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Best Saibaba Marble Statue In India 2021 Prices and Reviews

Of course, we are all the devotees of Sai Baba. And, it is highly peculiar to quantify the followers of him. The entire world is distributed with Sai Baba’s divine power. The idols are the choices to get the closest bond with him. Check out this review article on the best Saibaba marble statue in India and buy the one to strengthen your spirituality.

Touching the Feet of Sai Baba White Marble Statue in India

One of my closest friends gifted me with a Saibaba white marble statue on our housewarming day. Not to mention, I didn’t expect it on that special day. But, I thought it was Sai Baba’s wish to stay at my home.

All set. I have got a precious small wooden mandir for that Sai Baba white marble idol in our pooja room. Our pooja space gets a complete look and vibes. And, now it becomes my daily practice to worship Saibaba marble statue before starting my day-out.

When pressing Sai Baba’s feet, I could feel nervous, but that seamlessly regulates my heartbeat. I take it as a chance to communicate with Sai Baba personally. I spend at least a minute every day to chat with him, nothing but to the white marble Saibaba statue. Yes, I’m mad. But that’s ok. I’m happy about that.

By the way, what’s so special about that BEST Sai Baba marble statue gifted by my dear friend?

Buy Top Saibaba Marble Statue In India – 2021

Note: We have been updating this list with the most-satisfied Sai Baba marble statues that receive positive feedback and recommendations from the customers.

Product #1

#1 Krishna Gallery White

100% Pure Sai Baba Marble Statue

Krishna Gallery is always reliable in making such durable and appealing god statues and idols. It’s white marble Saibaba statue proves it again. One of the popular brands in sculpturing and manufacturing your favorite toys, idols, statues, etc. out of clay, wood, and marble.

This particular Sai Baba white marble idol I have presented here receives good customer ratings. It is made up of dust marble with long-lasting colors.

Krishi Sai Baba Murti Dust Idol Statue - Review Sparrow

By the way, you can easily clean it with micro-fiber or soft cotton clothes to retain its polish look.

The inner details are accurately curved to ensure the fine polishing and clear-cut product finishing.

Indeed, the Sai Baba marble statues are available in different sizes. You may place it in your pooja room, car dashboard, or on the office table as you like.

It’s best to gift for wedding anniversary, house warming, wedding return gift, office or shop inaugurations, etc.

It gives a luxury look and spiritual feel to your pooja space and tweaks your mind to be more positive.


  • Made of pure white marble
  • Durable product
  • Perfect for home, office, car, etc.
  • Easy to clean


  • Available in different sizes (inches)
  • Perfect color palettes
  • Available in the most popular posture of Sai Baba
  • Low prices
  • Free delivery


  • Item comes with other accessories like dresses

Product #2

#2 Krishi Sai Baba

Murti Dust Idol Statue

In recent days, the gifting culture becomes trending. It’s a good practice to show our love, respect, and thanks to our beloved ones. Sai Baba white marble idols can be the best one to show your wish and blessings towards their well-being and goodness.

This Sai Baba Murti idol can be a perfect piece of decoration to enhance the richness of your bungalow. Most of the offices, hotels, shops, etc. have such an auspicious Sai Baba marble idols to welcome and greet their consumers warmly.

Krishna Gallery White 100% Pure Sai Baba Marble Statue- Review Sparrow

Spread the vibes of Sai Baba in your workspaces to boost positivity and productivity. I had come across more miracles people say about praising him. By the way, the white marble Sai baba idol can relax you from stress and gives peace of mind.

If can’t wait to buy a Sai baba statue in India, make your order from the trusted seller at Amazon. They are experienced in making polymarble, metal, and fiber statues and idols.


  • Made of polymarble
  • Hand-made one
  • Easy washable
  • Neat & smooth finishing


  • Available in different sizes
  • More positive reviews received
  • Best to gift your beloved ones
  • Suits everywhere


  • Doesn’t come with more vibrant colors

Product #3

#3 ShivaniArt PolyMarble

Sai Baba Statue

If you set to buy a 6-inch Sai baba statue to empower your pooja rack to sprinkle the essence of positivity, then buy this one from Shivani Art. They are the best and popular for all hand-made products making a wide range of religious idols and statues.

The statue weighs around 700 gm. It’s quite easy to carry as a gift to give it to someone. Always the little things stay in mind and remain memorable. In such a case, I gifted this one to my Mom on her birthday.

ShivaniArt PolyMarble Sai Baba Statue - Review Sparrow

Not only for gifts, being a small one, it better suits your car dashboard. Whenever you start your day with the car, it gives hope that Sairam is always traveling with you. He is there to safeguard you all the time.

Indeed, there are abundant pooja mandirs available online in wooden pieces. As this marble Sairam statue is fully white, placing it in the wooden mandir would give a perfect divine look and feel.


  • Full white statue
  • Good for gifting purpose
  • Product dimensions: 9*7*16 cm
  • The smaller size of 6-inch
  • Made up of polymarble


  • Being a little one best to place in car dashboards
  • Even you can have it in your suitcases to carry anywhere
  • Easy to carry and pack for gifting


  • Comes with complete white even with no colors for his streaks on the forehead or eyeballs

Product #4

#4 Sai Amrut Marble

Sai Baba Idol

The above Sai Baba idol comes in 6 inches. If you are looking for still a smaller one, then buy this Sai Baba white marble statue at Amazon.

Though it comes in different sizes, it ranges from 3.5 to 9 inches. The minimum size of 3.5 inches white Sai baba statue can be the best fit into your pocket or pouch. Whenever you feel depressed or stresses, you can have it handy to pray or talk to Saibaba personally.

Sai Amrut Marble Sai Baba Idol - Review Sparrow

It’s like your hand-kerchief to carry everywhere you go.

However, it must be your choice to gift your friends or family members at a lower price. You can easily stack it on your car or even bike dashboards with glues.

You can also easily clean it with wet or dry cotton clothes regularly. It is made up of high-quality Italian marble. Its purity resembles his beliefs and encourages his followers to entitle charity and live regular family life with hope.

So, make a purchase now and fulfill your day.


  • Made up f Italian white marble
  • Ideal for pooja room, car, home décor or gifting
  • Highly durable


  • Available in various sizes (3.5 to 9 inch)
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Free delivery
  • Portable as comes in smaller size 3.5 inch


  • Pure white, comes with no other color at all

Product #5

#5 Krishna Gallery Sai Baba

Murti Marble Idol Statue

The idle Sai Baba white statue comes with necessary color palettes, whereas the other few comes in full white.

For streaks on his forehead, lip color, earrings, eyebrows, eyeballs, etc. comes in perfect color painting to highlight. This antique painting work gives a realistic look to the Sai baba idol. This attractive Sairam statue is the best showpiece for your office table. Also, it gives an appealing look to boost up your enthusiasm while working.

Krishna Gallery Sai Baba Murti Marble Idol Statue - Review Sparrow

As we all know, Krishna Gallery is good at manufacturing these kinds of clay, marble, fibre statues, and idols. The most recommended seller who delivers your order on time.
To gift your beloved ones for their birthdays, anniversaries, or spiritual trips gift such white and colored Sai baba to convey your blessings, wishes, and gratitude.


  • Manufactured with pure dust white marble
  • Finished with perfect color paintings
  • Absolute carvings and finishing
  • Glossy look


  • Available in different sizes
  • Low-cost Sai Baba marble statue
  • Best for gifting purposes
  • Use it as home décor or showpiece


  • Doesn’t come with other Sai baba accessories

Buying Best Sai Baba Marble Statue In India – Reviews & Buying Guide

I was casually inquiring my friend about his idea to gift this white marble Sairam idol to me. Indeed, Sai Baba is an eternal soul who spreads the principles of faith and patience. Additionally, the particular Saibaba white marble one I had brought spiritual attachment to it.

Then, I found he spent a few hours to browse and find the masterpiece. I’m sure; you people might be looking for such Sai Baba marble idols for your home, office, cars, or even to gift your loved ones.

Hence, I thought of helping you with this best Sai Baba marble statue review in India 2021. Sure, this Saibaba marble statue online buying guide will help you. Buying a Saibaba white marble statue kills your time as it comes in various postures, colors, and sizes. Most importantly, you get it from different makers and Sai baba marble statue manufacturers and sellers.

How to Buy White Marble Best Saibaba Statue Online in India?

So, how to buy a spiritual Sai Baba marble statue online? Sai baba being one of the most worshipped Lord in recent days, his statues, posts, calendars, etc. are in high demand. However, Sai Baba photos, banners, crystals are available abundance in the market.

Still, how to purchase a Sai Baba marble statue online? Among the varieties, which one to buy? What decides the quality of a Saibaba marble statue?

  • Define your purpose of buying (For you or to gift somebody)
  • In the case of gifting, for what occasion or event you want to present?
  • Where you want to keep the Sai Baba marble statue or idol? (Either at your home or car or office table or in your pooja room)
  • Do you prefer white marble Sai Baba statue?
  • Any specific Sai Baba posture you are looking for?
  • Size of the Sai Ram marble statue
  • Product finishing quality
  • And, finally, your budget or cost limitations, if any.

In this Saibaba marble statue review in India article, I will help you with all these. I’m about to review the top 5 Sai Baba marble statues in India that are more sellable and the most powerful.

Spread Sai Baba Marble Statue Vibes Everywhere

An ardent believer would love to initiate their special days, events, and occasions with their beloved god. The divine blessing and state of patience one get worshipping Sai baba statues are highly hard to express in words. In such a case, you have Sai Baba blessings at your home, workplace, travel, or anywhere you are.

Saibaba marble statues and idols are highly preferred by his devotees as it gives high spiritual bonding and emotional bonding.

Even if you are a Vastu and Feng Shai believer, there is no matter where you place Sai Baba idols at your home. He is everywhere. Where ever you wish to locate your beloved Saibaba marble statue in India, ensure to keep it in the mandir.

Try not to display it in your living room like a showpiece. Sai baba is known for the holiness and power of eternity. Best be protecting those placing in a small mandir in your home.

So, as you have decided to buy the best Saibaba marble statue in India, check out the top-rated, most-satisfied, cheap, and high-quality statues listed and reviewed here.


While leading a busy and stressful life, we always forget to think about the well-being of others and helping them. Sai Baba’s main disciple is to live healthily and dedicate your life to those who suffer. Sai Baba has no distinction in religion or caste. He is always our favorite living god. Having his idols at our place strengthens our inner quality, hope, and prosperity.

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