Canon Pixma TR4720 Review: Compact All-In-One Printer With Wireless Options

Get the Canon Pixma TR4720 for a sleek, space-saving all-in-one printer. It boasts sharp, vibrant prints with long-lasting ink. Benefit from wireless printing convenience, connecting seamlessly with various devices. Enjoy efficient, quality prints at a good speed, including automatic double-sided printing. Explore its wireless and cloud printing capabilities. Users appreciate its smooth paper handling and energy efficiency. Despite average speed, it's efficient. Keep in mind its slightly louder than usual operation. Discover more about the Canon Pixma TR4720 for your wireless printing needs.

In a Nutshell

  • The compact build of the Canon Pixma TR4720 is perfect for limited workspaces, allowing it to fit easily on a desk or shelf.
  • Wireless connectivity enables convenient remote printing from various devices, making it easy to print from anywhere in the home or office.
  • The high print resolution of the Canon Pixma TR4720 ensures vibrant and detailed colors, producing quality prints for both documents and photos.
  • The efficient ink usage of the printer helps to reduce overall printing costs, making it a cost-effective option for users with regular printing needs.
  • While the automatic duplex printing feature is efficient for saving paper, some users may find the printing speed to be slightly slower compared to other models.

Printer's Design Features

The Canon Pixma TR4720 printer offers a sleek and compact build that seamlessly blends functionality with modern design, making it a stylish addition to any workspace. Its space-saving design is perfect for those with limited workspace, allowing for convenient placement in any setting. The easy setup process ensures a quick start to printing without any hassle, saving you time and effort.

However, some users may find the design to be too simplistic or lacking in advanced features compared to other models on the market. The compact build, while great for saving space, may also limit the printer's capacity for larger printing jobs. In addition, the design features may not cater to all users' preferences in terms of aesthetics or additional functionalities.

Print Quality

The print quality of the Canon Pixma TR4720 impresses with sharp and vibrant colors, ensuring your documents and images stand out with clarity.

Positive Points:

  • Ink cartridge longevity provides cost-effective printing solutions.
  • High print resolution delivers detailed and crisp output.
  • Efficient paper handling for various document sizes.
  • Accurate color reproduction for vivid photos.
  • Consistent quality output for professional-looking prints.

Negative Points:

  • Some users may find the initial cost of the printer to be on the higher side.
  • The printer may be slower compared to higher-end models in its class.
  • Limited connectivity options may be a drawback for users requiring advanced networking features.
  • Print speed may not be ideal for high-volume printing needs.
  • Some users may experience occasional paper jams with certain paper types.

Wireless Connectivity Benefits

Experience the flexibility of wireless connectivity with the Canon Pixma TR4720, enabling you to print conveniently from multiple devices in your home or office.

  • Remote access: Print from anywhere within your network, enhancing accessibility.
  • Seamless integration: Easily connect with smartphones and laptops for smooth printing processes.
  • Multiple device support: Print from various gadgets without the hassle of cables, promoting versatility.
  • Convenient setup: Simple installation for quick wireless printing, saving time and effort.
  • Enhanced mobility: Print on-the-go without physical connections, providing convenience.

However, it's important to note that wireless connectivity may sometimes be affected by interference or connectivity issues, leading to potential disruptions in printing tasks.

Print Speed and Efficiency

Experience enhanced productivity with the impressive print speed and efficiency of the Canon Pixma TR4720.

  • Print Resolution: Enjoy crisp and clear documents with high-quality print resolution, ensuring professional-looking results.
  • Ink Cartridge Efficiency: Save money with the printer's efficient use of ink cartridges, but be cautious as the ink cartridges may need frequent replacements.
  • Fast Printing: Get your documents quickly, thanks to the fast printing speed of the TR4720, which helps in meeting deadlines efficiently.
  • Automatic Duplex Printing: Save time and paper with the convenient automatic duplex printing feature, although it may slightly slow down the printing process.
  • Quiet Operation: Print without disruptions due to the printer's quiet operation, providing a peaceful work environment, but note that the printer may not be completely silent.

Detailed Connectivity Analysis

The Canon Pixma TR4720 offers you wireless printing capabilities, allowing you to print from your devices with ease.

With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options, you can seamlessly connect your printer to various devices.

Additionally, the printer provides cloud printing options, enabling you to print your documents from cloud storage services.

Wireless Printing Capabilities

The Canon Pixma TR4720 offers convenient wireless printing capabilities, allowing you to effortlessly print documents from your smartphone or tablet. This feature enhances flexibility and convenience for your printing needs.

However, it's important to note that while the printer supports mobile printing, it may have limited compatibility with certain devices or operating systems.

Additionally, the prioritization of network security ensures that your wireless printing is safe and secure, protecting your sensitive information from potential cyber threats.

Enjoy the convenience of wireless printing with added peace of mind knowing that your network is safeguarded.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Improve your printer's connectivity with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to enable seamless printing from a variety of devices.

The Canon Pixma TR4720 comes equipped with Bluetooth, which allows for quick and convenient short-range wireless connections, perfect for on-the-go printing.

On the other hand, Wi-Fi provides secure printing and enables multiple users to easily access the printer.

While Bluetooth offers flexibility for wireless printing within a limited range, Wi-Fi ensures better security features for your printing needs.

Cloud Printing Options

Discover the Canon Pixma TR4720's cloud printing options for improved connectivity and convenient printing from online platforms. Benefit from easy remote access to print documents from any location, providing flexibility and ease of use. Moreover, the printer integrates seamlessly with cloud storage services, enabling direct access and printing of files stored in the cloud. This enhances efficiency and simplifies your printing tasks.

However, some users may find the setup for cloud printing to be a bit complex initially. Additionally, connectivity issues or compatibility issues with certain cloud services may arise, impacting the printing experience. It's important to ensure compatibility with your preferred cloud platforms to maximize the benefits of cloud printing with the Canon Pixma TR4720.

User Ratings & Issues

Consider the overall user ratings and common issues reported for the Canon Pixma TR4720 to gain insight into its performance and reliability.

Users generally express satisfaction with its compact design, wireless features, and ease of use.

However, some have encountered connectivity issues, paper jams, and occasional printing errors.

While these issues can be resolved with simple troubleshooting tips, it's important to be aware of potential challenges before making a purchase decision.

Understanding user feedback can help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of the Canon Pixma TR4720.

Value for Money?

Assessing the value for money of the Canon Pixma TR4720 involves weighing its features against your printing requirements and budget constraints. On the positive side, this printer comes at a competitive price compared to its counterparts, making it a budget-friendly option. Its durable design and reliable performance also suggest a good long-term investment, ensuring cost-effectiveness over time.

However, on the flip side, some users may find the initial cost slightly higher than expected, especially if they've basic printing needs. Additionally, ongoing maintenance costs and ink cartridge expenses could add up over time, impacting the overall value proposition of the TR4720. It's important to consider these factors before making a purchase decision to ensure that the printer's features align with your budget and printing demands.

Print Performance Summary

When evaluating the print performance of the Canon Pixma TR4720, you'll find that its speed and quality are key factors to take into account for your printing needs.

On the positive side, this printer offers efficient ink cartridge longevity, allowing you to print more pages before needing to replace them. The smooth paper handling ensures that your prints come out without any jams or misfeeds, saving you time and frustration.

However, on the negative side, the print speed of the Canon Pixma TR4720 may not be the fastest compared to other models in its class. Additionally, while it operates with low noise levels, some users may find the printing process to be a bit louder than expected.

Despite these drawbacks, the printer's energy consumption is relatively low, making it a practical choice for those seeking a reliable and hassle-free printing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Canon Pixma TR4720 Compatible With Voice-Activated Assistants Like Alexa or Google Assistant?

Yes, the Canon Pixma TR4720 is compatible with voice-activated assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. It offers seamless integration, allowing you to effortlessly print documents or photos using voice commands through your smart devices.

Can the Printer Handle Specialty Paper Types Such as Glossy, Matte, or Textured Paper?

You can print on various specialty paper types like glossy, matte, or textured paper with the Canon Pixma TR4720. It handles different paper compatibilities, ensuring high printing quality. Its compact size saves space while offering versatile printing options.

Does the Canon Pixma TR4720 Support Mobile Printing From Smartphones and Tablets?

Yes, the Canon Pixma TR4720 supports mobile printing from smartphones and tablets. You can easily print on-the-go with its mobile printing options. The printer offers great connectivity compatibility, making printing from your portable devices a breeze.

How Easy Is It to Set up and Configure the Wireless Connectivity Options?

Setting up wireless connectivity on the Canon Pixma TR4720 is a breeze. You can troubleshoot any issues easily. Remember to prioritize network security by taking necessary precautions to keep your data safe while enjoying the freedom of wireless printing.

Are There Any Additional Color Options Available Besides the Standard Black Model?

Looking to add a pop of color to your workspace? Canon offers additional color options for the Canon Pixma TR4720 to match your style and preferences. Customize your printer to fit your design aesthetics.