Best Women Helmets In India

Best Women Helmets In India 2021 – Prices & Reviews

Make no mistake: a woman needs a helmet just as much as men do, after all, accidents don’t discriminate, now do they? A hit on the head is always a hit on the head. Enter: best women helmets in India 2021. Designed just for women, keeping her safety and comfort in mind. They are the perfect, top way to keep you gals safe on the road this summer season. To that end, here are five of the best women helmets in India to buy today + a handy buying guide to better help you breakdown the choices.

In many ways, the best women helmets India is a lot different than their male cousins. Usually, they’re lighter. More compact, sleek & often look a lot more fashionable. That said, the safety levels are always the same. With most offering improved drop protection, neck, and head support, concussion proofing, etc…

That being said, it still not as you can just go and get the first good-looking helmet you see & expect it to perform – it’s not easy as that, yet.

A must-have for every femme rider. Read on for a complete buying guide and reviews on five of the best women helmets in India to buy today. Discussing all their features, reviews, pros, cons, customer opinions, etc…

The Top 5 Cutest, Best Women Helmets In India – Reviews & Buying Guide

As an Indian woman, you already have a lot to worry about. So why add fuel to the fire by not wearing a helmet this season?

Designed femininely, here are 5 of the best women helmets in India 2021 to help better make your rides safer & comfier than ever before

Here we go;

Product  #1

Vega Verve

Open Face Helmet

Designed to appeal to the growing number of female cruisers in India, the Vega Verve is the company’s first honest attempt in this genre – and yup, it didn’t disappoint! Featuring a sleek, more rounded profile, the first thing you’ll notice with the Verve has to be its shaped visor, which is crafted in clear plastic & has a UV shield built-in.

Vega Verve Open Face Helmet-Review Sparrow

Boasting a pink & black combo paint job, the helmet felt comfortable to wear in our tests. The soft interior is nice. It was quite snug. And we also did notice how well it kept cool overall. Complete with a ponytail space in the back, the unit is crafted out of “ABS” plastic for durable lightness.

Kept secure with dual nylon straps & micrometric locks, this ISI certified helmet further features a cutting edge, “anti-scratch” coating for lasting durability. And finally, you can now get this best budget Women helmet Indian 2 sizes.

Verdict: With a funky Bee eye design & a quirky color scheme, Vega Verve is perfect for those who still feel young at heart. It looks cool, it fits great, and it has all the essentials – surely a worthwhile deal!


  • Gorgeous, bee-like colorful design
  • Large, detachable visor
  • Extremely cozy interior pads
  • ISI certified
  • Secure Quick-lock setup


  • Lightweight
  • Tougher outer casing
  • Ponytail space
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Vega branding


  • Too quirky for some
  • Not much in terms of extra features

Customer opinion

Anumol Kurien: “Nice product in this price range. Great design with a lock slot. Preferable for girls but also good for boys too.”

Product  #2

Dass Getz (ISI)

Open Face Helmet

A testament to German engineering prowess albeit with a feminine touch, the Das Getz range of best women helmets in India 2021 is all about the balance – here’s why. Boasting a super tough polycarbonate outer shell, the helmet offers a no-frills design that’s easy on the eyes – minus the bubble-gum pink punch. On the inside, we’re treated with a multi-layer setup with foams, polystyrene, P-urethane.

Dass Getz (ISI) Open Face Helmet-Review Sparrow

And when paired with the dual air vents & adjustable chinstraps, it’s one of the comfiest helmets in this list. In fact, the only thing we had a gripe with was the clear visor, which we felt was a bit flimsy.

Scratch, shatter and drop resistant, this 2nd best women helmets review in India entrant furthermore comes with ISI certification. And if that isn’t cool enough, we also get a 1-year warranty against faulty defects – nice 

Verdict: Cheap, stylish, and safe –sure, the Das Getz doesn’t offer anything newer or extraordinary as far as perks go. But what it does, it does best – to protect your noggin. Yes, a top choice for budget hunters.


  • Simple, utilitarian design with a quirky twist
  • Tough ABS outer shell
  • Multi-layered padding for max comfort
  • Inbuilt clear visor
  • Adjustable chinstraps


  • Compact
  • Open-faced design
  • Rear air vents
  • Scratch-resistant
  • ISI certified


  • Poor quality visor
  • Only one size is available as of now

Customer opinion

Shiv Prakash: “I bought it for my sister. The helmet is lightweight, comfortable, fashionable, and, most importantly, ISI approved…”

Product  #3

Steelbird SB-33

Eve Dashing Women Helmet

A popular name in the Indian helmets niche, the SteelBird branding is famous for their pretty affordable yet high-quality headgear offerings – and guess what? The Women’s SB-33 is no different, either. The design looks modern, albeit with classic touches: steel-bird has opted for a “matte” textured black shade for colors and has a huge clear visor on the front – retro style. Coming to the comfort, the interiors feature air-mesh fabric to keep cool while the dual-layered, anti-sweat/allergenic pads can keep you comfy.

Steelbird SB-33 Eve Dashing Women Helmet-Review Sparrow

ISI certified & kept secure with a long, adjustable nylon strap with clipper lock, and it’s worth noting that the helmet may feel a bit tight at first – we did. But after a week or so of “break-in,” the whole helmet fitted like a glove.

Verdict: Safe and cheap. But this helmet does not offer anything new in terms of looks. Go for it if you are looking for a decent and formal one.


  • Sturdy, injection-molded thermoplastic case
  • Modern, sleek design
  • Dynamic air ventilation for max cooling
  • Soft, velveteen padding
  • Super secure, adjustable clipper-lock


  • Super trendy
  • Extremely portable
  • Large visor
  • UV resistant paint job
  • ISI rated


  • Limited size
  • No tinted visor option

Customer opinion

Renuka Rana: “It looks good, and the size is also perfect. I enjoyed the comfort, so soft. For the price, it’s surely worth it.”

Product  #4

Vega Crux

Half Face Helmet 

Again, the best seller from Vega. This incredibly stylish piece of motorcycle best women helmets India comes in a gorgeous matte, leather finish, and boasts an ultra-tough, fully aerodynamic polycarbonate build. The helmets interiors are lined with knitted airflow fabric, which offers superior cooling and sweat resistance.

Vega Crux Half Face Helmet-Review Sparrow

In fact, the helmet even has dual front air vents for that cooler, seamless riding experience. Scratch-resistant, the inbuilt visor offers amazing visibility even under rain & fog, thanks to the silicone coating. And if all that wasn’t impressive enough for you, the helmets further offers a sun “peak” for extra eye safety.

Fully scratch and crack resistant, these helmets are designed to fit like a glove thanks to the adjustable chinstraps & salient locks. Finally, you’d also be happy to know that the inner lining fully removable & m-washable.

Verdict: Meant for the office goers, the “Vega Crux” is the best ultimate everyday helmet to buy in the market right now. In fact, as far as utility goes, this IS easily the finest our best women helmets review in India can offer today!


  • Trendy, utilitarian buil
  • Clear glass visor with optional tinting
  • Inbuilt sun “peak” guardRemovable, knitted padding
  • Ample air ventilation


  • Leather finish touch
  • Clear visor
  • Stylish Aerodynamic design
  • ISI certified
  • Adjustable chinstrap


  • Feels a bit too tight at first
  • Limited color choice

Customer opinion

Ananandha CK: “Bought it after seeing all the great reviews& gotta say, I wasn’t disappointed! Nice fit, great feel & I love the design.”

Best Women Helmets In India 2021 – The Complete Buying Guide

Unlike a man who can make do with literally any helmet style on the planet, a woman helmet requires a bit more, well… understanding. Yup, there’s a lot to unpack like, styles, designs, comfort, safety levels, weight, etc…

And yes, it can get too confusing too very fast if you aren’t careful

Here at review sparrow, we feel your pain. So we’ve put together a brief look at some of the top factors to look out for when buying the best women helmets for home in India. Indeed, all from a feminine perspective.

Well, let’s jump in;

1) The aesthetics factor

A woman expects beauty in everything. And of course, the same can also be said for the best budget Women helmet India 2021 too. The more beautiful a helmet is, the better encouraged she’ll be to wear it as often as possible these days.

Thankfully, there is no real dearth to stylish today, with some of the biggest women helmets brands in India offering some truly cute & stunning designs out there. Colorful, detailed, muted, matte/glossy, the list goes on…

In other words, think of them as your personal style statement

Yup, that’s the jam.

2) Comfort and fit

When it comes to best women helmets in India 2021, do understand that there isn’t a single standard size that can fit all. Therefore, we always recommend our readers to personally try-out the helmets first before buying them.

“Keep the needs of a woman in mind,” Alisha Abdulla – female bike rider and national racing champion said. “The helmet should be light & tight but not too restricting. Look for airy units, offers air vents &are adjustable.”

3) Build quality & safety.

They are designed to protect your brain from being roadkill. The reliability of these top, best women helmets in India 2021 typically rides on the quality of the materials out of which the headgears outer casings are made of.

With so many to choose from, our most preferred material, of course, is the ABS/polycarbonate one. It’s light, it’s strong & being cheaper, you can also enjoy a wider set of styles shop through

There are also carbon fiber, EPS & composites to look out for if you want better safety and don’t mind paying extra for it.

4) Weight levels

Sure, this may not matter much if you’re new to riding and just want a solid, safe headgear. However, the lighter a helmet is, the comfier it will be for longer days in the saddle, even more so under the sun.

Preferably, look for models that are capped under 500 to 800 grams. It should also be well balanced/equalized as well. The key here is to find a helmet that’s not going to weigh your head down or cause discomfort to your neck or shoulders

Again, the lighter its, the better

Yup, that’s it.

5) Pricing (how much to spend?)

Priced nearly the same as their male cousin. The best women helmets price in India can vary massively from model to model, depending on the features, styles, branding, quality, etc… In other words, if you want better, you have to pay better.

That said, you can find some decent, high quality best women helmets India at fairly budget prices if you’re willing to look for it. Sure, they may not have all the perks nor the style, but as far as protection goes, you’ll not be missing much.

In any case, expect to spend anywhere from 700 to 2000 rupees for your brand new, top best women helmets in India 2021.

Best Ladies Helmets Review In India – Frequently Asked Questions

in a country where girls seldom get on a bike, let alone ride it, we reckon you have a ton of questions about these best women helmets in India units.

To help you pick fact from fiction, here are some of the major questions about these helmets and their precise answers:

Let’s go;

✅ Are the best women helmets in India better than men’s?

Not necessarily no. Aside from a bit of extra women-centric perks, color choices, and increased comfort, the safety levels are almost the same with both of these helmet types, enough to protect your noggin.

That said. Made for women, these gears do offer extra comfort, which may translate better safety in some cases.

✅ Are ISI, BIS certifications important?

Yes, they are. For best women helmets for home in India to be valid, it must carry these certifications. Thankfully, nearly all best women helmets brands in India today do come with these out of the box by the standard.

Meant to assure quality, you can usually find them printed on the inside linings or the rear of the helmet’s outer shell.

✅ What are some of the best Women helmets brands in India?

Both domestically & internationally, some of the country’s best women helmets in India manufacturers include; Vega, Studds, SteelBird, Royal Enfield, Kingsway Armex, Fastrack, Das Getz, THH, Vega Girls, etc…

✅ How long do these helmets last?

With enough care & maintenance, you can easily use most best women helmets in India 2021 for up to 5 years or more. That being said, our experts do recommend getting a new model every three years for safety reasons.

In other words, the better you care for it, the longer you can use it.

Yup, that’s about it.

Buy Top Women Helmets In India – Ultimate Verdict

As an Indian, you know how dangerous our roads are. Yet, many people, especially women, are still not bothering to wear helmets, citing reasons such as helmet hair, discomfort, cost, heat, inconvenience, etc… Well, thanks to best women helmets in India 2021 models, that’s all just old news now – yup, cool, huh?

The ultimate riding friend for women. These best women helmets in India, are all about perfection, bringing together both advanced head safety and impressionable looks in a heady, nicer package that appeals to all. And in that regard, we’re sure that these 5 best women helmets for home in India are just what you need

With that, we’re leaving the final decision to you. Go through the reviews, check all the options, and consider their perks. Pick the best women helmets India that YOU think is ideal for all your biking needs & habits.

As always, if you have any doubts, opinions or ideas, feel free to throw us a commend down below, and we’ll get back to you ASAP

Well, until the next time


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  1. The times are unpredictable, so we all need to take precautions. These helmets for women above are pretty, but prettiness is not the main aim. It is the safeness, convenience, and ease of use that matter. And you have provided valuable information that makes them a good buy.

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