Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine In India

Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine In India 2021 + Prices & Complete Reviews

Without a doubt, the best semi automatic washing machines are ideal for those dealing with water issues at home. These are super affordable, and when compared with their fully automatic counterparts, these make better sense for the Indian middle class, as they are also easy on electrical consumption levels. They come in many capacities, and under many price points. It’s apt for 5-6 member families.

Almost all popular brands in India like LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, etc… offer semi automatic options as of today. Some are perfect, some…meh. To help cut through all the marketing nose, here’s a complete review of 5 of the best semi-automatic washing machines in India units worth buying today + a buying guide & an FAQ.

So yeah, without any further ado, let’s get started.’

Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine In India – A Household Essential, Indeed!

As the name itself makes it clear, this machine is only partly automatic, so it still needs some manual effort from you to help it function – you first need to add water in the tub yourself, and when everything is washed, the water draining too is up to you. While this IS A CHORE, you have better control over how the needed water & power leads to savings.

The semi automatic machines are generally top-loading, so there’ll be 2 separate tubs for washing and drying processes. While fully automatic options are still better, these are great for budget clientele & first-timers.

The Top 5 Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine In India – Reviews & Buying Guide

The best, cheap middle ground between fully automatic and hand washing is the best semi automatic washing machines a dime a dozen today.

Here’re some of our favorites;

Product #1

LG 8 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic

Top Loading Washing Machine

Designed for small to medium-sized families, the LG P8035SRMZ 8.0 Kg best semi automatic washing machine comes with three washing modes – normal, strong, and soak – for easy & faster cloth cleaning process. The built-in roller jet water pulsator guarantees better friction between cloths and can easily remove dust, dirt, and stains. It also has a built-in collar scrubber to give your clothes that all around refreshment.

LG 8 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic

The controls are quite straightforward and easy. The clear lid is a nice addition too. The smooth tires make moving around this device very easy. And you also don’t have to worry about rats as the handy RatAway tech keeps them at bay.

The Pros

  • Stylish, modern design (nice burgundy/white tone)
  • Large 8KG capacity – ideally sized to meet the needs of small to a medium Indian family
  • 3 different cloth washing modes
  • Rust & shockproof plastic body with waterproofing
  • Built-in lint collector

The Cons

  • No facility for hot water washing
  • Plastic body
Product #2

Samsung 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic

Top Loading Washing Machine

With three different washing modes – normal, delicate, and intensive – and a special scrub board to help remove that pesky stains, the Samsung WT725QPNDMPXTL semi automatic offers extraordinary value for money – and how. The special “jets of water “uses high pressure to rapidly float the cloths in the drum, improving washing efficiency while avoiding tangling. The built-in turbo drier is one of the best in its class. The dual air intake draws more air rapidly in and dries the clothing’s in rapid fashion while lessening creasing.

Samsung 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic

Ergonomic-wise, the rust-proof, textured plastic body feels rather durable. Even at full speed (1000 RPM), we felt next to no vibration – it’s mighty tough, alright. The buzzer helps to keep score by alerting you when the washing is done.

The Pros

  • Built-in lint filter helps tackle loose threads, lint’s, hair, etc. and prevents them from blocking up the pipes
  • 3 different washing modes + max 1000 RPM speed – sparkling cloths guaranteed!
  • Powerful air turbo drying system
  • Warranty – 2 years on the machine, and 5 years on the motor
  • Child lock integration

The Cons

  • The spin air drier drum is quite small, so that multiple sessions may be required
  • Not the most stylish (subjective)
Product #3

Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic

Top Loading Washing Machine

This popular, stylish Whirlpool 7 Kg rated semi-automatic washer is notable for its signature all super soak technology, which sees the cloths continuously soaked & washed around for optimum destruction of dirt and stains. In fact, it also has a built-in collar scrubber for that top to bottom clean effect. The large 66 liter offers plenty of room for the clothes to spin without tangling, and the powerful 340V motor ensures enough juice to clean even heavy jeans and cotton clothing’s – pretty nice for the price.

Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic

We get a shockproof plastic chassis that sits on a wheeled base for easy portability across the home on the exterior. The drier is decently sized, and with the maximum 1400 RPM speed, it makes drying clothes a breeze.

The Pros

  • Powerful 340-watt motor + large 66-liter tub – perfect for dealing with weekend bulk laundry needs
  • Wheeled bottom for easy moving between rooms
  • Comes in several great colors
  • Class-leading dryer – dry any clothes under just 5 minutes
  • 2-year warranty

The Cons

  • The spin tub gets pretty noisy if cloths are not balanced properly
  • Separate water outlets for washtub & drier
Product #4

Amazon Basics 8 kg

Semi-automatic Washing Machine

With a top 7 Kg capacity, the AmazonBasics best semi Automatic washing machine for home in India packs in some serious features at a not so serious price point – observe! The dual wash modes (heavy, normal) and punch type pulsator does a good job on dirt and tough stains. A pretty good lint tray too is present & accounted for. Must say, the build quality is phenomenal here. It’s plastic (obviously); however, it’s the good kind. The panels are shock and waterproof, and the control knobs have a neat chrome highlight on them for premium style.

Amazon Basics 8 kg

Chrome knobs on dials and silver handle enhance the look of the washing machine. The Transparent lid gives a clear view of the wash and spin cycles in progress, and there is also a loud buzzer integration t let you know when the washing is done.

The Pros

  • 2-year warranty on the machine, 5-year warranty on the motor
  • Tough, anti-rust plastic build
  • Built-in scrubber for cleaning collars & cuffs
  • Lint filter support
  • Decently powerful air drier

The Cons

  • Not exactly suitable for cleaning delicate clothing like silk, laces, etc…
  • The after-sale service is not that good
Product #5

Onida 6.5 kg Washer Only

Semi-automatic washing machine

If you are under a strict budget and is ok with missing out on the drier to keep the price down, the popular Onida WS65WLPT1LR semi automatic washing machine is definitely worth a consideration. The decently powerful 270-watt motor is good enough to clean dirt and stains from your clothes with adequate results. The hydraulic pulsator inside offers strong water flow & cleans clothes without much tangling. Furthermore, the dual wash modes – normal & delicate – make sure that the machine is ideal for all kinds of clothes, both thick & thin.

Onida 6.5 kg Washer Only

For the price, the build quality is pretty good. The strong plastic chassis does a good job braving the impacts & is shockproof too. A buzzer alert is present to inform when the washing is done, and finally, a 1-year warranty wraps everything up.


  • The 270-watt motor & hydraulic pulsator offers ample power to meet most laundry needs with ease
  • Dual washing modes for more efficient cleaning results
  • Transparent lid
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Comes with the cheapest best semi automatic washing machine price in India

The Cons

  • There is no built-in drier here – Beware!
  • Low load capacity

Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine Review In India – Full Buying Guide

As you saw, India’s best semi automatic washing machines come with many different features and specifications. To ensure you select a model that better meet your laundry requirements, consider the following factors:

1) Washing Capacity (the most important thing to consider)

In this case, capacity refers to the weight of clothes that the machine can handle in one cycle. Here in India, most semi automatic machines offer a capacity ranging between 6 to 11 kilos (13- 24 pounds).

Here’s how you can find YOUR required capacity (per family size);

  • Up to 6.5 kg capacity – perfect for 2-3 member sized families
  • 5 to 8 Kg capacity – suitable for 4-5 members
  • More than 8 Kg capacity – suitable for large/joint families with 5+ members

2) Spin speeds (for dryer)

The faster the spin speed is, the easier and faster your clothes are going to get dried. Different materials of cloths need different spin speeds. For example, wool needs 600 – 800 RPM to get dried adequately. Synthetic, on the other hand, requires a spin speed of around 800 to 1000 RPM. Cotton needs at least 900 to 1400 RPM to dry.

If the washing machine comes saddled with a default spin speed, the ideal speed to shoot for is 1000 RPM or above for reliable performance.

3) Other key things to consider

For better results, get the best semi automatic washing machine in India with multiple washing modes – like Gentle, Normal, Strong, soaking, etc. The tub should be of high quality and made from preferably steel or porcelain.

Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine Brands In India – Frequently Asked Questions

First time buying the best semi automatic washing machine in India? Here’s a brief FAQ session to help you buy them without worries;

1) What are some of the key demerits of the best semi automatic washing machine in India?

As good as these machines are at giving your cloths a good, refreshing washing, they still have a few demerits you’d have to contend with;

Washing takes time as you have to move the clothes to the drier physically.
A certain level of water still has to be maintained manually irrespective of the number of clothes you wash.
Not advisable for washing delicate, expensive clothes.

2) My machine is vibrating abnormally – how to easily fix it?

Make sure you have placed the machine on an even horizontal surface. If not, adjust the pads on which the machine rests. Check & see if there are any loose panels. If there are, screw them up tightly to avoid vibrating.

If it’s still vibrating, try distributing the clothes evenly in the tub before starting to wash them. If this doesn’t work, call customer care.

3) Does a semi automatic washing machine leave stains on clothes?

As long as you use the right amount of water & detergent, there is no chance these machines will ever stain your clothes in any way.

Buy Top Semi Automatic Washing Machine In India 2021 (The Conclusion)

While it is true that the best semi automatic washing machine models are slowly phasing out in favor of fully automatic ones, there is still a good market for them, especially with the budget loving middle-class crowds.

These semi automatic machines are perfect for first-timers, as they offer a good, easy stepping stone to make the switch from hand to total machine washing. Every model we’ve listed delivers outstanding performance and has great features while still keeping under an affordable budget – there is a model for everyone! To pick the one for YOU, read the reviews again, consult the detailed buying guide, consider YOUR needs, and decide.

After picking the best semi automatic washing machine, be sure to use only high-quality detergents with it – it’s key to get the best results possible.

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