Canon MB2720 Review: All-in-One Printer for Home and Small Office Use

Consider the Canon MB2720 for your home or small office needs. It offers high printing speeds (up to 20 pages per minute), automatic duplex printing, and a quick first print out time of 6 seconds. This printer is energy-efficient, with a large paper capacity of 500 sheets. It's cost-effective for both black and color prints, supports various paper sizes, and has versatile connectivity options. While it excels in speed and quality, there are minor drawbacks like ink consumption. Discover more about its performance and functionality.

In a Nutshell

  • Fast printing speed of up to 20 pages per minute, ensuring efficient home and office use.
  • Versatile connectivity options including wireless, Ethernet, USB, and cloud printing, allowing for easy and convenient printing from various devices.
  • Cost-effective with an affordable initial purchase price and relatively low cost per page, making it a budget-friendly option for small businesses and home offices.
  • High-quality prints with vibrant colors, sharp details, and water-resistant ink, ensuring professional-looking documents and images.
  • User-friendly features like automatic duplex printing, a large touchscreen display, and remote management capabilities, enhancing ease of use and convenience for users.
  • Limited paper handling capacity may be a drawback for larger office environments with high printing demands.
  • Some users may find the printer's size and weight to be bulky and not easily portable.
  • While the initial purchase price is affordable, the cost of replacement ink cartridges could add up over time, especially for high-volume printing.
  • The touchscreen display may be prone to fingerprints and smudges, requiring frequent cleaning to maintain visibility.
  • Users may experience connectivity issues or setup challenges with wireless or cloud printing options, requiring troubleshooting to resolve.

Printer Specifications

When evaluating the Canon MB2720 All-in-One Printer, it's crucial to delve into its printer specifications. The ink consumption of the Canon MB2720 is efficient, allowing for extended printing without the need for frequent cartridge changes. However, some users have reported that the cost of replacement ink cartridges can be on the higher side.

On the positive side, the wireless setup of this printer is incredibly user-friendly, making it easy to connect your devices seamlessly. Despite this, some users have experienced occasional connectivity issues with the wireless feature.

Print Quality

Exploring the print quality of the Canon MB2720 All-in-One Printer reveals its ability to produce sharp and vibrant documents with impressive detail.

Positive Points:

  1. The printer offers various ink cartridge options, allowing you to choose based on your needs.
  2. It boasts a high print resolution, ensuring clarity and precision in your documents.
  3. The colors are vivid and accurate, enhancing the overall quality of your prints.

Negative Points:

  1. Some users may experience slight banding in certain color prints, affecting the overall quality.
  2. The printer may struggle with printing complex graphics or images with very fine details.
  3. In certain lighting conditions, the prints may appear slightly darker or lighter than expected.

Advantages of Canon MB2720

One notable advantage of the Canon MB2720 All-in-One Printer is its versatile connectivity options, allowing for seamless integration with various devices. This printer offers cost efficiency through its high-yield ink cartridges, saving you money in the long run.

Additionally, its wireless printing capability enables you to print from anywhere within your home or office, providing you with the freedom to work without being tied down by cables.

On the downside, some users have reported that the printer can be noisy during operation, which may be distracting in quieter environments. Another potential drawback is that the initial setup process can be a bit complex for those who aren't familiar with printer installation procedures.

Drawbacks of Canon MB2720

The Canon MB2720 All-in-One Printer offers a range of features that enhance its functionality, but there are also drawbacks that may affect the user experience.

Positive points:

  1. Versatile functionality: The Canon MB2720 is an all-in-one printer that can print, scan, copy, and fax, providing users with a variety of functions in one device.
  2. Fast printing speed: This printer can produce documents at a relatively fast speed, making it efficient for users who need to print large volumes of documents quickly.

Negative points:

  1. Ink consumption: The printer tends to use ink relatively quickly, leading to frequent replacements and increased operating costs.
  2. Maintenance costs: Maintaining the Canon MB2720 can be costly due to the need for regular maintenance and potential replacement of parts.
  3. High operational costs: The overall operational costs of the printer, including ink and maintenance, can accumulate over time, making it a potentially expensive choice for users.

Detailed Performance Analysis

When evaluating the performance of the Canon MB2720 All-in-One Printer, you'll want to take into account its speed and print quality. The range of connectivity options it offers is another crucial factor to consider. Additionally, its ability to handle different types of paper with ease is essential. These three key points play an important role in determining the overall efficiency and versatility of this printer in meeting your printing needs.

Speed and Quality

The Canon MB2720 All-in-One Printer boasts impressive speed and quality in printing, delivering crisp and vibrant prints efficiently. It surpasses many competitors in its class in terms of speed, making it a standout choice for those looking for quick printing.

However, some users may find that the color accuracy of the prints isn't always consistent, which can affect the precision of documents and images. Despite this drawback, the printer's overall performance in blending speed and quality still makes it a reliable option for your printing needs.

Connectivity Options

Discover the wide range of connectivity options available with the Canon MB2720 All-in-One Printer for a convenient printing experience. Set up is a breeze with its seamless wireless connectivity, enabling you to effortlessly print from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Enjoy the flexibility of mobile printing, allowing you to send print jobs from any location within your home or office. Stay connected and complete your printing tasks with ease.

However, some users may experience occasional connectivity issues or setup difficulties that can be frustrating.

Paper Handling Versatility

Experience the Canon MB2720 All-in-One Printer's exceptional paper handling versatility which ensures smooth and efficient performance. The generous paper capacity of this printer allows you to tackle large printing jobs without the need for frequent refills. Additionally, its media handling capabilities make it easy to switch between different paper types and sizes, catering to a wide range of printing needs. From documents to photos, you can print with ease using the Canon MB2720.

On the flip side, some users may find the printer's size and weight to be a bit bulky, which could be a drawback for those with limited space. Additionally, while the paper handling versatility is impressive, some users may experience occasional paper jams or misfeeds, requiring manual intervention.

User Ratings & Reviews

Read user reviews to get a comprehensive understanding of the Canon MB2720 All-in-One Printer's performance and reliability. Users appreciate the printer's economical ink cartridge longevity, which contributes to cost-effective printing.

Additionally, many users find the wireless setup process to be simple and convenient, allowing for easy connectivity across multiple devices. However, some users have reported occasional connectivity issues or difficulties with software updates.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the overall consensus is that the Canon MB2720 is a dependable choice for both home and small office use.

Value for Money?

The Canon MB2720 All-in-One Printer offers great value for money with its efficient performance and cost-effective printing capabilities. On the positive side, this printer provides budget-friendly features that make it a smart choice for those looking for quality printing without overspending. It delivers reliable results for both home and small office use, helping to keep expenses in check.

However, on the negative side, some users may find the initial cost of the printer to be higher compared to other models. Additionally, the cost of replacement ink cartridges can add up over time, impacting the overall cost-effectiveness. Despite these drawbacks, the Canon MB2720 still offers good value for money with its efficient performance and quality printing capabilities.

Final Verdict: Is It Worth Buying?

When considering whether the Canon MB2720 All-in-One Printer is worth buying, there are several factors to take into account. On the positive side, the printer offers good performance and is cost-effective when compared to similar models in the market. Additionally, the customer support provided by Canon is generally reliable, which can add value to your purchase experience.

On the negative side, some users have reported minor issues with connectivity or software compatibility, which could be frustrating to deal with. Another point to consider is that while the initial cost of the printer is competitive, you may need to factor in the long-term savings from its efficiency to truly assess its value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Canon MB2720 Print Directly From a USB Flash Drive?

Yes, you can print directly from a USB flash drive with the Canon MB2720. It offers USB compatibility for convenient printing. Enjoy fast printing speeds for efficient results when transferring documents from your USB drive to print.

Does the Canon MB2720 Support Automatic Duplex Printing?

Yes, the Canon MB2720 supports automatic duplex printing, allowing you to easily print on both sides of the paper. With various connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Ethernet, you can conveniently set up and use the printer wirelessly.

Is the Canon MB2720 Compatible With Mobile Printing Apps?

Yes, the Canon MB2720 is compatible with mobile printing apps, providing you with convenient mobile printing options. Its wireless connectivity allows you to effortlessly print from your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere.

How Noisy Is the Canon MB2720 During Operation?

When you run the Canon MB2720, you'll notice a moderate noise level, typical for printers. Despite this, its printing speed is impressive. Enjoy quick prints without sacrificing too much peace and quiet.

Can the Canon MB2720 Handle Specialty Paper Types Like Cardstock?

Yes, the Canon MB2720 can handle specialty paper like cardstock, ensuring high printing quality. It efficiently uses ink and maintains accurate paper feed. You'll appreciate its versatility for various paper types, making your printing tasks a breeze.