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Best Sai Baba Wall Sticker In India 2021 Prices & Reviews

A fakir, sadguru, orator and a spiritual master – the great Sai Baba, in his wonderful lifetime, has worn many, many hats. For his devotees, he was a god, a beacon of hope, and yeah, his miracles are still world-renowned. From peace to happiness to love and more, his blessings have the power to make even the impossible things possible – yes. A blessing that you too can now enjoy with the best Sai Baba wall sticker in India 2021 solutions. Meant for the true devotees, read on for an awesome buying guide and reviews on five of the best Sai Baba wall poster in India models and their many blessings & benefits.

Made in his holy images, these wall stickers are more than just a wall art to help beautify your home’s interiors. Radiating his power, love and blessings think of them as a way to bring his holiness into your lives. After all, he had said, “Touch the soil of Shirdi, and you’ll get moksha”. And for us, his devotees best Sai Baba wall sticker in India 2021 is just that – a piece of our very own Shirdi.

Adding a little blessing to our lives, here is everything you need to know about the best Sai Baba wall poster in India– including where to buy, a buying guide, their designs, benefits, features, etc…

Best Sai Baba Wall Sticker In India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Product  #1

#1 Rawpockets ‘Sai Baba’

Wall Sticker (PVC Vinyl, 0.99 cm x 65 cm x 90 cm)

Featuring baba in one of his iconic poses, this particularly best Sai Baba wall sticker in India 2021 is crafted out of a multicolor, Vinyl PVC material, which makes it much sleeker and tougher. HD printing looks good. And the same goes for the colors as well, popping in bright shades. Reinforced with tear-proof edges, the life-sized sticker/decal is also is quite easy to install. Just clean-up your wall, wipe the dust, peel of the backing, stick – that’s it. Just remember not to fix it on uneven surfaces like textured walls or unpolished wooden panels, as the finishing – thanks to it being super thin – can be badly affected.

Rawpockets 'Sai Baba' Wall Sticker (PVC Vinyl, 0.99 cm x 65 cm x 90 cm)-Review Sparrow

Available with an instruction manual for easier installation, this Sai Baba wall poster in India comes with a 10-day returnable warranty. Plus, as an added bonus, it’s also Amazon delivered, promising faster service. Water and dust resistant, just make sure not to install it in a place where there is direct sunlight or a much higher level of moisture as this can ruin it faster.

Verdict: If you love Sai Baba, you are bound to love this best Sai Baba wall sticker in India 2021 too, thanks to its vibrant colors, creative depiction, and overall, the sheer outstanding beauty of it


  • High strength PVC material for superior durability
  • HD printing with dot-free design
  • Bright, popping colors
  • Iconic “sitting baba” pose depiction
  • High strength adhesive


  • Large size
  • 10 days replacement
  • Easy to install
  • Multicolor design
  • Easy to clean


  • Doesn’t do well under sunlight
  • Too thin

Customer opinion

Sathish Kumar: I loved it. I can feel baba’s power from it. Install was easy. And it’s also easy to care for. Jai Sree baba!

Product  #2

#2 Rangoli Wall Sticker Print Sai Baba

On White Glossy Vinyl with Strong Gumming and Stick on Room, Car,Door,Temple,Glass,

A stark departure from the more 2D designs, this stylishly handsome glossy, 3-Dimensional best Sai Baba wall poster in India is sure to attract the envy and love of all your guests.

Depicting baba in all his glory, including his famous crown and the garlands, this 180 CM wall sticker is fully crafted out of a tough, water-resistant Vinyl material that’s meant to last for 5+ years. In fact, the glossy texture is stain and Fingerprint resistant. Powered by Amazon, you’ll also get a 10-day returnable warranty with this product too.

Rangoli Wall Sticker Print Sai Baba On White Glossy Vinyl -Review Sparrow

As far as installation goes, it’s a pretty standard affair – just clean, peel and stick. That said, the makers do warn against sticking it on textured, uneven surfaces, as it can weaken the adhesive.

Verdict: Depicting baba in all his glory, this top, best Sai Baba wall poster for home in India is one that not to be missed out on. The 3D looks good, and the glossy texture brilliantly adds to the effect.


  • Stunning, 3-Dimensional design with a glossy coating
  • Tough, tear-resistant Vinyl build
  • Waterproof
  • Large coverage at 180cm
  • Fast, easy install


  • Neat, semi-life like, mural design
  • Stain-proof
  • 10 days returnable
  • Long lifespan
  • Tough


  • Can’t stick on textured walls
  • Too pricey

Customer opinion

Rajesh Koshi : It just got delivered, and I already installed it! perfect for Puja rooms, get this sticker today & stay blessed.

Product  #3

#3 Decorvilla PVC Vinyl 

Sai Baba Wall Sticker and Decal (55 x 60 cm, Multicolor)

A gorgeous blend of line art and multicolor, this stunning best Sai Baba wall poster for home in India is all about power, adopting baba’s legendary sitting pose in a spectacularly vibrant fashion. One whole meter all across, the sticker is a vinyl-based creation.

Fully matte, the printing is totally HD, with bright, punchy colors and dot-free execution. In fact, the high- grade ink used here further ensures that the design is durable, fade-free, and water-resistant. Finally, as far as delivery goes, you’ll get it sealed in a thick, plastic tube – perfect for storage.

Decorvilla PVC Vinyl Sai Baba Wall Sticker and Decal (55 x 60 cm, Multicolor)-Review Sparrow

With the usual “peel & stick” installation process, the DecorVilla Sai Baba wall sticker is fuelled by a heavy-duty adhesive that is dust and water-resistant. In fact, being repositionable, you can also adjust & replace it per your needs. It’s designed to leave no residue upon removal

Verdict: Another DecorVilla masterpiece, this vibrant, water-resistant, vinyl has a lot going for it. But you know what its biggest perk is? It’s offered at the cheap, best Sai Baba wall sticker price in India, of course.


  • Highly durable, thick Vinyl construction
  • High-grade adhesive
  • Colorful “sitting Baba” depiction
  • Easy return policy
  • Water, dust and stain resistant


  • Matte coating
  • Zero-dot printing
  • Easy install
  • Repositionable adhesive
  • Cheap


  • Can’t stick to uneven surfaces
  • Limited sizes

Customer opinion

Raghav Mehta: The perfect size for my living room, it’s so good!. Planning to get a few more for my family. Huge thumbs up!!!

Best Sai Baba Wall Poster in India – the best 2 ever!

Product  #4

#4 Wallstick ‘Sai Baba of Shirdi’

Wall Sticker (Vinyl, 49 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm)

Loved the previous sticker but needs one with a quote? Well, if that’s the case, you’re sure to love the Wallstick “Sai Baba Shirdi” poster. Another vinyl creation but in a thinner, lighter design, the wall sticker is a multi-colored one, with a strong thicker line art bringing it alive.

Made fully in India, the matte texture ensures that its tough & scratch resistant. And hey, if that’s not impressive enough, the product is also repositionable, thanks to the brilliant adhesive the makers have used on this best Sai Baba wall sticker in India.

Wallstick ‘Sai Baba of Shirdi’ Wall Sticker (Vinyl, 49 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm)-Review Sparrow

A bit smaller in size at 49mm, the sticker’s biggest perk, of course, is the added teaching from Sree Sai Baba himself “all action results from thought. So, it’s the thoughts that matter” – wise words, indeed.

Verdict: Perfect for puja rooms and living halls, this affordably priced wall sticker brings a unique element that others are not: a drive to impart baba’s holy teachings to those who lay their eyes on – Brilliant, indeed!


  • Stunning, colorful and bright Baba depiction
  • Thick vinyl base
  • Heavy-duty, reusable adhesive
  • Matte finish
  • Water, dust and weatherproof


  • Colorful
  • Made in India branding
  • Tear-proof
  • Long life span (4+ years)
  • Affordable


  • No actual return policy
  • Somewhat thin

Customer opinion

Gayatri Sena: Superb! I loved the way it looks. I myself was able to install it. The delivery was fast too. Overall, very nice.

Product  #5

#5 Asmi Collection Pvc

Wall Stickers Sai Baba

If you are a fan of minimalism and simple art, then you are sure to fall in love with this amazing best Sai Baba wall poster in India from Asmi Collection. Rated at 93 centimeters in height and 53 in length, this wonderful creation is made out of a tougher, vinyl material than others in this best Sai Baba wall sticker review in India.

Its water-resistant, scratchproof, and even comes with a 4+ year lifespan. What’s more, the heavy-duty adhesive is also repositionable, allowing you to adjust and change the installation even after the first few times.

Asmi Collection Pvc Wall Stickers Sai Baba-Review Sparrow

Armed with a ten-day returnable warranty, this best Sai Baba sticker in India furthermore comes bundled with an eco-friendly quality – something you’re sure to love a lot in the long run.

Verdict: Made by one of the best Sai Baba wall sticker brands in India, the Asmi Collection baba wall poster all about being simple, just like Sree Baba himself. For that reason alone, it’s worth checking out.


  • Simple, line art of baba in his popular sitting pose
  • Tough, water-resistant vinyl base
  • Reusable adhesive
  • 10 days replacement warranty
  • Easy application


  • Larger footprint
  • Long-lasting build quality
  • Tear-proof
  • Eco-friendly build
  • Cheap


  • Only available in a large size
  • Glue loses its potency after multiple reapplies

Customer opinion

Sanjay Gupta: Master Class!  It looks appealing in black color. Perfect one for light-colored walls

Best Sai Baba Wall Sticker In India 2021 – A Guide to Buying Them

Designed to immortalize his presence into our lives, the Sai Baba wall stickers, at the end of the day, are still, well… wall stickers. And being so, there’re some things you need to check out before buying them.

To help you find the perfect Sai Baba wall sticker, we’ve put together a list of all the best, major factors to look out for when buying these holy posters – their main features, qualities, brands, etc…


The designs

As far as Sai Baba wall stickers go, there are plenty to choose from. From colored ones, line arts, murals, textures to even 3D ones, you can find the best Sai Baba wall sticker for home in India on every imaginable design.

As a handy tip, make sure the art design is simple, easy to install, and must also need to be respectful and moral. Don’t forget, we’re here trying to represent one of the holiest individuals ever lived, after all.

The choice, therefore, we’ll leave to you. Consider your needs, the themes, décor & pick a size that better suits them

The perfect size

Make no mistake: it doesn’t matter how beautiful a wall sticker is, if the final presentation is bad, then it’s all for naught. As far as the size goes, it’s better to stick with a wall sticker that’s small to medium in size. Try to keep it at eye level. It needs to be visible from every angle.

Do note that these stickers are also priced depending on their sizes, with the larger ones costing a pretty penny.

So yeah, go choose wisely.

The material

Made primarily out of plastic, plywood, and vinyl, the best Sai Baba wall poster for home in India can be found being made with all sorts of materials. Personally, we’d recommend you to go with the vinyl or plastic options, as they are easier to apply, clean has more durability. It can even retain its looks for longer, with some variants claiming to last for decades.

That said, the decision, my friend, is up to you. Just the material YOU feel will do the best for your home’s needs.

Adhesive quality

Designed to be mostly semi-permanent, it’s highly important that the glue used in these wall stickers is not harmful to humans, nor are they be bad enough to cause any damages to your home.

If the glue isn’t your jam, You can also find models that are non-adhesive, using “Static” instead to stick to your walls.

Ease of installation (why go for best Sai Baba wall sticker brands in India?)

For all the beauty they bring, wall stickers are still a finicky lot as far as their installations are concerned, with everything from, air bubbles, stretch marks, folds and more trying to ruin the fun.

To help ensure a perfect look, try and ensure that you are only buying from trusted best Sai Baba wall sticker brands in India, especially ones that offer expert-driven installations.

Sure, you may need to pay extra. But for the perfect looks, it can guarantee, it’s definitely worth the greens

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Sai Baba Wall Sticker Review In India

1) Vinyl Vs Plastic – which is best for me?

It depends. If your wall is smooth & has a shinier paint, its best to go with vinyl decals as it can offer s better, seamless finishing. On the other hand though, if your walls are textured, go with plastic made best Sai Baba wall sticker in India 2021 as they are easier to install and care for.

The decision, as you can see, is subjective. Therefore, try and base your judgment as per your everyday needs

2) How hard are these stickers to install?

Made with simplicity in mind, most of the best Sai Baba wall poster for home in India models we have reviewed are fairly easy to install – Just unwrap them, clean your walls, slap it on, and smooth it out.

That said, we do recommend springing for an expert installation team as it can offer you a more precise finish.

3) Are these wall stickers safe, especially for kids?

Yes, they are very safe. Made out of “anti-toxic” materials, these best Sai Baba wall sticker in India 2021 models are completely safe for use under any conditions, even for kid’s bedrooms.

4) How can I clean them?

As far as cleaning them goes, mildly damp cloth and a bit of hand soap should do the trick for removing any dirt, dust or any other stains from your decals.

That said, just say no to strong chemicals, as it can cause bubbling, running, streaking or even fading, if used for long.

5) Okay, but can I easily remove them too?

Absolutely yes! You can easily remove these wall posters if you want too. Just make sure to peel them slowly and steadily to help better avoid any damages to the sticker itself or your walls.

That said, we do recommend (again!) expert intervention for a better, more consistent results.

Buy Top Sai Baba Wall Decor In India

A legend unlike any, it’s true that Sai Baba may not be with us anymore, having ascended to the divine on 15 October 1918. But hey, that shouldn’t stop you from getting his blessings and enjoy his teachings. In fact, with these best Sai Baba wall sticker in India 2021 solutions, you can now easily revel in his power & scriptures even from the comforts of your home!

It wasn’t easy – mind you. But keeping his power in mind, the high quality and spectacular designs, we dearly hope that these five best Sai Baba wall poster in India will be up to your expectations.

Best Sai Baba Wall Sticker In India – The Final

Now, the onus falls to you. Go through the review again, consider the options, their features and pick a best Sai Baba wall sticker in India 2021 that catch your eye – come, its time to express your love for baba today!

Hi, as fellow baba bakhts, we’d love to hear from you. So feel free to throw us a comment down below & we’ll get back to you.

Well, until next time,

Jai Sai ram

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