one day, it’s important you pick the “right” perfect helmet to fit your racing needs – here’re some things to consider; 

1) Durability & safety 

Meant to withstand high-speed impacts, drops, and general wear and tear, the best racing helmets in India should be lightweight, well-padded, and must feature safety guards like MIPS/M.E.D.S integrated into it. To avoid neck injuries, make sure it has a rotational energy transfer and a solid chin guard.  

If you can afford it, go with a carbon fibre/fiberglass helmets over the typical abs ones, as the former tend to be more impact resistant. 

2) Comfort & fitting 

Look for a fairly light helmet that snug on the neck and scalp, but not too much, it causes discomfort or pain. It should be cool, with a lot of airflows. And if possible, opt-in for removable lining for better hygiene. 

Above all, the helmet shouldn’t wobble at high speeds. Make sure the chinstrap is durable & can be adjusted to your exact needs. 

3) Pricing (how much to spend?)  

In our opinion, it’s always better to go for the budget-racing helmet India than premium-priced models, as when the time comes for them to break – as they are supposed to – the less you’re wallet has to suffer  

That said, they CAN still be pricey. So expect to spend around 1000 to 3000 rupees or more for a decent, reliable option. 

Best Racing Helmets Review In India – Frequently Asked Questions 

Cool, protective, and packed with features – the best racing helmet India field is evolving. However, it’s also racked with doubts – a lot! 

Here are a few common racing helmets questions answered for you; 

1) Can I use these helmets for daily commuting too? 

Yes, you can. But honestly, it’s better to limit these to the track alone, as the big size, heaviness, and flashy designs may not suit your daily lives.  

The choice is up to you… 

2) My new racing helmet feels too tight – is it supposed to be like that? 

To ensure proper fitting, most racing helmet makers intentionally make their helmet’s inner padding quite tight. Don’t worry, within a week or two; the extra padding will break down with use & will better fit you like a glove.  

3) How long can the best racing helmets in India last (on average)? 

With proper care & attention, best racing helmets in India can last you for up to 5 years or even more sans issues. That said, its still recommended to change your helmets every 3 to 5 years for safety purposes. 

Above all, never wear a helmet that’s broken or damaged as they can splinter in an accident & can cause more damage. 

Best racing helmets brands in India – wrapping up 

Racing a bike is fun, but two-wheelers were and is still the most dangerous vehicle on the road thanks to its naked construction. The risk is real, and if you’re smart, it’s high time you get best racing helmets in India for safety. 

As you can see above, these are the top 5 racing helmets that we think offer the best bang for your buck& safety on the track & beyond – They are stylish, cool, and above all, they can definitely save lives! When picking, make sure to never compromise on your racing needs, even if it costs extra. Get a helmet that YOU feel is worth it. Remember, a helmet is only part of the safeguarding puzzle. Do make sure also to wear protective suits, gloves, goggles and other safety guards for all-around safety on the track 

Remember, you can never be too careful, especially when it’s your life on the line. Do wear a helmet and be safe out there. 

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