My Derma Dream Microsculpt Reviews – Does It Really Work?

Are you having pores and skin-growing old troubles? Are you thinking about buying My Derma Dream TRU Micro Sculpt?

Don’t do this yet. Go thru this Honest Review to find out if it, works or if it’s miles another sham.

What Is My Derma Dream Microsculpt All About?

Derma Dream TRU Microsculpt is a microcurrent skincare treatment that uses low-level electric-powered voltage to stimulate the muscle tissues in the face.

This treatment improves the appearance of your skin by highlighting your cheekbones, and cheeks in conjunction with your jawline. Consistent use will make the jawline and facial contours look lifted and toned. 

How To Use:

  • Wash face well
  • Apply the gel on the connectors in the TRU-Microsculpt.
  • Gentle rubdown on your facial pores and skin with the use of TRU-Microsculpt for five to ten mins.

Meanwhile, the tool can be charged for up to 24hrs previous to application, and have to be charged after use. The indicator for charging shows if the TRU-Microsculpt has been fully charged

Reviews of My Derma Dream Microsculpt

My Derma Dream Microsculpt has 3.9 stars client ratings on Trustpilot. Most customers have left excellent critiques, while a handful has been not thrilled with the final results. –

I’m forty six and after losing a piece of weight I noticed some suggested sagginess below my eyes, attempted the same old creams and face mask no real development and acquired this as remaining motel surely..Have to mention very inspired, just had a little play with them and a bit bowled over at the end result, a whole lot less puffy after just a few mins, thankfully took a earlier than picture to examine..

Leigh Hanks

If I could give a zero I could. Ordered the microsculpt and serums monitoring has stopped for over 2 weeks. I even have emailed the courier Sunyou Post, Derma-dream and data@truskyn who despatched the email once I ordered. To date I even have acquired no response. It additionally seems that I have been blocked from commenting on their Facebook advertisements after making a comment regarding my trouble with them. I am extraordinarily disillusioned and would really like a reimbursement. Buyers be wary. Save your money it’s seems to be a scam


Does My Derma Dream Microsculpt Improve The Appearance Of The Skin?

Yes, it does to a volume. However, It’s important to manipulate expectations when the use of it. While regular use over the years will create a lifted look, the results are not everlasting. If you’re searching out a one-and-carried-out solution or dramatic fix, a face elevate or injections are likely better alternatives. 


  • It is portable
  • Manufactured with the aid of a known logo
  • It lasts a long when charged


  • It may irritate.
  • Results might range.


My Derma Dream improves the arrival of your pores and skin whilst used constantly. It tackles troubles like skin sagging, eye bags, wrinkles, etc. However, similar to every legitimate product you shouldn’t assume overnight exchange because it isn’t always magic.

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