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Best Yoga Mats In India 2021 Prices & Reviews

An Indian spiritual routine that helps to cleanse the body & mind, the sheer the popularity of yoga is growing by leaps and bounds around the world. And along with with it, the need for quality, best yoga mats in India 2021 too is fast arising. But alas, from sticky mats to hot yoga mats, blankets & retro-woven mats, it can be confusing to pick the perfect yoga mat to suit your, well unique yoga needs. Well, we say no more! With the help from our best yoga mat review in India& buying guide, we’ve rounded up the best yoga mats just for you, chosen by our experts & as praised by some of the most enthusiastic reviewers on amazon.

Sure, it’s fine to do yoga without these mats. However, having them around can definitely give you that extra edge to help make the best out of your daily yoga routines. This is especially true if you like to do a lot of ground-based yoga poses, as these can easily offer you a nice, even surface to grind.

Promising to help better take your yoga game to the next level, here’s all you need to know about 5 of the best yoga mats in India 2021 – all their pros, cons, features, perks & more reviewed.

Come, let’s go!

Best Yoga Mats in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Product #1

#1 AmazonBasics

13mm Extra Thick Yoga

And Exercise Mat With Carrying Strap

Starting with the most popular one, the Amazon Basics Yoga Mat is also one of the thickest yoga mats around at 13 MM, providing maximum comfort even on uneven rockier surfaces. Featuring a basic, no-frills design, these yoga mattresses are super grippy with their textured layer. The color choices are rather vast and crafted mainly out of foam, the Mat is lightweight, and as you may have guessed, it is also sweat, weather, and odor-free to boot.

Armed with a ten days replacement warranty, the yoga mat comes with a handy black carrying strap, making it easily portable. and with the larger model capped at 76 inches long and 26 wide, these best yoga mats in India 2021 are also suitable for taller individuals too.

AmazonBasics 13mm Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap-Review Sparrow

The Verdict: a nice grippy design fuelled by ample padding, the amazon basics yoga mat, true to its name, gets the basics right: its soft, cool & the colors are quite amazing – Yup, a great choice by every means.


  • The textured, non-skid finish helps to maximize safety, especially while doing heavy movements
  • The color choices are spectacular
  • Great, plush support
  • Weather, dust, dirt and odor-proof build quality
  • 10 days replacement warranty


  • Minimalistic, textured design and build
  • Black carrying strap
  • Lightweight
  • Ample cushioning
  • Durable


  • Small indentations can appear after prolonged use
  • Not tear-proof

Customer opinion

Jonah Case: “A nice, thick mat that serves the need. It grips well and is lengthy too at 2 feet in width & 6.25ft in length – a winner all right!”

Product #2

#2 Reebok Yoga Mat

Made by a fitness and wellness giant like Reebok, it’s fair to expect the Reebok Yoga mat to be impressive – and guess what? It delivers! At4 mm in thickness, the yoga mat is reliably comfortable. And the textured top, aside from being incredibly grippy, further comes dirt & waterproof coating. Available with a carry strap, the Mat is fairly lightweight, making it easier to carry around.
Limited to three color variants, the Reebok is easy to fold, can be machine-washed and has a 10-day warranty – all usual fares. But what makes it really shine though will probably be its brilliant quality.

Reebok Yoga Mat-Review Sparrow

The Verdict -Another great product from the Reebok line up, there isn’t much to complain here: a simple, high-quality yoga mat that gets the job done. And for that same reason, it’s a no-brainer!


  • Stylish, Reebok branded minimal design
  • High quality, tough build
  • Anti-skid setup for unmatched safety
  • Textured, grippy surface
  • 10 days replacement warranty


  • Excellent build and texture quality
  • Reebok brand value
  • Water and dust repelling coating
  • Lightweight
  • Handy carrying strap


  • No extra thickness options
  • Limited colors

Customer opinion

Danny hart: “The item arrived on time, and I loved it. So far, the grip has been very good and hasn’t slipped me once. Very pleased with it”

Product #3

#3 VELLORA Yoga Mat 

Anti Skid Yoga Mat For Gym Workout

Made from recyclable TPE Material the VELLORA yoga mat offers everything you would expect from a high-quality yoga mat. For starters, its stylish, featuring a wider assortment of vibrant colors to choose from. It’s thick, comfortable and offers an intense grip coupled with an Anti-skid bottom. Armed with a carry strap, its also quite lightweight, making it ideal for everyday use.

Fully reversible, the mats anti-sweat and dirt resistance can help it to keep spectacularly clean. However, do not that being a biodegradable product, it does not do well with M-washing or heat dryers.

VELLORA Yoga Mat Anti Skid Yoga mat for Gym Workout and Flooring Exercise-Review Sparrow

The Verdict: A cheap, little model punching above its weight -from its colorful designs, ample support to durability, there’s a lot to love about the Vellora. And hey, for the price it comes in, it’s a bargain.


  • Excellent eco-friendly construction quality
  • Top-notch grip support
  • Amazing color options to choose from
  • Sweat & dustproof
  • Plush, foam layers for max comfort


  • Tear-proof design
  • Dual-sided, reversible structure
  • Ten-day returnable
  • Anti-skid base
  • Durable carrying strap


  • Not machine or dryer compatible
  • Smells a bit at first

Customer opinion

Kelly cook: The quality of the Mat is excellent. A strap was included & while it smelled a little at first, it went off after a few days.

Product #4

#4 VI FITKIT® Yoga Mat

Anti Skid EVA Yoga Mat With Bag For Gym Workout And Flooring Exercise

Designed keeping in mind the many rigors of yoga, the VI FITKIT yoga mat boldly promises 5 times more durability than a plastic model – an impressive feat considering its eco-friendly origin. Adorned in a bright blue shade, the yoga mat is sweat & waterproof, and comes packed in a neat carrying case. Lightweight & flexible, the Mat also has an anti-skid base for extra safety.

Fully biodegradable, the Mat is surprisingly machine washable, thanks to the moisture-resistant tech built into it. That said; use only mild detergents and brushes when cleaning it up. Lastly, the “cushy” foam is tear-resistant too, making it one of the most durable best yoga mats in India 2021.

VI FITKIT® Yoga Mat Anti Skid EVA Yoga mat with Bag for Gym Workout and Flooring Exercise-Review Sparrow

The Verdict: an amazon bestseller with 4.5 stars, the VI FITKIT – as far as bio-degradable mats go – is easily one of the best out there, especially considering the cheap price it comes in – a must-have!


  • Tear-resistant, highly durable construction
  • Machine washable
  • 10-days replacement warranty
  • Available for purchase in multiple sizes
  • Waterproof


  • Tough, textured design
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable anti-skid edges
  • Reversible
  • Eco -friendly


  • Very limited color options
  • Not exactly soft

Customer opinion

John k Mathew: This Mat is so AWESOME! It is so squishy. I am a beginner to yoga and needed a mat to use on my flat tiled floor. This Mat is nice and thick. It’s comfy to sit and lay on as needed.

Product #5

#5 Brandvilla Yoga Mat

Anti Skid Yoga Mat For Gym Workout

Boasting a vibrant color palette with ten different shades to choose from, the Brandvilla Yoga mat is, well… reliably simple. At 4mm in thickness, the yoga mat is light, breezy and portable, thanks to the inbuilt nylon straps. Its sweat, dust & odor-free (obviously), the Mat further comes with a textured top for better grip as well as a super safe anti-skid bottom. Plus, it’s reversible too.

Firmer, soft yet durable, the yoga mat further comes with a color-matched Yoga carrying bag for easy portability. Lastly, cleaning it too is quite easy – take a soap, scrub it in, and wash it.

Brandvilla Yoga Mat with Carrying Bag Anti Skid Yogamat for Gym Workout-Review Sparrow

The Verdict: colorful, tough and versatile, the Brandvilla isn’t trying to redefine the yoga mat niche; rather it simplifies it, offering the bare minimum – with a great price tag to match – to get the job done.

Awesome, right?


  • Colorful, vibrant design and textures
  • Available in multiple thickness options (4mm, 6mm, 8mm)
  • Dual anti-slip design for safety
  • Water, dirt and sweat-resistant build quality
  • Ten days returnable


  • Anti-tear sides for extra toughness
  • Lightweight
  • Handy yoga carrying bag
  • Grippy texture
  • Super easy to clean


  • Only one length size available
  • No dryer support

Customer opinion

Jimmy V: Bought for my dad, he loves it. Especially the fact that it comes with a bag which he can hang on his bike when he goes to the park for yoga.

Best Yoga Mats In India 2021 – The Buying Guide You Need!

As far as yoga mats go, one size usually doesn’t fit all. And depending on your preferences, needs and yoga types, a lot needs to be considered to ensure that you are making the right mat choice

Needless to say, it can be hard, especially if you are a beginner and don’t have the first clue about them.

Here at review sparrow, we feel your pain. And aiming to help you save a ton of time & money, here’s a brief look at some of the top factors to keep an eye out for when choosing a yoga mat to buy.

Here they are;

The material

Made from a variety of materials such as natural rubber, Jute, plastic elastomers, corks, and even cotton, all with their own pros and cons, we’d advise you to go for an eco-friendly, toxin-free model. Natural materials are preferred. But if not available, it’s okay to explore other options.

Whatever the material be, ensure that you’re not allergic to it, as this often happens with jute or elastomer models

Mat thickness

Ranging anywhere from 1/8 inches to ¼ inches to even 1/16 inches, the thickness of the mats needs to be decided based on the kind of yoga you typically do. If you do a lot of headstands, prefer to go for a thicker mat. Whereas if you are a sucker for simple poses, you can easily make do with a lighter one.
Remember: this can affect both your yoga balance and comfort. Therefore, it is best not to compromise on it.

The texture

Again, the texture of best yoga mats in India 2021 too, depends on the kind of yoga poses you intend to do. For example; if you love hot yoga, avoid slippery, simple mats and opt for a more “grippy” model.

If you are an online buyer, check & see what the previous buyers have to say about the textures before buying the mats.

Length and width

With the standard being 68 inches long & 24 inches wide, your body size is the key determinant here. So pick a size that you’re comfortable with. And ensure that you have enough room to move around in.

As a rule, the Mat should at least be as wide & long as you are from head to toe. That said, a bit of extra room is always a welcome bonus.

Weight and portability

Being a product that you may end up taking to the gym every single day, we’d recommend you to go for a lighter (under 3 to 4 pounds) and more easily foldable yoga mat models.

Sure, it’s not common. But yoga mats with Velcro is always a great option to consider, though, they may cost extra.

Looks and design

This is not exactly important. But if you’re someone who loves art and colors, you can find plenty of amazing and beautiful yoga mats on the market. Black is the most preferred one, though here at review sparrow, we prefer a bit more muted tones, as they can be more soothing.

Besides, some unique yoga’s like Chakra may call for special body alignments, and so a yoga mat with lines drawn is always a nice, handy choice, especially if you just a beginner learning the ropes.

Ease of cleaning

While some of the more common types like cotton yoga mats are fairly easy to clean and dry, others such as sticky type can be a serious annoyance, especially when they get sweaty or dirty with mud.

So, always prefer to go for a model that’s machine washable, can be air-dried & is weatherproof as well. If available, opt for the best yoga mats in India 2021 with a carrying case or cover.


Costing anywhere from 400 rupees to 4000 or more, the more expensive a model is, the more perks it’s going to have. But then again, more isn’t always better. So know your needs, consider what you want & zero in on the best yoga mats price in India that fits your budget and needs to the maximum.

Remember, it’s ok to splurge a little here, with a yoga mat being a long-term investment lasting you for years to come.

Really, it’s up to you.

Best Yoga Mats Review In India – Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I use these yoga mats anywhere?

Depending on the quality & thickness, best yoga mats in India 2021can be used anywhere you want, even on rocky surfaces. That said though, the quality of the material used is the key determinant here.

If you do care to look around, you can find models with double/triple layers that allow them to be used anywhere

2) Okay, but are they easy to clean?

Yes, they are. Mostly made from water and weatherproof materials, they surely are a breeze to clean. However, do note that some models don’t allow for machine washing. Requiring you to hand wash &air-dry them.

Use mild soaps and soft scrubbers to clean them, and it’s important not to sun-dry them for too long as they may get brittle.

3) What are their standard sizes?

Typically, most standard size yoga mats are 72 inches long & 28 inches wide, with their thicknesses often being capped at 6mm to 0.5 mm. there are also models with thicknesses set at 10mm

For taller individuals, some of the more popular best yoga mats brands in India like amazon basics do offer extra-large ones. Make sure to confirm the yoga mat dimensions before buying them.

4) Why do yoga mats vary so much in price?

Depending on the fabric, the difference in thickness, the looks, offered grip & the availability of a carry strap or bag are just some of the top factors that can affect the cost of a quality yoga mat.

The more the features it has, the more expensive it is going to be. That said, you CAN get a decent model for as low as 500 rupees.

Buy Top Yoga Mats In India – 2021

Despite all their many designs, materials, sizes & even colors, the best yoga mats in India 2021 are designed to one thing, and one thing only: to better help you do yoga comfortably and easily. And on that front, we think we’ve nailed it, reviewing 5 of the best yoga mats brands in India.

Be sure to check out our handy buying guide. That should give you a nice idea as to what to look for. Picked by our expert team, every single model we have shown here represents the best the niche has to offer – perfect for taking your yoga and workout game to the next level.

Let’s Conclude

And yeah, whichever yoga mat you’ll end up choosing, you’ll be well on your way to a happier, better tomorrow.

We promise!

Hey, we’d love to hear your ideas, tips & opinions. So feel free to throw us a comment down below & we’ll get back to you soon.

Until then, Ciao

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