Energizek Vacuum Reviews – Does This Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner Work?

Energizek Vacuum Cleaner is a Wi-Fi handheld Vacuum Cleaner currently making waves online. The makers of this vacuum purifier claim it can additionally be used as a vacuum compressor, sucking air, keeping fresh, stopping moisture, stopping spoilage, and keeping apart bacteria! This one is small, lightweight, and may serve many purposes.

Energizek Vacuum Cleaner vehicle Vacuum Cleaner may be used as a laptop cleaner blower, laptop cleaner, table vacuum cleaner, hand vacuum for car, piano, puppy house, office desk cleaning, etc. Two kinds of the head for all types of rubbish and deep cleaning.

Energizek Vacuum Cleaner Features

Energizek Vacuum Reviews - Does This Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner Work?
  • Wireless Handheld Operation
  • Strong Suction
  • 6000PA Vacuum Negative Pressure
  • Multiple Filtration
  • Built In Lithium Battery
  • Two Kinds Of Suction Nozzles


  • Size: WHITE/BLACK 165*147*55mm
  •     GREY:213*163*67mm
  •     GREEN:213*163*67mm
  • Weight: WHITE/BLACK 340g
  •         GREY/GREEN  510g
  • Power:120W
  • Vacuum suction: Ordinary fund: 6000Pa
  •                 Enhanced fund: 9000Pa

Does Energizek Vacuum Cleaner Really Clean Cars/Desks Efficiently?

Not Really, though it claims to have two head patterns for all forms of garbage and deep cleaning. But there are not any critiques online via clients.

Advantages Of Energizek Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Cleans difficult flooring, even down into the cracks
  • Light in weight
  • easy to apply
  • effective suction.
  • Hard floor solution, carpet solution, carpet pre-treater, and varnish solution
  • It has a compact design, light-weight and handheld

Disadvantages Energizek Vacuum Cleaner

  • This internet site has a shallow acceptance as accurate, with a score of 1% 
  • It no longer simply works as claimed.
  • It was recently registered on the twenty-fourth of August 2022 and will expire on the twenty-sixth of April 2023, which is pretty suspicious.


Energizek Vacuum claims to be the tool that makes cleaning smooth and pain unfastened. However, it has a meager trust store. Therefore, capacity customers shouldn’t have excessive expectancies.

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