Best Solar Panels In India

Best Solar Panels In India 2021 For Endless Energy + Review & Buying Guide

Without a doubt, renewable energy solutions are the future. Chief amongst them, we have the best solar panels in India – flat planes of pure silicone that turn our sun’s great power into electrical energy, the power that we can use to run our lights, TV, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc… They are a boon for a country like India where low voltage & rolling power cuts are commonplace. Once installed, they deliver energy for a lifetime.

Though a new concept, the market for solar panels is booming nowadays with a number of brands and models vying for a spot in your home. To find the best one, below, we have compiled and reviewed 5 of India’s best solar panels to buy today – as recommended by top energy experts and current owners. 

In hopes of a greener future, let’s begin;

Best Solar Panels In India 2021 – 100% Eco-Friendly Energy!

Whether you want to save money on electricity bills, or if the current supply is not sufficient for you or just want to embrace a greener future, the newer best solar panels make a lot of sense, especially here in India. 100% eco-friendly, these panels help reduce your dependence on the power grid, save money, and SAVE the Environment. You can easily install them on any roof, and they require very less maintenance

With increasing costs of power, costs of PV solar panels falling, and lots of government policy support & subsidies, installing the best solar panels in India can be very rewarding. It also helps a lot to future proof our lives.

Best Solar Panels In India For A Green Home

No fumes, no carbon or weird gasses – the best solar panels offer pure energy to fuel your home in an eco-friendly, cost-effective manner.

Here are some of our favorites;

Product #1

Sukam S

olar Panel 100 Watt – 12V

Sukam is one of the biggest makers of inverters & batteries in India, and their latest offering, the 100-watt solar panels, doesn’t disappoint. Designed as per the polycrystalline technology, this outstanding silicone has its energy efficiency clocked at 15%, which kicks up about 12 to 100 watts in an hour – perfect for small homes & medium DIY efforts. Build quality is quite robust here. An aluminum frame & toughened glass protects the silicones, and the whole thing can withstand loads up to 890 kg snow or 190 kmph wind speeds.

Sukam S

It comes with a 25-year warranty with the degradation rate at around 0.7% a year. These are perfectly compatible with almost all inverters, but we found better results when paired with Sukam’s own range of inverters.

The pros

  • Excellent brand value & quality
  • Tough aluminum frame & toughened glass protection – weatherproof & long-lasting
  • Decent power output range (100 watt – 12V/15% efficiency)
  • 25-year long warranty
  • One of the most affordable solar panels in its class 

The cons

  • -3 power tolerance is a big disadvantage when most other panels only offer + charges
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty needs
Product #2

Loom solar Panel 50 watt

12 Volt Monocrystalline

Despite being a very affordable model, the 50 Watt Loom Solar Panels comes with the Monocrystalline technology, which offers an energy efficiency level up to 20% for faster and easier power generation, even under low light. It’s so good you can charge a 12 Ah SMF battery in just under 4 hours graded A+ with Anti PID mono cells offer consistent performance while the improved IP67 rated junction box carries all the essentials.

Loom solar Panel 50 watt

These are one of the lightest panels around, weighing only around 3 kg. Installation is easy, and they do not require much space. The frame is created from aluminum, and a further 25-year long warranty offers more protection. 

The pros 

  • 20% efficient Monocrystalline tech – Optimal output over decades, with far enhanced low light response
  • Works with both on-grid & off-grid systems
  • Heavy-duty anodized aluminum frame with IP67 rated weather protection
  • Light & easy to install
  • 25-year performance warranty

The cons 

  • Not suitable for meeting more significant power requirements
Product #3

Luminous 160 Watt

2V Poly Crystalline Solar Panel

The makers of the finest polycrystalline solar panels in the country, the Luminous solar solutions are ideal if you are under a budget but don’t wanna lose much on quality. With an exceptional 16% energy efficiency, this premium panel can easily fill a 12 Ah battery & is strong enough to fuel most home appliances in a power cut. This model also plays well with other brands’ solar panel models, so if you are building an array, this one should be on your radar—the panel peaks at 8.7 amps on a really sunny day.

Luminous 160 Watt

Build wise; it is an impressive product. Along with a metal frame, a tough EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) encapsulation provides greater security to the modules. In addition, to prevent glares, an anti-reflective coating is also present.

The pros 

  • Class-leading 16% energy efficiency (despite being a polycrystalline panel)
  • High strength aluminum frame
  • Anti-reflective coating – absorbs more light, reduces glares.
  • 25 years performance warranty
  • Best in category low light performance

The cons 

  • The polycrystalline cells are less durable in the long run than their monocrystalline counterparts
Product #4


Solar Panel 375 watt – 24 Volt

If you are going all in one solar power & want the best possible, the loom 375-watt dual solar panels with 20% conversion are the best you can do. The mono-crystalline structure ensures you a guaranteed excellent low light performance, even in hazy weather. The cells are all Anti-PID, which -means they are A-grade. In fact, they produce enough juice to fill up a 24-watt battery in just 3 hours – class-leading, indeed. You can also wire them with other panels, even from other brands, to for full circuits to enhance power generation.


Easily the most powerful range of best solar panels for home in India, long-lasting usage is ensured with its Aluminium frame, which can handle heavy loads & impacts + an IP67 rated pre-fixed junction box for wires & M4 connectors.

The pros 

  • High performance, dual solar panel pack with 20% conversion (enough to fully run a home inverter)
  • Very excellent low light performance
  • High strength anodized aluminum frame ensures decade long longevity
  • On-grid, off-grid supported
  • Ground mount compatible & easy to install

The cons 

  • It comes at one of India’s most expensive best solar panels (totally worth it though!)
Product #5


Solar Panel MTK 150Watt 12V

With the Microtek 150 watt Solar panel, we are back again in the affordable category. Meant for on-grid, limited usage, the s-panel boasts a 14% energy conversion rate, which is rather good considering the price. Aluminum frame & running on industrial-grade photovoltaic cells, easy pairing is allowed with other panels, including other brands. We also noted pretty good low light performance from this particular one.


Moving on, the aluminum frame ensures the longevity of the product and sturdiness. It can easily withstand snow or high winds without hassle; the anti-reflective coating on the glass far boosts light absorption while reducing glares.

The pros 

  • The panels are made from heavy-duty Aluminium & have IP65 weather and corrosion resistance
  • Can be used both on-grid & off-grid with easy panel pairing options
  • Pre-drilled panels for easier installation
  • Affordable
  • 25 years performance warranty

The cons 

  • Considering the price it comes in, there are no serious faults to find

Best Solar Panels Brands In India – Review & Buying Guide

Changing to solar power is a long haul investment. So it is crucial to consider certain factors so you can enjoy the best returns possible.

Factors like:

1) Solar panel types

India’s common best solar panels come in 4 types – monocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and concentrated PV. The first two are best for residential needs, with the higher efficient monocrystalline costing a bit more.

Both thin film and concentrated PV types of solar panels are mostly reserved for commercial purposes as they need more room.

2) Efficiency

The higher the efficiency rating, the more light a solar panel can convert into energy. Typically, this is around 14 to18%, with some premium ones offering up o 22%. Most Indian homes can get by easily with 15% – 18% efficacy (aka 15 to 25 KW of power per day)

As efficacy increases, prices increase too. But this also means you can get by with fewer panels. Make your decision appropriately. 

3) Other things to consider

The panels should be easy to install, adjust, and maintain. See if it’s an off-grid or on-grid system & how good the offered integration is (the former costs more). Also, check the quality & capacity of the battery & inverter provided.

You’d want a model that offers more power while consuming less room. Also, check how well it fares against temperature changes.

Best Solar Panels Review In India – FAQ

Even in 2021, many in India are still hesitant about solar energy. Here is a quick FAQ to help address some of the common concerns;

1) What factors can affect a solar panel’s efficiency?

Aside from the natural degradation over time, other factors that may affect the best solar panels in India models efficiency include; poor orientation, shade, dust accumulation, cloudy skies, temperatures, etc.

With that said, a solar panel only needs around 14% – 18% efficiency to meet a home’s typical energy needs, so, in effect, there’s no cause for real concern here.

2) Are the best solar panels expensive?

Yes, they’re expensive – but upon installation only. Once they get started, they quickly out save the initial cost, and thereafter its practically free energy!

3) Solar panels – how to maintain them?

Normally, solar panels require very little care to work. That said, you can help them perform optimally by cleaning their surfaces often from dust and debris so sunlight can better reach the cells & make more energy.

Also, periodically check the power output rates and see if there are any unexplained declines. If there is, call the customer care quickly.

Buy Top Best Solar Panels In India – The Conclusion

We’re all feeling the heat of global warming, and it’s only going to get worse going forward – unless we move to renewable energy sources, that is. The best solar panels are one of the top ways to get started on that eco-journey.

We have independently tested all of the best solar panels listed above & we can surely vouch how good & efficient they are. We have also tried to list more budget ones to appeal to the budget-conscious buyers. Anyway, all of these can serve you well & help reduce your electric bills for decades to come – all in a greener, eco-friendlier manner. Use the included buying guide and consider your EXACT energy needs to help pick the one.

Going solar is a big step. So if you’ve any queries or opinions to share, let us know in the comments below & let’s talk.

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