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Best Steam Iron In India 2021Prices & Reviews

Obviously, everyone wants to take care of their good looks. Most of us use washing machines with driers to wash and dry cloths regularly. In this case, our garments will get folded, more wrinkles, and creases all over it. Just wearing it doesn’t give a neat and professional look. Hence, here is an article on the best steam iron in India 2021 if you have decided to buy a steam iron box online.

Either you to go to any occasion or office or even your kids to school, wearing the wrinkle-free suits becomes an essential one. Hence, iron becomes a necessary household item. But, how long it lasts and helps you in handling this dressing perfection.

Best Steam Iron In India – Reviews & Buying Guide

By the way, the dry iron doesn’t help you to deal with tough creases on the fabric. Even though you press it hard, you can’t tackle it. Hence, steam irons are the ideal choices to flatten the severe wrinkles on cotton, silk, and thick suits. Again, the one best steam iron in India should bring down your time ironing the weekly dresses.

You should not get tired, just ironing 2 or 3 garments that take hours to do. The good iron should make you love ironing with less stress and remove wrinkles within a single or two glides on it.

At the same time, you can’t invest thousands in a few months or every year to buy a new steam iron. One you buy should last for longer days. There should be no down in its performance, even after so many irons. So, how to buy such a reliable, durable, and cost-effective steam iron in India today?

Best Steam Iron Review In India

In this best steam iron in India buying guide article, we are reviewing the top-recommended steam iron box by popular brands in the electronics arsenal.

Product #1

#1 Philips GC1905 

1440 – Watt Steam Iron with Spray (Blue)

The stylish steam iron for the modern delicates who love to present them neatly. Its Linished aluminium steel plate enables smooth gliding between the pleats, buttons, and collars on all fabrics. This one of the best steam iron boxes in India that comes with extensive features at a very competitive price.

If you are a busy bee finding hard time to do your cloth ironing chores, then this Philips GC1905 model must be the ideal choice. This is specially built for speed. Its huge filling hole enables you to fill its water tank so quickly and emptying it within no time.

The spray function that mildly produces a mist moistens the fabric for the perfect ironing out of the creases. Indeed, the iron box is capable of steaming out up to 17 g/min continuously.

In total, you can finish your entire week ironing tasks just within a few hours. For neat and perfect wrinkle-free wearing, you must consider this Philips 1440 watt steam iron that comes with spray function.

Especially, it suits best even for ironing the cotton fabrics that have tough wrinkles.


  • Aluminium steel plate for smooth & perfect gliding
  • Easy to handle with a sleek design
  • Power capacity: 1250 watts
  • Water tank capacity: 180 ml
  • Power cord length: 1.8m


  • Comes in white with blue combination
  • Heat level adjustments for different fabrics
  • Pin-pointed front edge for perfect gliding
  • 2 years warranty
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Product #2

#2 Havells Sparkle

1250-Watt Steam Iron (White/Purple)

For the crisp and complete wrinkle wears, this Havells Sparkle steam iron would be ideal. Its powerful steam output ensures it. It has non-stick coated soleplate ever harms your fabric and glides smoothly on any kind of cloth material.

This steam iron box has an ergonomic handle that makes your ironing easy. So, you will never get tired, even ironing for hours. You don’t have much physical stress or toll on your hands.

It comes with a dual-sealed steam generator that enables efficient and long-lasting performance. The variable steam functionality allows you to have control over the level of steam you need. Along with it, you have a fabric selector knob to change the temperature level for the different fabric you iron.

The large water tank prevents you from filling the water more frequently. The iron comes with a built-in overheat protection feature that safeguards your product as well as the fabric even it is switched on for a longer time.

As well all know, Havells products are always good at their quality and durability. You can use t for both dry and steam cleaning. So, your ultimate iron box for perfect and hassle-free ironing.


  • Power capacity: 1250 watts
  • 230 ml water tank capacity
  • Adjustable thermostatic control
  • Overheat protection circuit


  • Ensures faster ironing
  • Comes with spray functionality
  • Non-stick coated soleplate
  • Big hole for a water fill and empty
  • Ergonomically designed handle

Product #3

#3 Bajaj Majesty MX 3

1250-Watt Steam Iron

This steam iron product looks awesome and subtle, with more exciting features. Again, the soleplate comes with a non-stick coating that protects your fabric condition and gives crispy ironing. The stole plate has got 23 steam vents that help in uniform distribution of steam on the fabric while gliding.

Make use of its steam burst feature (like available in other popular iron box models in India) to flatten out or remove the creases, altogether.

Bajaj Majesty MX 3 1250-Watt Steam Iron - Review Sparrow

The iron box that has a cool touch body and comfortable grip handle letting you experience the smooth and hassle-free ironing experience every day.

Its 360-degree swivel power cord allows you to move the iron to every part of your fabric on the table. It has a self-cleaning facility to clear out and prevent the pores from getting clogged. This ensures its high-end performance for a longer time.

The powerful water spray helps to loosen the hard wrinkles around the buttons, collars, and hence iron could flatten it easily within half time.
Quick heating, variable steam control, etc. are its highlights.


  • Power: 1250 watts
  • 150 ml translucent water tank
  • 12 gms steam output
  • Non-stick coated stole plate with thickness: 1.84 mm
  • 360-degree swivel power cord


  • Uniform steam distribution with vents on the soleplate
  • Powerful water spray for easy and quick iron
  • Vertical ironing features
  • No tangle wires for stress-free ironing

Product #4

#4 Morphy Richards Super Glide

2000-Watt Steam Iron (White/Blue)

This Morphy Richards iron model uses 2000 watts power ensuring efficient steaming and wrinkle-free ironing in just a single glide. Like the above model, the soleplate has 46 holes for the more uniformed steam distribution on the fabric. This perfect steam blend gets you more extensive coverage of steam pressure every time on your cloth.

So, the crisp wearing for your parties or offices now becomes just a matter of minutes. You would love to iron your clothes over hours with no tiredness or stress.

Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron (White Blue) - Review Sparrow

Its soleplate with advanced diamond and ceramic coating ensures super smooth and longer life steam over the glide.

This steam iron is specially equipped with a turbo boost feature that allows 150 gm steam to spread on the garment to get rid of the creases even it is hard to tackle. Like every other model, it also has its cleaning facility that clears out the clogs, if any, promising higher performance forever.

Its pinpointed small beak allows you glide even the less accessible around the arm joints, buttons, or specific patterns for the perfect, pristine, crisp look. Sure, you will like using it for your regular ironing chores.


  • Turbo shot that spread 150 gm steam
  • Extra-large 350 ml capacity water tank
  • Diamond and ceramic coated soleplate
  • Self-clean ability
  • The soleplate comes with 43 vents for even steam distribution


  • Handles even tough creases and wrinkles
  • Suitable for fabric like suits, jackets, etc.
  • Ergonomic look and design
  • Variable steam control for any fabric ironing

Product #5

#5 Philips GC1011

1200-Watt Steam Iron

There is no doubt that the Philips brand always leverage advanced technology to deliver integrated solutions at cheap and competitive prices. It proves the same in these steam box products too.

This Philips GC1011 iron consumes 1200 watts power and highly known for its energy efficiency. It has a linished and thin soleplate with vents enabling uniform distribution of steam and hence, easy gliding on all the fabrics.

Philips GC1011 1200-Watt Steam Iron - Review Sparrow

Its calc cleaning ability boosts your lifetime by preventing the scale build-up on the soleplate. And, you will get a light notification when the iron temperature is ready, or you kept the iron idle.

It comes with a medium water tank (150 ml capacity) that can carry water for your decent number of garments ironing. No frequent water filling is required indeed.

If you are looking for a weightless, good-looking, comfort-grip steam iron box for your regular purpose, then go with it. It comes in multiple appealing colors like white with green, white with blue, etc.

Its powerful spray mechanism lessens your stress on removing the hard wrinkles distributing continuous 15-gram steam every minute.


  • Power: 1200 watts
  • 150 ml water tank capacity
  • Thin soleplate for quick heating
  • Light indications for overheat and idle state


  • Adjustable temperature for different fabrics
  • Available in different colors
  • Clean calc facility to prevent from clogging
  • Weightless for stress-free ironing for long hours

Buy Top Steam Iron In India

Every model mentioned above is the best steam iron brand in India. So, it is always hard to pick the best iron box in India. The most typical features available in all the steam irons are its custom soleplate, variable temperature adjustment, handle, flexible power cords, water tank capacity, etc.

If you are more specific about ironing a particular type of fabric often, or you use irons regularly, choose a highly durable soleplate that has vents on it to prevent clogging. And, also one that has turbo sprays for steam burst and uniform distribution for easy iron at a single glide on even the edges.

Otherwise, you rarely use it or just iron a very few garments in a week, then go with a cheap steam iron from brands that promises everlasting performance with minimal usage.

While comparing prices, you must also check the customer reviews before making a purchase. However, you will get 2 years warranty on most of the products listed here. But, that doesn’t mean you can get wrong buying a worse product. It’s your hard-earned money. You must adequately invest in the right products that serve its need for as much as a more extended period.

Here are some of the common queries you have in mind using any of these steam iron boxes in India.

FAQ’s on using Best Steam Iron Boxes in India

1) Whether I can use steam iron for dry ironing?

Yes, you can use steam iron for both dry and steam ironing.

2) Do these steam irons leave a shiny look on fabrics after iron?

Yes, there are higher chances to produce a shiny surface on clothes. I suggest you iron such dark-colored garments inner side.

3) Does the vertical steam feature really help?

Yes, for the hanging cloths, you can use steam irons allowing the iron to heat at a high temperature. Properly hold it in an upright position whenever it is not in use and to avoid water leakage. Better to avoid steam mode at its low temperature.

4) What are the benefits of using steam irons?

It comes with a water spray that moistens the fabric for guaranteed wrinkles removal easily. And it helps with instant and uniform steam distribution. And, you can use it for both dry and steam ironing with the same product.

5) How about product maintenance in the case of steam irons?

Most of the products come with the self-cleaning facility and calc clean feature to prevent clogging on its soleplate and cleaning the water tanks. Set to maximum temperature mode, fill the water tank, and plug-in. Once the heat is cut off, activate anti-calc function and shake the iron well. The water and the residues leave through the vents gently. Make sure to clean the tank and the vents once in 2 months.

Conclusion on Best Steam Iron Brands In India

Be sure about your ironing needs; make a list of the features that you require. Check out the prices of the specific steam irons that meets your demand. Decide which one suits your budget as well as offers extensive features.

The perfect steam iron that gives you breeze experience ironing even more garments for a longer time. It must be perfect for also handling tough wrinkles and creases to make your fabric looks perfect and neat.

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