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Best Washing Machine In India {2021} For Your Home – Review & Buying Guide

For many of us, doing laundry is rarely a task to look forward to, whether you’re a bachelor living fully alone or got to clean clothes for a family of five. The best washing machines in India can undoubtedly help make the job a lot easier and eliminate annoying physical & mental bothers, like waiting for turns at local Laundromats. 

From Samsung, Haier, Whirlpool to Bosch, etc., washing machines have gotten very fancy (and costly) in the last few years. To help find you the perfect match, we have listed FIVE of the best washing machine in India models below.

Interested? Read more about them in detail below; 

Best Washing Machine In India – An Obvious Home Essential!

The best washing machines in India are very advanced nowadays, with some models even having IoT & other smart features built into them. They are stylish, compact, and can make laundry as effortless as it can be – just open the lid, put the clothes in, tap the button, and voila! The machine will wash everything sparkly clean & offers them dried and ready to sport.

They come in many sizes and capacities, and across many price ranges. There are also semi-automatic models if you want to really save some bucks. The point is, no matter whom you are, there’s the best washing machine in India for you! 

 The Top 5 Best Washing Machine In India – Reviews & Buying Guide (2021 Updated)

The holiday season is almost upon us. Don’t miss this chance to find the best washing machine for home in India to redefine your laundry game.

Here are some of our favorites;

Product #1

Samsung 6.2 kg

Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine

Designed & manufactured by Samsung, this best washing machine has a 6.2 kg rated capacity and is perfect for a 2-3 member family. In our tests, the appliance did a good job with stain and dirt removing while still being soft enough not to damage the clothes. This and the 680 RPM drier helps to ensure cleaner, far neater results. Their patented “waterfall” technology uses highly concentrated water spray to rinse the clothes & distribute detergents evenly. It also notifies you at once the washing is done.

 Samsung 6.2 kg

The ergonomic, streamlined look is pretty wonderful. The controls are easy enough, even for beginners. And the tempered clear glass door helps you to monitor the washing progress sans any issues better. The system also has an Eco Tub cleaning tech, which periodically refills the drum with fresh water for better results.

The pros

  • Delivers quick, all-around washing with high results
  • Integrated wobble technology offers thorough, hard washing without damaging clothes, not even a tiny bit.
  • Air Turbo 680 RPM system for faster, easier drying – with fewer creases, no less.
  • Upper simple controls
  • Warranty – 2 years on product, 4 on the motor

The cons

  • Non-wheeled base & bulky design might make portability a bother
  • No hot water option
Product #2

LG 6.5 Kg

5 Star Top Loading Washing Machine

Fully automatic with a powerful 780 rpm air drier, the popular “LG 6.5 KG” is truly an excellent best washing machine for home in India – we’ll elaborate. The 3 washing mode – normal, gentle, and strong – & turbo drum offers excellent, all-around cleaning while keeping the freshness locked in. It is also non-damaging. LG pre-wash soaking system is great for removing tough stains & we really appreciate the fact that we can also set our own washing program easily from the control for a more personalized laundry experience. 

However, the biggest highlight of the device is the inclusion of a smart inverter system, which helps to auto adjust the energy consumption as per needs, resulting in savings. It’s also the only 5 stars rated unit we’ll be seeing today. 

The pros

  • 5-star rating – highly power-efficient
  • Multi washing settings with custom soaking mode ensures easy stain removal and thorough cleaning
  • Noiseless operation and super easy to control
  • Handy child lock system
  • Fast, very powerful 780 RPM drier

The cons

  • The auto-restart function doesn't work when the machine is in child lock mode (a software bug?)
  • Look wise, not the most exciting 
Product #3

Whirlpool 7 Kg

5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

If you are under a strict 10K budget and don’t mind missing a few features, then the Whirlpool 7 kg best washing machine in India is worth looking at. For starters, this is a “semi-automatic” washer, meaning you need to manually move the clothes to the drier once they are done washing. That issue aside, everything else is pretty nice. The 340-watt motor is powerful enough to offer very satisfactory cleaning prowess. It also has a soaking mode to eliminate those annoying ketchup stains and dirt with great results. 

Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Equipped with 4 wheels & a plastic body, this Whirlpool is super portable – like very! Moreover, the extra perks like end buzzer setup & auto start make this appliance a pleasure to use – The waterproofed controls included.

The pros 

  • Powerful 340-watt motor + large 66-liter tub – perfect for dealing with weekend bulk laundry needs
  • Wheeled bottom for easily moving between rooms
  • Comes in several great colors 
  • Class-leading dryer – dry any clothes under just 5 minutes
  • 2-year warranty

The cons 

  • The spin tub can get pretty noisy if the cloths are not balanced properly
  • Separate water outlets for washtub & drier

Product #4

IFB 6 kg

5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Toting one of the highest best washing machine price in India, this 6-KG front-loading washer from IFB is ideal for small families & bachelors. The 8-multi wash settings – which are accessible via a control knob – make quick work of cleaning cloths, no matter the material type or how dirty/stained the clothes are. The crescent moon shaped drum & aqua jet combo deliver superior washing while also being gentle. It’s ideal for washing silk, laces, wool, etc. It also has a hot washing mode for dealing with thicker fabrics.

IFB 6 kg

The neat, ergonomic design looks very good. It also 5 stars rated to ensure maximum energy efficiency while in operation. Moving on, we loved the handy “Laundry-Add” feature, which lets you add clothes mid-wash. 

The pros 

  • 8 different washing modes
  • Crescent moon drum & powerful water jets offer best in class washing 
  • Highly water and energy (5 stars) efficient
  • Stylish, compact
  • 4-year full warranty, 10 on spare parts

The cons 

  • Quite expensive
Product #5

Bosch 7 kg

Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

If you want only the best & don’t mind spending extra for it, the Bosch 7 KG Front loading best washing machine has got you covered! Fully automatic, the machine has its patented VarioDrum, which gives a gentle yet thorough wash to your clothes. The built-in AllergyPlus mode helps to eliminate allergens, thus ensuring healthier & fresher results. The device uses less water, low power, and it’s quite stylish too. Other features include an LED display, foam detection system, unbalanced load detection, and multiple water protection.

Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

This is one of the fastest washing machines you can buy right now, delivering fresh clothes in 65% less time without compromising quality. Further, it’s totally noiseless, nor are there any vibrations to bother your peace.


The pros 

  • Superfast yet thorough washing – completes a wash session in 65% less time than the competitors
  • VarioPerfect system for faster results at reduced power and water usage 
  • 1200 RPM super-fast drying system  
  • India made 
  • Warranty – 2 years on product, 10 on motor

The cons 

  • The controls are a bit too overcomplicated
  • Highly expensives

Best Washing Machine Review In India – Complete Buying Guide

Considering their hefty prices, plus the fact that you’ll be living with your choice for years to come, it is crucial you pick the “right” best washing machine in India

Here are some things to consider;

1) Machine type

If under a budget, a top-loading machine is THE obvious choice. Sure, they consume more power and lack many new features. But they also have many benefits, like being able to add clothes mid-washing & being less straining for your back. 

The front-loading machines, on the other hand, are a lot more expensive. But are very efficient, uses a lot less water & power, and has more features too.

So yeah, consider your needs, your budgets and make a choice accordingly.

2) Washing Capacity (this is important)

In this case, capacity refers to the weight of clothing that the device can handle on a single cycle. Nowadays, most best washing machines in India models offer an average capacity ranging in between 6 to 11 kilos (13- 24 pounds).

Here’s how you can find YOUR required capacity (per family size);

  • Up to 6.5 kg capacity – perfect for 2-3 member sized families
  • 5 to 8 Kg capacity – suitable for 4-5 members
  • More than 8 Kg capacity – suitable for large/joint families with 5+ members

3) Other key things to consider

For better results, get the best washing machine in India with multi-washing modes – like Gentle, Normal, Strong, soaking, etc. The temps should also be adjustable. The controls should be easy, and if it's digital, all the better. 

The tub should be of high quality, and so is the exterior chassis - preferably made from steel or hard plastic if budget is a concern. While running, it should be as silent & noise-free as possible. A powerful drier is also a must-have.

 Best washing machine brands in India – Frequently asked questions

Like any electric appliance, the best washing machine in India models too may raise many questions about them, especially if you're a first-timer. 

Here is a brief FAQ session to help you make the purchase confidently;

1) Semi-automatic or fully automatic – what's the difference?

Unlike fully automatic washing machines, which wash and dry your clothes without any intervention from us, the semi-automatic models will need you to move the clothes manually to the drier to complete the process. 

When compared, the semi-automatic models are also far more affordable.

2) Should I get a washing machine with or without an agitator?

While agitators can enhance cycle speed and thus help clean more thoroughly, it also – at the same time – twists & creases the clothes, affecting quality.

So yeah, without a doubt, we prefer a model with no-agitator always!

3) Powder VS liquid detergent – which should I use to get the best results?

Honestly, they both can offer sparkly clean results. However, the powdered detergents may cake on the cloths & may also smell bad. 

Thankfully, the Liquid detergents have no such problems & also dissolve in water quickly.

Buy Top Washing Machine In India 2021 (Our Concluding Words)

The best washing machine in India models have come so far down at prices; it’s almost a crime not to get one nowadays. They promote hygiene; they save time – time you can otherwise use to spend with your family & enjoy life.

Among the many we’ve had tested under the guise of reliability, efficiency, features & best value for money, the 5 listed above stands superior to the rest. In other words, their quality is totally guaranteed. There is a model here for every price bracket. So whoever you are and whatever you’re needs be, there is a model for you! To pick the RIGHT one, read the reviews again, consult the buying guide, consider YOUR needs, and make a choice. 

Final tip – make sure to consider the machine's overall size & placement before buying, as It can save a ton of headaches on delivery day.

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